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Published on 03/11/2010 at Thu Mar 11 14:01.
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In a shocking move today the Denver Broncos have released inside linebacker Andra Davis. Since there has been no additions to the linebacker squad this comes as a huge surprise.Vic Lombardi tweets:

VicLombardi Wow…this one’s a bit of a shocker. Broncos release LB Andra Davis today.

Davis performed very well in his first year in Denver’s defense posting 90 tackles and 3.5 sacks. Having said that, Davis did wear down in the stretch. It is surprising that Denver would not try to keep him as a backup. The inside linebackers on the squad to replace Davis are Nick Griesen, who spent all year on injured reserve, and Wesley Woodyard who is smaller than some safeties at 222 pounds, and plays mostly in nickel packages.

This completely contradicts my earlier post stating Denver will be more offensive minded this draft. It seems that Denver is in win now mode. If Josh McDaniels and Brian Xanders feel as if you aren’t ready to win now, you’re gone.

The NFL Network stated that every team was at the Alabama Pro-Day, meaning that Denver was there to catch a glimpse of what Tuscaloosa has to offer. Perhaps they liked what Rolando McClain has to offer?

What do you think Bronco nation? Air it out!

  • TJ

    Dammit. I really liked “Dra”. Best of luck man!

  • TJ

    Dammit. I really liked “Dra”. Best of luck man!

  • Roy88

    Wow, didn't see this one comming. I thought that Davis did well enough in his first year. At the very least I would have thought they keep him as a veteran backup to a younger player. I don't like this move at all.

  • MrEast

    Nor they you… Nor they you…

  • DenversFinest

    McClain here we come.

  • NMBronc

    Never was huge fan of Davis and Griesen is an unsigned UFA. I think Woodyard or Larsen could fill in nicely. If we get McClain, all the better.

    East, do you know if they have been looking at ILB's in Free agency? There are a number of available ILB FA's who would be an upgrade to Davis.

  • cptmorni

    Maybe they think Larsen is ready to roll!!!

  • magster

    On the day of Darrent Williams' verdict, seems disrespectful to do business as usual at Dove Valley today. Can't wait till tomorrow McD?

  • ETL

    Really dude? I don't think thats what Darrent Williams would want. Don't go there you just look stupid.

  • darwinj

    Could it be that they are shifting Ayers to the inside and Woodyard to the outside? Ayers has the beef and Woodyard has the speed. Or Larsen on the inside with Ayers stuffing the point on the outside. Davis was not one of the better inside backers last year. That being said the leakage throught the front line did not help any of the linebackers to hold up at the end of the season. Now they have some beef up front. I love McClain but Croyn's disease is very unpredictable and hard to treat. It can really wear a person down- let alone a professional football player

  • BroncoMan24

    So you are saying McClain has Croyn's disease? I wasn't aware of that.

  • Chris

    He has had the disease his whole life. Did not affect his performance as being rated the #1 LB in the draft and it will not affect his time in the pros.

  • Paradisimo

    Isn't there a rule (or shouldn't there be) that you should never sign an ex-Cleveland player? Can't think of a single instance that has worked out for us. In fact signing ex-Cleveland players may have led to Shanny's demise.

  • DenversFinest

    darwinj- “Could it be that they are shifting Ayers to the inside and Woodyard to the outside? Ayers has the beef and Woodyard has the speed.” Not to be a dick, but you have absolutely no idea about how the 3-4 is played. Do you think Woodyard could hold the edge? Do you think Ayers can cover TE's? Woodyard is a side to side, TE covering LB, and in my opinion not a very good one. He got beat on a constant basis last year. As for ayers inside, he was a DE all throughout college. He needs to develop outside and learn to be an OLB who rushes the passer. He's got the “beef” to stop the run inside, but would be a HUGE liability in pass coverage. Just my two cents. Your second idea would be WAY better.

  • Jon

    You forgot Spencer Larsen, he's a back-up for ILB too. I'm sad for Davis, he was a great guy, and player. But I'm excited the D is getting re-vamped, and I'm very excited for Wesley Woodyard, that guy is a beast, and underrated.

