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Published on 04/28/2012 at Sat Apr 28 18:55.
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The Denver Broncos have concluded making selections in the 2012 NFL Draft (class here), and recently finished signing undrafted rookie free agents (UDFAs).  In a post-draft press conference, Brian Xanders stated that the team has filled their roster by signing twelve UDFAs.

Here’s a list of the confirmed signings:

Anthony Miller, TE, University of California

Austin Wuebbels, G, Missouri.

Duke Ihenacho, S, San Jose State

Steven Johnson, LB, Kansas University

Gerell Robinson, WR, Arizona State

Elliot Coffey, LB, Baylor

Jamie Blatnick, DE, Oklahoma State

Coryell Judie, CB, Texas A&M

Aaron Brewer, LS, San Diego State

Jerry Franklin, LB, Arkansas

Mike Remmers, T, Oregon State

Wayne Tribue, G, Temple

Eric Page, WR, Toledo

Undrafted players have contributed in Denver in the past (think Rod Smith and Dwayne Carswell) and the twelve rookies mentioned above will be fighting for a roster sport during training camp this summer.  At least one undrafted rookie has made Denver’s roster for eight consecutive seasons.

Second year cornerback Chris Harris was signed by the team after going undrafted last year and made ProFootballFocus.coms‘ All Rookie Team in 2011.  This season, Harris will likely remain a starter in Denver’s nickel defensive packages.

  • Jack

     MaxBroncosRT @InnaLazarev: Undrafted free agent WR Gerell Robinson will sign with the Broncos & join former ASU teammates Osweiler & Bolden in Denver.4/28/12 6:46 PM

  • Jon

    Thanks, Jack!

  • colreader

    Steven Johnson from KU is ILB not WR

  • Jon

    Typing too fast… Thanks for the heads up.

  • johnny

    “Well, we’ll certainly look forward to that Greg”

  • Anonymous

    I love the pick-ups Blatnick, Ihenacho, Franklin, and Judie. We have a lot of solid young depth now after these last two drafts. I also reall like the Gerell Robinson pick up and Austin Wuebbels. I know the Broncos like him quite a bit.

  • johnny

    comeon dude, these are training camp and Jack’s college buddies having a last fling. If they make the team it’s even a worst draft than it seems.

  • Jon

    Nah, man, you’ve got it all wrong.

    It’s called diamonds in the rough and Geoff knows his college prospects.  Think of Mario Fannin and Chris Harris (I hope you know who they are), they’re good enough to make the team but weren’t drafted because they were on the fringe of team’s draft boards.

    Several of these guys could be nice contributors for Denver.

  • Anonymous

    Gerell Robinson could really turn out to be a beast. We still need a quick slot guy I think but my gosh with Gerell’s size? Think about him, Decker, D. Thomas and J. Thomas all at Manning’s disposal to simply lob it up to. I hope he works out because it could be amazing.

  • Tim Lynch

    I had that guy as one of my sleeper WR picks.  CFA is even better!

  • Dustfan

    Also, it’s KU not KSU

  • Broncs-rocker

    The for those who didn’t look: broncos rundown on these guys for those who haven’t looked:

    An impressive group.

  • Erock

    Jerry Franklin out of the SEC could make a big impact… Solid and consistent during his tenure at Arkansas

  • johnny

    sure okay, I’m marking this post and after the last round of cuts (I hope you know what that is) we can revisit this exciting crop of potential contributors as starters for the Broncos.
    Then, after the season ends, did they help get us over the hump into the playoffs…if you remember last year.   

  • Cdub12344321

    I’m from arkansas and let me tell you this that kid is a hard worker and a hard hitter. Sometimes he over runs though.

  • Tracianna

    Iam greatful for all our GREAT pics ,thank you J.E. AND J.F.
    this year I feel like the Team will all be a TEAM,we will finally play FOOTBALL GAMES!!!!!AND WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    We needed depth at DE, MLB, CB, SS, G and WR. That’s what we got. Elway has only been in control at Dove Valley for 17 months and when you are rebuilding a roster after the damage done by the likes of Josh McD you need to land players wherever you can. Especially if half of your free agent alotted cap space goes towards the biggest free agent signing ever.

    And it’s true, our draft was pretty blatantly sub par. Wolfe is one of my favorite players (along with Terrence Frederick who the Steeler’s landed in the 7th), Jackson I predicted in my DT prospects piece and Trevathan in the 6th is yumtastic. Our middle picks left me very unsatisfied. I also felt the weary fog of past McD drafts that others have noted. Osweiler over Lavonte David upsets me just as much Moreno over Brian Orakpo. Just idiotic. The Buccaneers sat back and mopped the floor nailing Doug Martin as well as David as a result of our tomfoolery.

