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Published on 03/19/2013 at Tue Mar 19 08:52.
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Elvis Dumervil

Update, 2:51 p.m. MT: Elway says the team has “made an offer” to Dumervil.  Your move, Elvis.

Somehow, through it all, the Denver Broncos and Elvis Dumervil are still on speaking terms.

The fax machine relationship clearly wasn’t working.

After a second denial by the NFL to reconsider the Broncos and Dumervil’s case, and after Dumervil fired his previous agent and hired Tom Condon, the team and their defensive end are still in talks, The Denver Post reports. Dumervil, a free agent, has also heard initial interest from Pittsburgh, Houston, New England, and San Diego, as well as serious interest from Baltimore, who are thought to be the frontrunners along with Denver.

Hiring Dumervil will be a long shot for the Broncos after they took a $4.9 million cap hit to release the three-time Pro Bowler, but as long as they can get creative with the way they structure Dumervil’s 2013 money, the possibility still exists.

  • Pete Baron

    I really hope we figure something out with him soon. I want him on our team, but the longer this drags on, the less I’m finding that I care, and the more I just this whole mess to be over with; with or without him.

  • Mark Robert Jones

    I still believe in my heart that Elvis is embarrassed by how all of this went down and wants to do right by the deal he agreed to. All the actions taken by the team and Elvis so far (i.e. firing Magid, appealing to the league office) would seem to indicate that they both wanted this deal and want this situation to be concluded as previously planned. But I wouldn’t be surprised at all if someone like the Ravens swoops in and makes Elvis an offer he’d be a fool to refuse and steal him away from Denver

  • Pete Baron

    I hope so too. Then again, how much can the Ravens really offer him that isn’t one of those phony contracts that will never be completed? They had to gut their team (and thus IMO destroying any possibility of winning another SuperBowl under Flacco), so how much can they really spend?

  • TheTroglodyte

    Good to hear we are still in talks. I think we will be ok without him but we will be better with him.

  • badimo

    I’m not sure why this has not been reported anywhere, but this whole situation is going straight to civil court. Dumervil has already realized that this error has cost him personally millions of dollars. Anytime millions of dollars is decided by semantics (in this case 6 minutes) lawsuits will become involved. Expect the NFLPA to file against the NFL within the next couple of weeks. The only way this will be avoided is if some team offers him some ridiculous amount of money in the next week (which won’t happen).

  • areferee


  • areferee

    This is why agents of NFL players, like physicians, are required to carry liability insurance, to guard against “malpractice”. Dumervil’s suit, if any, will probably be against Marty Magid. The player’s association will only get involved in this case if Doom can not work out a fair contract, which is unlikely.

  • jdkchem

    “The only way this will be avoided is if some team offers him some
    ridiculous amount of money in the next week (which won’t happen).”

    Translation: Al Davis is still dead.

  • Artem Saitgareev

    To be fair… Broncos did exactly that… they gave Elvis a giant contract that then Elway called “out of whack”…

  • badimo

    It is possible that Dumervil goes after his agent but ultimately the NFL is the easier target. Lawyers will just argue that the NFL rules were not put in place to punish players for circumstantial technology glitches (thus that specific piece of the contractual agreement is voided as the partners did not understand the nature of what they were agreeing to). Once papers are filed, the NFL will immediately fold because they having nothing to gain by preventing it. Maybe I am a ‘Homer’ but this is how I see the situation unfolding.
    In the case of Magid, his lawyers will fight the case for the next 2 years and Dumervil won’t even have the money to pick-up the bill. Also, the NFLPA and agents are in bed with each other so Dumervil is unlikely to get much support from them.

  • jdkchem

    To be fair. . . it was McDumb@$$ that gave out that contract not Elway. Elway has every right and the responsibility to correct what he sees as mistakes made by the previous management. This is true in any business.

  • Pete Baron

    That was before the uncapped year and new CBA. Things were different back then. It isn’t that his contract was like an Albert Hainsworth contract. Besides, Doom was given that contract as an OLB, not DE, and his production slipped from his NFL Leading 17 sacks, to 0 (injury), 9.5, and 11.5…. So as you can see, his contract wouldn’t have been “out of whack” if he was still at the 17 sack production.

  • TD30ismvp

    Again with this crap, every year contracts are renegotiated, every year…most of these deals are done with the realization that the last few years are going to get redone because they are usually back loaded. The numbers were “out of whack” which has been discussed, contracts are not guaranteed in the NFL and WILL be renogotiated as a general practice. To be fair…everyone in the NFL understands this.

