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Free agency has officially begun and the Red Skins wasted no time with big deals already done with Albert Haynesworth (7 year +$100M deal with +$40M in guarantees) and the retaining of DeAngelo Hall (6 year $54M deal with +$22 million in guarantees). Now those are bigger deals than Denver is looking to make, but […]

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Published on 02/27/2009 at Fri Feb 27 07:55.   22 Comments
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There is no doubt that in this offseason Denver will need to look into free agency to fill that new three man line. Even though I am a much bigger fan of the draft there are just too many needs in that Denver D that the draft can’t satisfy alone. Fortunately, there are some great […]

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Published on 02/16/2009 at Mon Feb 16 12:19.   34 Comments
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