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Published on 04/22/2010 at Thu Apr 22 12:30.

Pick 183: Zoltan Mesko, P, Michigan

Surprise! A punter has been taken! Seriously though, I know good amount about the draft, but who McDaniels takes in round six is something only a man with the name Zoltan would know. I mean come on, his name is ZOLTAN! Every Sunday across the nation Broncos fans would scream ZOLTAN with every punt. This could be a time honored tradition that will rise to the ranks of the mile high salute, and the IN-COM-PLETE chant! I will hate Josh McDaniels forever if he misses out on an opportunity like this. This is obviously a two-birds one stone situation. Denver ditches that statue masquerading as a punter named Mitch Berger for a guy named Zoltan. I really just don’t see how Josh McDaniels can pass up on this opportunity.

Other Possibilities: None. The Broncos must take Zoltan!

Well that was my futile attempt to predict what the Broncos are going to do tonight and over the weekend. It’s a difficult guessing game when your head coach is a fan of smoke and mirrors.

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What you think Broncos fans? Accurate? Stupid? Zoltan? Let me know what you think in the comments… which by the way are completely messed up because I am terrible at this multiple page shindig. Try to leave all your comments on the home page.

  • Zebtron A. Rama

    ZOLTAN 1st Round!!

  • Will