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Published on 03/15/2010 at Mon Mar 15 06:39.
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Mind still blown about this whole Brady Quinn trade? Here’s some links to sooth the noggin.

  • Brady Quinn wasn’t the only first round pick that the Browns ousted to the AFC West yesterday. Kamerion Wimbley was sent to the Raiders for a third round pick. [SFGate]
  • Marla Ridenour does a great job giving an insightful overview of yesterdays events. [Boston Herald]
  • With a $2.54 million base salary this year, is a Chris Simms cut looming? [RotoWorld]
  • Kyle Orton isn’t exactly shaking in his boots about the Quinn trade. [DPO]
  • Between all the chaos of the Quinn trade and Jake Delhomme signing, Peter King asks a great question. “Where’s the love for Donovan McNabb?” [SI]
  • Dave Krieger thinks the hot seat is on for Orton [DPO]
  • Klis contrasts Denver’s fantastic starts with their abysmal finishes. [DPO]

Previously on BT

  • Just in case your don’t feel like scrolling down, here’s the Brady Quinn interview with the Plain Dealer. [BT]
  • Welcome back Matt Prater! [BT]
  • Goodbye and good luck Kenny Peterson. [BT]
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  • Gerry_B

    Just wondering if Brady Quinn might be used to acquire Matt Cassel. It makes sense, Quinn reunites with Weis….while overpaid, underachieving Cassel reunites with McDaniels.

  • robtink242

    forget Quinn i would love to see us get Dan LeFevour, Rolando McClain or Brandon Spikes, Reshard Jones, Eric Olsen, and a late round power back.

    I could see us cutting off ties with Simms, Moss, Kelley Braxton, Haggan, Fox, Barret, J.J. Arrington, Nick Greisen, and Hamilton. I shorten my list there are more players that come to mind that should be released.

  • dogheadbrew

    The more I think about it, I think Orton is in a good position. He will be the starter this coming season, and he will get paid pretty well to do so. He has dealt with questions his entire career, so this is nothing new, not that it makes it fun to deal with. The only thing that will change his position on the team is a total collapse on his part, or a miraculous turn around on Quinns. It's not like we traded up in the draft to grab a highly touted rookie, and we didn't break the bank to buy a vet. Orton has every opportunity to prove his value, and the team got potentially stronger.

    I predict Brady asks for #9. If he kills it this year, a rolex buys him #10 back from Jabar.

  • Roy88

    I don't think that will happen. First, a trade between division rivals never happens. Second, his contract is WAY more than we (or anyone for that matter) is willing to pay for him.

  • Robert Clark MTFS

    I'm really hoping Orton gets beat out for the starting gig as I just don't think he has the tools needed to be the #1 guy. That being said I am a really big fan of his. How he handled the Quinn trade with such a positive demeanor is just another example of what a great leader and teammate he is.

    Love or hate McD, you have to agree it is refreshing to see all these quality PEOPLE coming into town and filling out our roster. The amount of good free agents we have attracted so far really seems to refute any idea that McD didn't have any leadership qualities himself and would chase off anyone of talent from coming to Denver this year.

    So far, I'm enjoying the ride this off-season :)

  • Sean

    I don't think enough is talked about the fact that the Broncos lost Payton Hillis. Hillis was an absolute beast out on that field. He was the most under appreciated, all around solid fullback in the whole NFL. If the Cleveland coaching staff has any brains on how to properly use him he is going to blow up there and everybody is going to be talking about what a deal that Cleveland ended up getting. As a Bronco fan I hope this deal works out for them but I just do not see how Quinn could take them to the next level. I think this is a sad day for Denver and I really wish the best for Hillis out in Cleveland.

  • Dr.Gonzo

    I'd also love to see Dan Lefevour as a Bronco, but didnt we just sign Arrington to a contract for the second year in a row? Mcd must have faith in the guy. As for cutting ties, I can see most being let go except for Haggan (hard worker and former Captain) and Barrett (solid special teamer). Just my thoughts GO BRONCOS!

  • Gary_in_SD

    Orton over-achieved last season when no one expected anything out of him. There's no reason to think the same might happen with Quinn if/when given an opportunity. I'd say the base potential between them is higher now for Brady at than the start of last season for Kyle.

  • mikebirty

    JaMarcus the Hutt didn't show up at the Raiders' off season workouts. Apparently he tried to fly Southwestern with Kevin Smith.

  • MrEast

    I wish the best for Hillis but he was more of a fan favorite than a good player. Just because Hillis rushed for over a hundred yards in Shanahan's run offense doesn't mean he's spectacular.

    Andre Hall, Selvin Young, Michael Pittman, and Tatum Bell all saw success that year as well. Where are they now? Hall and Young aren't playing anywhere and Pittman and Bell played in the UFL. Even PJ Pope did well before he pulled his hamstring in the game against the Bills.

    Hillis is a great person and good player who just doesn't fit into McDaniels offense. Every time Hillis got a shot he either fumbled the ball or get stuff on third and short.

    A good analogy for him is that he's a poor man's Chris Cooley. Chris Cooley is good, but he isn't going to win you a Super Bowl. Whereas if Brady Quinn pans out the Broncos could be actually be playoff contenders. The risk is worth what they gave up.

  • gregg

    BROWNS FAN !! -How's this NICKNAME for Hillis ,the -BARNYARD BLASTER !!

  • CJ

    Mcd took Matt Cassel a quarterback who was only a starter in high school and make him a winner for one year at least. When we did the jay cutler trade i told myself if he can take Kyle orton and make his stats look at least decent then he is good. I mean look at orton Below average arm strength. Below average accuracy. He is way to precautous…. i mean did Favre get as good as he did by playing it safe every play!

    Lets face it Quinn has a stronger arm. Prob equal accuracy. and hes not afraid to take risks.

    He has tons of potential and the best part is hes 25 which in case anyones wondering is the exact same age of Tom Brandstater when he was drafted.

    I love this trade and as far as peyton hillis goes….. He never would have fit in mcds system and just cuz he rushed over 100 in a game in the zone blocking scheme dont mean jack.

    He was a good back but even if quinn is a bust i think he is a solid backup for many years.

  • areferee

    Knowing Gaffney, I think he will let Quinn have his number 10 and he will take his Dad's old number 81. That leaves our other Quinn, (Richard), as a second year man, out in the cold, shopping for a new number…if he makes the squad.

  • dogheadbrew

    B.Quinn seems to be a solid young man. I'm not sure he'd start displacing people right away. However, if R.Quinn is out it may all workout anyway. I'm sticking with #9, and placing a one pint bet on it.

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