    So, yeah, maybe it is sad that our UFA signings have me way more geeked than our draft picks but its for good, solid reasons.

    Go watch the Okstate vs Stanford Fiesta Bowl and tell me Blatnick isn’t a monster.

    Watch Osweiler throw to Robinson and tell me it wouldn’t be completely remiss of the Broncos to not try to add him for the future.

    The draft used to be 12 rounds and solid contributors are routinely found by the best ball clubs after the draft is finished. Basically, your just projecting unfounded negativity of your own creation.

    This part of the season is like Christmas to me. Jerry Franklin is my Tonka Truck, and Coryell Judie is my brand new shiny bicycle. Jamie Blatnick is my Sega Genesis, and Duke Ihenacho is my Rottweiler puppy. If you don’t like my sweet toys go play with your own.

  • Anonymous

    Add Eric Page to the list of UDFA’s. WR out of Toledo. He stated he was going to Tampa, but changed his mind and signed with us.

  • Anonymous

    I love Coryell Judie. I had him going to the Broncos in the 6th.

  • Broncs-rocker

    NEW ADDITION from Broncos web siteWide Receiver Eric Page, ToledoPage finished his college career with 306 receptions for 3,446 yards with 25 receiving touchdowns. Toledo’s all-time receptions leader, Page caught 125 passes for 1,182 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2011. His 306 catches tied for the all-time Mid American receptions record. Page earned first-team All-America honors as a kick returner in 2010.

    All America first team kick Returner   V.Good

  • Broncs-rocker

    OOPs, the Broncos list Eric Page on their list this AM, but the Toledo paper reports he signed with Tampa Bay. We will see.

  • stav

    We finally addressed or are trying to address our LB issues.

  • crazykid

    Eric Page is a straight beast. My cousins go to Toledo, and they were totally raving about this guy.

  • Jon

    Remind me in August/September and I’ll write a post after the cuts about UDFAs that are left on the team.

    And I’ll probably write about Chris Harris, Mitch Unrein and Mario Fannin presently surprising after going undrafted last year, too.

    Harris and Unrein did contribute and help us into the playoffs this year (Harris was a starter and Unrein was a rotational defensive linemen), hopefully one or a handful of these players contribute in a playoff run this year.

  • johnny

    Okay Jeoff or Jeff or whatever,…geesh dude, it’s only a game.

    P.S. I’ll remember to remind you Jon (I added it to my calendar, do you have one?) and the if the majority of UDFA playeres stick I’ll concede your expertise, if they don’t…well I’m sure you’ll be honerable also.
    Ok, Harris has a chance true, but Unrein? No way, you’re losing credibility with that statement big time.


  • Anonymous

    Oh, it’s this year or nothing? High expectations? How many rookies, not to mention undrafted ones contribute and “help get us over the hump into the playoffs”?

  • Anonymous

    Johnny, if the majority of these players stick, that would mean our draft picks, plus our current roster must suck. It’s foolish to even suggest that more than 1 or 2 of these guys will be on the team. As I said, overexpect much?

  • johnny

    “Uuuhhh yeah, pretty much” 
    Or else we return to a below average team for many many moons.
    This is a make or break season for FEX, they gotta at leaset get to the playoffs or we’re in heap big trouble. 

  • johnny

    Well dude, could it not mean that they are just ‘diamonds in the rough’ that our scouts picked that on one else did?? hmmmmmm?

    You guys are really no competition at all.

  • Anonymous

    It’s Geoff, bud.

  • Anonymous

    Jeesh dude, it’s only a comment section.

  • Iypgary

    I understand the LB from Arkansas is a great player. Led the team in tackles each of the past four years – this at an SEC program, and a highly ranked team. Not sure why he didn’t get drafted, but I’d keep an eye on him to be on the opening day roster.

  • Seminoleup

    Ignacio, Page, Robinson, Judie, Blatnik, Franklin are all legitimate contenders for roster spots or developmental spots.  The Broncos draft may have been graded as a “C” by most analysts, however their undrafted free agent haul should be graded as an “A.”  Iganacio is a legitimate 8 men in the box safety, Page is fantastic in the slot, Judie is an athletic freak at DB, Blatnik is a motor guy that gets to the QB and holds the edge, and Franklin can be moved inside.

  • Jon

    Oh, my. I never said a majority of them would stick.