  • Artem Saitgareev

    agreed… I was just making a point that this could happen anywhere.

    If he goes to some other team for a large contract and they don’t keep it due to a change in management or whatever other reason, it would be just same as what happen in Denver.

    @Big_Pete:disqus was making it seem like only other teams would offer contracts that are not kept – when in reality it’s just business as usual in NFL.

    either way, he wants to be back and Denver wants him back (for most part)… so i’m sure they’ll work it out

  • Gary_in_SD

    As much as I want to see him back on the team, I have to say that it should have never gotten to this point. A deal should have been made with time to spare. The league is right on this, rules are rules and the team, Doom, and his agent all screwed up royally on this.

  • Artem Saitgareev

    no need to be rude… all i said was that the Broncos did the same thing as everyone else does… and renegotiate contract previously agreed upon in response to a post that implied that “phony contracts” would come from Baltimore…

  • Artem Saitgareev

    agreed, his production did slip – and renegotiation is completely normal in NFL unlike other sports. I was simply pointing out that your previous post mentioned “phony contracts that will never be completed” with Baltimore being the target. It’s just NFL, no matter the team.

  • Pete Baron

    Nah, I’m not implying that Denver is immune, I’m simply saying that the Ravens are up shit’s creek with their salary cap, so how much can they realistically offer Doom? I’m putting the Ravens in a vacuum when I say that.

  • Paradisimo

    Word is that the Broncos have offered Dumervil a new contract. GUess it will come down to how much he wants to be here and what the offers look like from other teams.

  • Pete Baron

    I don’t think Doom’s contract with us was a phony contract. I think the contract he signed was completely realistic; however, when he moved back to DE once McDaniels was canned, and then his production slipped, that’s when his otherwise realistic contract became “out of whack.”

    If Doom had stayed playing a 3-4 Outside Linebacker and had similar production to his 17 sack season, nobody would be asking him to restructure because it wasn’t a contract that paid him $3 million in years 1-3 and then $30 and $40 million in years 4-5 like these ridiculous contracts often times do. His contract was basically a $12-14/year contract with no major peaks or valleys. That’s a tell tale sign of a legit contract that a team has every intention of honoring, and a blowing smoke up everyone’s backside contract that not even the most optimistic of person will ever expect to be completed.

  • Artem Saitgareev

    yes, Raven’s salary cap is Doomed… sorry, had to say that.

    Well twitter says Broncos made new offer to Elvis.

  • DougEngland

    There is no way the NFL can function on “verbal” agreements. Although in this situation, is was obviously not an underhanded tactic to abuse the system, if the NFL gave in to this it would set a precident that would be rife for abuse.

  • Daddy Tebow

    Pay him the veteran minimum with some incentives for actually stopping the run.

  • 350legend

    Hopefully he signs! He’s a Bronco!!!

  • areferee


    “We’d love to have Elvis back,” Executive Vice President of Football
    Operations John Elway said Tuesday at the NFL owners meetings. “We’ve made an offer to Elvis, so we’ll see how it progresses.”


  • Pete Baron


  • Cruz Hermosillo

    I’m over this fiasco now, sign him or just tell him to skip town! Plenty of talent out there at cheaper price, plus plenty in draft!!!!!

  • Cheyenne Kid

    I believe unless his agent just turns his back on the Bronco offer and Doom.wants to sign and come back it will happen and probably within 24-48 hours. And those other teams probably don’t have the werewithel to offer a mega-contract anyway. The timing, after the bulk of free agency has already occurred, may be a blessing after all!

  • Doom92

    I second that “Word!”…

  • Doom92

    Take a pill… Its not that big of a deal to wait and see what happens. If you don’t want to know about it or read about then don’t read it ;-)…

  • Doom92

    WORD! To the 25th Power…

  • Pete Baron

    I wrote that before the Broncos offered another contract ;)

    Now I’m semi-patiently awaiting a response (and hopefully acceptance) of said deal from Doom.

    I akin your advise to not read it to trying to successfully ignore what your wife/girlfriend is nagging you about. Sure, you might try to ignore her, but after a while, you better figure out what she was saying or else all shit will hit the fan. LMAO

  • anthony33

    Given the cap hit the broncos need to take, they need to go after the best value vs, the best player. Hate to day it, but I don’t see Doom staying given the circumstances.

    Plenty of blame to go around, but I put 90% on Doom and his agent.

  • wcben

    oh come on Doom just make a choice – you should be here anyway -_-

  • Michael Gibbons

    I always wondered if we should have switched back and use miller and dumervil as 3-4 OLB if it would have kept dumervil at that 17 type production.