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Published on 03/10/2010 at Wed Mar 10 18:19.
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Thanks for the helmet Don Delco.

Thanks for the helmet Don Delco.

For almost two weeks now No Logo Needed, a great Cleveland Browns blog, has been holding an inter-blog mock draft. Today it was my turn at bat under center. With the handful of players just signed in free agency who did I turn my attention to? Well check it out here.

No Logo Needed’s great idea has rubbed off on me. If I want to turn this idea into reality I’m going to need the help of you loyal, intuitive, and well informed readers.

My question is, as readers, would you be interested in an inter-reader mock draft? This mock draft would consist of the first round only and it means one reader per team.

There are two ways I could orchestrate this collaborative mock draft. Either the readers would be selected at random and assigned to teams at random, or there would be a first come first serve process. For first come first serve the first to email me with their top ten teams they wish to be assigned to.

Tell me in the comments if you’re interested and if you are what way you would like it to be set up. Let your voice be heard Bronco fans! We here at Bronco Talk actually care what you have to say.

  • ETL

    Can I pick for the Bears? Oh wait…

    I say you do it first come first serve style. Place a post that says sign ups starts now.

  • steeplebomb

    Wow that's a great idea by NoLogo. Interesting post on Iupati as well. I agree with ETL that it should be first come first serve.

  • rct930

    I'm in! I'll take any team. Doesn't matter.

    I want Iupati in a Broncos uni but I don't think McD will take him with the 11th pick. If Rolando McClain or Dez Bryant are still on the board when we pick, however, Denver might entertain trading down with the idea of taking Iupati a little later (The Giants might be a candidate). However, if we do get back our 14th pick, I hope we take him there.

  • CJ

    i know every denver fan would disagree but imagine if seattle gave up the 6th pick for marshall? ….. imagine if Jimmy Clausen was still on the board? that would be a brain buster for mcdanials..

  • mikebirty

    If it's LIVE then as long as its at a mike-friendly time i'm in. If its not going to be live, then I'm in as well.

  • hankey12

    im in!!great idea. il take any team

  • kenny7014

    Jimmy Clausen… shut the hell up. horrible horrible horrible

  • Scottey

    why? don't tell me he is a punk either. I watched some of the film and he looks like he is:
    a. pretty mobile
    b. has a pretty good arm
    c. has lead under pressure
    d. worked under a pro style
    This is an honest question, not to get anyone riled up

  • herc_rock

    Willie Clark GUILTY on all counts.

  • sancher

    Sounds like a good idea, I would like to have a team, I believe it should be done first come first served.

  • NMBronc

    More than happy to drive up I-25 and flip the switch.

  • TJ

    Multiple sources confirm that the Broncos held a “private” workout with QB Tony Pike today. Legit or pre-draft smoke screen?

  • MrEast

    McDaniels and Xanders had everyone believe they were going to take Freeman with the 18th overall pick. Hence why Tampa Bay traded up to the 17th pick.

  • robtink242

    Okay this is kind of surprising… thought the guy had a good morale impact on this team… but, by no means this move was shocking….I do expect us to draft Rolando McClain or Brandon Spikes now… If not a solid vet should be obtain through free agency. I rather have seen Mario Haggan release than Davis seeing that Davis played with passion and brought a level of thoughness.

  • MrEast

    Haha wrong article, but good thoughts.

  • Doom92

    I'm in also and do not care what team I would get assigned to. I think just simply doing those that want to and just assign randomly. You take the Broncos and then at random, that way no one can be unhappy about a fun thing. :-)

  • kenny7014

    not getting riled up.. lol. but i have seen some footage on this guy as well, caught a couple games. he (in my opinion) was a sufficiant college player, but will suffer woefully in the nfl. i will put him in the same catergory as tebow, mccoy. good at the college level, then need to find something else to do. i like the idea of pike, think would be a better fit. But jimmy c… snoozer

  • Scottey

    To a certain point, all college qb's have a bit of projection to them. Even Bradford. I like the “idea” of pike as well, but how well does he project, versus other qb's? Too bad there isn't a money back guarantee on some of these guys. :)

  • DantePakistan

    I'm so in, any team, doesn't matter, let me know when and where.