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BroncoTalk is a Denver Broncos blog and news source, made by fans, for fans. Over the years we’ve become one of the bigger independent sources for Denver Broncos information on the web.  Our goal is to provide you with the latest and best Broncos news, buzz, and opinion.

My name is Kyle Montgomery, AKA Monty. I’m the site owner and main author. I started BT in 2006.

Why me, you ask? No reason at all. I found blogging a nice outlet for my Broncos obsession (the site actually started as a school project). It’s just sort of taken off since then.

This blog, like any blog, isn’t about the content, it’s about the discussion, and we hope you’ll chime in and have a lot of it here at our little site.

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints, don’t hesitate to email me at!

Other awesome writers that help me with the site:

  • Josh Temple
  • Mr. East
  • E. Halsey Miles
  • Jon Heath