  • NavyBSU_fan

    I would be cool with Larson inside. He is a thumper who could hold up against the run. I think that Mario Haggan on the inside with Ayers starting on the outside is more likely. He didn't get that big paycheck and contract extension to sit on the bench.

  • 12508

    joey porter would fit in. ayers mclain porter and elvis would be nice. porter is a monster. another vocal guy to help dawkins get this group up for every play. now we have some size on the d line to stuff the run. we can really get after the qb with a nice group of linebackers. like i have been saying we should trade marshall for a pick in the 1st to get taylor mays. i would also cut champ bailey. he has lost a few steps and we could use the $ for something else.

  • Riverscanblowme

    Nicely said DenversFinest, you are right on about Ayers and the fact the Wesley got smoked by every tight end we faced last year. They could be moving Haggan to Davis's spot but I really think this is a mistake. Davis is a solid vet that was great in the locker room and could help groom the new pups brought in via draft or undrafted free agents. Davis would have been helped by the beefed up line as he was great at blitzing straight up the gut.

    Good Luck Dre, I hope you get a ring somewhere!

  • Nathan

    No other LB on our roster is capable of filling that starting spot even remotely as well as Davis did last season.

    It'd be foolish to think Ayers could imo, and Woodyard is nothing but a nickel lb, or OLB in 4-3 sets, and way to undersized/not good enough against the run to start in the 3-4. Larsen is also very undersized and also, I don't really feel he projects as anything more than a superb special teams player. Haggan actually makes the most sense to me of anyone on our roster to be moved inside.

    I really don't care for this move as Davis seemed to make some clutch plays last year when we needed them, but facts are that he only played in running downs any ways so he should be fairly replaceable.

    I think we'll look at some of the free agents, some of the ones i'd like-

    Kirk Morrison(i think he'd do well in a 3-4 was only tendered for a 3rd! and is a damn good player, it'd also be nice to take away a Raider).

    Antonio Pierce(Undersized for the 3-4 but he's a great leader and if he passed a physical he'd a be an interesting stop gap for us)

    Larry Foote(great leader, great 3-4 experiance, still had good production last season despite his age and being on a worse team than previous years)

    A big thing to remember is that it's been pretty easy to get good ILB quality in the draft in the 2nd round lately and a player like Brandon Spikes(same things he's knocked for are the same things you could say about Davis) could be on our radar, and would probably be an slight upgrade right away if anything.

    A couple other guys to keep an eye out for if we don't get the beast that is Mclain:

    Brandon Spikes, Micah Johnson, Jamaar Chaney(HUGE upside, i'd love to see him in blue and orange), and Mike McLaughlin.

  • CJ

    Well said i agree with pretty much everything he said.

    Other linebackers i like….

    D’Qwell Jackson- a great run stopper which is exactly what we could use

    I also like Joey Porter even though he isnt inside… He could be a great 3rd down pass rusher.

    Antonio Pierce is undersized but i think he still has some gas left in the tank. Maybe not a stand out player but i think he could fit in the 34 defense.

    Theres a reason the stealers cut larry foote and theres a reason the lions arent wanting him back very badly…. Hes slowly getting older but he still can play!

  • Josh Temple

    Not signing Peezy? THAT'S DISRESPECT!!!

  • willll

    This wasn't a smart move, McX.

  • Nathan

    CJ, I like D'Qwell too, but I left him off my list as he was tendered for a 2nd. I guess if we were gonna take Spikes(or another ILB) in the 2nd and felt like Jackson would be a better investment it'd be a possibility. This years ILB FA market is really weak.

  • CJ

    I just hope that Mcdanials doesnt put off signing a decent ILB for a tender and when the draft comes we totally get hosed….

    Imagine if the jaguars took mclain right in front of us
    then goes brandon spikes
    then goes sean lee
    then goes donald butler

    Then were stuck with this huge gape

    we might as well sign a decent older Inside guy… then see if we can snag a young guy for the future

  • JoeDoGG

    Still Gay as shit

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