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Published on 04/22/2010 at Thu Apr 22 12:31.

Pick 80: Toby Gerhart, RB, Stanford

Since in this hypothetical work Denver traded for Pouncey they won’t pick again until round three. With that pick Denver will pick a player that will make everyone forget about Peyton Hillis. A lot of people think that McDaniels wouldn’t like Gerhart because he’s just like Hillis and we all saw how that went. Well I beg to differ. Gerhart is not “just” like Hillis. I guess you could say they these men are similar because they’re both white, run the ball, and have exceptional hands. However, there’s a lot more these white boys to consider. Hillis didn’t fit in because he is a one-cut back, whereas Gerhart is multidimensional. Toby Gerhart may run way entirely to upright, but he has exceptional vision. This vision isn’t just based off instinct either, Gerhart is a smart back who comprehends the system he’s in. Now I’m not saying Hillis doesn’t comprehend the system he’s in, but all there was to Shanahan’s system was cut and run through the hole. Truth be told, Peyton Hillis didn’t cut it on short yardage situations last year, and McDaniels is looking for a guy who can. Thus, ending my thesis on why Peyton Hillis and Toby Gerhart are different.

Other Possibilities: Here I go again, going back to the offensive and defensive lines. The way McDaniels picks we could not see a single defensive lineman this draft and an offensive lineman in any draft. Also don’t rule out another bruising running back in the name of Montario Hardesty.

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  • broncoinva9986

    good pick but risky I know he loves baseball too. If he committs to football he could be our Number one back sorry I said it