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Published on 05/11/2012 at Fri May 11 06:00.
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Aaron Brewer

San Diego State University Aztec long snapper Aaron Brewer.

Aaron Brewer

Aaron Brewer
Pos: Long snapper
School: Oklahoma State
Class: Senior
Ht: 6’5″ Wt: 225 lbs.
40-time: 4.96 Bench: 10

Aaron Brewer snaps footballs good.

(I thought about ending this scouting report there, but I’ll continue). A starter in every game in his four-year career as an Aztec, Brewer was on the field for every field goal and punt at SDSU. A high school star at linebacker, Brewer also tallied 15 tackles in his college career while being honored as an All-Academic Mountain West Conference selection each year.

Scouting Reports: DS, SDSU, Broncos

Camp Competition: Lonie Paxton

Camp Outlook: Did the Broncos bring in Brewer to replace Lonie Paxton? Maybe. Paxton is owed $1.75 million over the next two years, where Brewer will cost next to nothing in comparison. Also, recall that Paxton missed the Broncos 2012 postseason finale for “personal reasons” (his wife had complications with her pregnancy)… Denver VPs are not without compassion, but perhaps Paxton’s absence in the biggest game of the Broncos’ season still lingers.

Career Statistics
2011 13 5
2010 13 5
2009 12 4
2008 12 1
Totals 50 15

BroncoTalk’s undrafted rookie reports are compiled by examining second-hand scouting reports, news articles, and, when available, film footage of the Broncos’ undrafted rookie. Brewer is one of 13 undrafted free agent rookies the Broncos will bring in to compete in their 2012 training camp.

  • Anonymous

    I’m all for competition and any position but if I found out that even the slightest bit of this move was because Paxton missed a game due to his wife’s pregnancy issues, I would cut all ties to the Broncos in a split second until the person in charge of that attitude was fired.

  • VinceMarine

    I with you 100% Trog.  I even think it’s a little reckless to even imply that is the reason without fully knowing. 

  • Anonymous

    That aint the reason, we didn’t lose because of a bad snap, unless he was needed for a special defensive package we didn’t know about.  This kid benched 10, count em, 10 reps…he can’t even open the door to get to practice.

  • millertime

    He went to San Diego State, not Oklahoma State

  • Anonymous

    Monty writes about football good

  • Monty

    In hindsight, you’re right. I think I wrote that sentence before looking up the exact reason Paxton missed the game then edited it to clarify, then just left it in there. I didn’t mean to imply that and truly don’t believe that to be a factor. Hope everything went well with Paxton and his family.