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Published on 05/08/2012 at Tue May 08 14:00.
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Elliot Coffey and RG III

Baylor linebacker Elliot Coffey (4) and quarterback Robert Griffin III in 2011. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

Elliot Coffey
Pos: Inside Linebacker
School: Baylor
Class: Senior
Ht: 6’0″ Wt: 235 lbs.

Elliot Coffey was RGIII’s counterpart, the “quarterback of the defense” as middle linebacker for the Baylor Bears in 2011, and you can tell from this video the two have a certain… rapport. His move from outside linebacker to Mike in 2011 was fortuitous, and Coffey, being the natural leader that he is, had no qualms helping his teammates adjust to their new positions while finding the time to adjust to his own. Coffey earned All-Big 12 honors in 2011 and was named the 2011 Alamo Bowl Defensive MVP; he also won Big 12 Player of the Week honors in 2011 for his performance against Kansas, in which he had a monster game tallying 10 tackles, a tackle for loss, and two interceptions. You can read more about his impressive senior season here.

Scouting Reports: DS, Rivals, Baylor, Broncos

Camp Competition: Joe Mays, Mike Mohamed, Nate Irving, Jerry Franklin

Camp Outlook: Here’s how I see this playing out — the Broncos have kept their $4 million investment to Joe Mays. They invested an early third round pick on Nate Irving a year ago, and they invested a sixth round draft pick on Mike Mohamed. Clearly they’re still looking for someone to step up and be “the guy,” but they’re not likely to give up on Mays or Irving. Coffey needs to have a hell of a camp (and become a hell of a special teams contributor) to oust Mohamed and fellow UDFA Jerry Franklin for a roster spot. Hopefully his shoulder injury, which kept him from working out at his pro day, is fully healed by then so he can be ready to go.

Career Statistics
2011 13/13 116 5 2 2
2010 10/9 61 4.5 0 1
2009 12/0 35 2 1 1
2008 12/0 14 1 0 0
Totals 47/22 224 12.5 3 4

BroncoTalk’s undrafted rookie reports are compiled by examining second-hand scouting reports, news articles, and, when available, film footage of the Broncos’ undrafted rookie. Coffey is one of 13 undrafted free agent rookies the Broncos will bring in to compete in their 2012 training camp.

  • Doug England

    It’s amazing to me how good all our “undrafted” free agents look on paper. 

  • Joel Andrew Stevens

    It’s funny because coffey and Franklin are Mays clones.  Good pop.  Great character but liabilities in the passing game.  I look for Irvin to be the guy by midway through the season.  

  • Monty

    Coffey doesn’t have the experience to really push yet. One year at inside linebacker. He needs to make it on special teams to make it to 2013.

  • Monty

    Some of these guys (like Coffey) have very little out there about them. And in Coffey’s case I wasn’t able to view film. His stats from one year aren’t bad. They’re not great either.

  • Jonathan Stoops

    What Elliot has… his edge, if you will, is an intelligence and maturity way beyond what you’d expect (or normally see) from a rookie.  Whether that’s enough to see him make the team?  We’ll see.  I do know he’s the kind of guy you want in the locker room.  The shoulder injury was terrible timing for him draft wise.  Maybe good for the Broncos though.