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Published on 03/20/2013 at Wed Mar 20 15:07.
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Dwight Freeney (Getty Images)

Dwight Freeney (Getty Images)

The Denver Broncos may be moving on without Elvis Dumervil.

The fax fiasco that led to Dumervil’s release Friday has left the Broncos in need of a pass rushing right defensive end, and with an unanswered offer to Dumervil on the table, the Broncos are meeting with free agents Dwight Freeney and John Abraham, The Denver Post reports.

Freeney, 33, has 13 1/2 sacks over the past two seasons. Abraham, 34, has 19 1/2 in that span.

Dumervil had 20 1/2 the past two seasons. The report indicates he will begin lining up meetings by week’s end.

While the Broncos may still be able to work something out with Doom, it looks more likely we’ll be seeing someone new lining up at right defensive end. Who would you prefer, Broncos fans?

  • Paradisimo

    Why not sign them both? I would think you could get Freeney AND Abraham for less than $3M/year each. That’s still less of a hit to the cap than re-signing Dumervil would have been. Not to mention that given their ages they could both play on a rotational basis keeping them more fresh as the games/season wear on. I may be off base on how much it would cost to sign them but given that they are still free agents I have trouble believing that anyone is going to throw more than that amount at either.

  • LJS28

    Abraham I think he is a more compleete player and might come cheaper he only made 5million last year.

  • anthony33

    I like Paradisimo’s idea of both, but don’t see that happening.

    I would take Freeney becuase he is two years younger. No objection taking Abraham if you plan on using a 1 or 2 to draft a DE.

    Elvis would already be in if it was going to happen,

  • Sam Zertuche

    I think the Broncos have been fair and reasonable. They’ve been through enough with the whole riddiculous fiasco that Dumervil brought on himself, its time to sign either Freeney or Abraham and let the situational pass rusher go somewhere else to play…

  • Doom92

    Well even I have to agree that if he has not gone with what they have now offered him then he prolly wont. If he wants to win he can stay here, if he wants a few more bucks and loose he can go to the Ravens. Yes they just won the SB but I think they will be hard pressed to be back in the play-offs this year. At any rate, I as well feel like the Broncos have tried quite hard. Clearly I am a Doom fan but first and foremost a Broncos fan. If doesn’t want to be here then fark’em…

  • Derek Terrell

    The Broncos should have Tim Tebow