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Published on 03/20/2013 at Wed Mar 20 16:54.
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The Denver Broncos have expressed interest in three free agent pass-rushers: John Abraham, Dwight Freeney, and their own former defensive end Elvis Dumervil. The Broncos will meet with the first two on Thursday; they have an offer extended to Dumervil at present.

So how do these free agent defensive ends compare? Let’s break it down —

Player Age Height Weight 2012 PFF Score 2011-12 Sacks
Elvis Dumervil 29 5-11 250 -5.5 20.5
Dwight Freeney 33 6-1 268 -1.4 13.5
John Abraham 34 6-4 256 18.4 19.5

Most notably, Abraham excelled overall according to ProFootballFocus. Abraham is the most well-rounded player; neither Dumervil nor Freeney, both smaller edge rushers, even come close.

So who should the Broncos sign? Take the poll in the left sidebar on the home page or after the jump on the story page, and dish it out in the comments.

Which defensive end should the Broncos sign?

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  • vernie foust

    In freeneys defence he was on the colts. He had no help rushing the qb. In Denver with miller and the new dt we got he would be a beast. They should sign both freeney and Abraham and let them compete. Why not bring in osi

  • Pete Baron

    Don’t let Doom92 see this ;) haha. I’ve been preaching this to him for a few months. lol

    Anyways, I voted to keep Doom. The reason is simply because he’s younger. While I think all 3 will flourish, and I think Abraham is indeed better than Doom, I like the warm fuzzy feeling I get inside in knowing that we could keep Doom for more than 1 year with any sort of assurance that he’ll still be effective.

    Like I was saying to Doom92 earlier in the week, once you get as old as Abraham and a lesser extent Freeney, there is no guarantee that they will be even half the player they were the previous year. We’d like to think they would be, but at an advanced “football age”, all bets are off. The proverbial cliff is quite literally just up ahead with no warnings as to how suddenly you’ll drive off of it.

  • juice21

    I have thought about it, and really the broncos only want Doom this year and maybe 2014. They won’t want a to lock up an older one dimensional speed rusher in decline (Freeney doesn’t make sense without a huge “Manning” discount). So if they need a DE for two years why not have John Abraham? I do believe a 35 year old Abraham is a better fit as a short term solution than a 30 year old Doom. I love Doom, but that 2006 draft class was obviously cursed!

  • Doom92

    Just because you have been talking about this crap doesn’t make it worth a damn, its still some gay ass BS they come with. And it clearly doesn’t involve ALL stats. It is as I said BS…

  • Pete Baron

    Yeah, but it does involve a lot of meaningful stats, such as at what stage of the game Doom’s sacks and such happened (i.e. was it garbage time when he got his sacks) etc…

  • Doom92

    Oh boy this again… We’ve already covered that and Von has more in clean-up time than does Elvis… I’m flashing back to when the record would skip and play the same thing over and over…

  • Cheyenne Kid

    Now,boys! LOL. The braintrust will do what they do. Ours is just opinions. I would like Doom or Abraham, either would be good so hope the Broncos just get it done real soon as it is getting old fast!

  • areferee

    Open Letter to Elvis Dumervil:

    Sign the Broncos offer, then file suit against your former agent for the difference.

    It is clear from this poll, that your fans are beginning to turn on you and we are tiring of this issue, just as John Elway and the Broncos need to move on. It is time to man up and make a decision.

    The team needs to figure out how we are going to be able to afford the new players we are about to draft and you are becoming a tiresome issue that is keeping the team from moving on.

    As the swoosh on your uniform implies: “Just DO IT”!

  • Josh Temple

    So you’re saying that Freeney excels in the Krispy Kreme metrics if I’m reading this right?

  • TheTroglodyte


  • Joey Baldwin

    Argument for both sides. Doom got garbage time sacks no doubt but how many times did Doom just get beat by Von we all saw it last year meeting at the QB only Von clocked in a ltl early and got the registered sack so while these stats are useful they don’t tell the full story. all the holding calls against or not called (we saw those too) i saw Doom get held more than any other player last year it was a travesty.

  • TheTroglodyte

    My gosh, would you two just get a room and get the angry makeup sex out of the way already! :p

  • Daddy Tebow

    What are these DUI stats?