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Published on 03/15/2013 at Fri Mar 15 14:26.
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Dumervil is currently in free agency limbo..

Dumervil is currently in free agency limbo..

UPDATED (3/15 7:10 PM EST): check the bottom of the page for the latest update:

This is breaking, so excuse the fact that we will need to keep this post updated (meaning refresh this page for the latest news). What we have is a tweet from the Denver Post’s Mike Klis that indicated that Marty Magid, the agent of Elvis Dumervil did not fax the restructured contract to the NFL’s office in time.

No big deal, right?

Well, no it is, this forced Denver to release Elvis Dumervil.

What a difference 30 minutes can make.

As for now Dumervil is a free agent, the Broncos are carrying $4.87 million in dead money, but have freed up nearly $8 million in the release.

By all means, this does not mean that Dumervil will be touring the country in search of a new team. However, the contract will need to be rewritten.

Here is a timeline of events, per the NFL Network’s Albert Breer:

3:25 EST: Dumervil accepted Denver’s proposed contract, which reduced his salary from $12 million plus to $8 million. The team indicated to Dumervil’s reps that they needed to fax a signed deal back by 3:59 EST. When it didn’t come back, the Broncos released him. The team has a fax with a signed deal from Dumervil’s people timestamped at 4:06 EST.

The Broncos indicated that the release was in order to, “Protect ourselves.”

Click here (or refresh this page for the updates as the story develops

UPDATE (3/15 4:50 PM EST):

Given the fact that the NFL is still requiring the archaic form of facsimile in order to require a contract, the league has been known to accept fax’s late. It is possible that this whole thing is just a non-story.

UPDATE (3/15 4:52 PM EST):

The NFL Player’s Association requires every agent to carry liability insurance in the even that there is a breach of contract or neglect. Dumervil has as legitimate a case as any if this is in fact his agent’s fault. He would probably get the money regardless if this were the case though.

UPDATE (3/15 5:06 PM EST):

The Broncos apparently gave Dumervil a Broncos deadline of accepting their offer by 3:00 PM EST (which would have given them an hour to get everything in order, get everything signed and to the league’s office). Dumervil, as we know accepted the contract offer verbally at 3:25 PM EST. Somewhere in between 3:25 PM EST and 4:05 PM EST he signed the contract and the agent faxed the contract back to the Broncos.

Let us hope that Denver simply did not throw out the baby with the bathwater in order to teach a lesson in being on time to Dumervil.

UPDATE (3/15 5:20 PM EST):

According to Brandon Krisztal of New York’s CBS Radio (and formerly of Denver’s 104.3 The Fan), Dumervil was texting friends in the Denver area at 3:54 PM EST that he was staying in Denver.

UPDATE (3/15 6:35 PM EST):

Dumervil is apparently irate over the news. Also, not that it is relevant, but Dumervil’s agent Marty Magid also represents former Broncos running back Travis Henry.

UPDATE (3/15 7:10 PM EST):

Per the NFL Network’s (and former Denver Bronco cheerleader) Michelle Beisner, Magid (Dumervil’s agent) informed the team at 3:00 PM EST that Dumervil was not interested in the team’s final offer of $8 million. Thus the reason why the team was willing to walk away from the deal. This before Magid calling back at 3:25 to let them know that Dumervil did want the deal.

It is looking more and more as if this may be completely on Magid.

We will let you know more as the story comes together.

  • DIY

    so what would it take the Broncos to sign him back??

  • Alphabeatsoups

    Im Lost???

  • Paradisimo

    They can sign him to whatever but they now incur a $3.25M salary cap hit because they technically released him. So if they sign him to the same renegotiated contract that they agreed upon they are still basically at the same place as they would have been with the original contract. Shitty move by Dumervil and his agent. I doubt we will bring him back now unless he agrees to a $5-6M contract.

  • DIY

    btw… a fax really?! they can’t e-mail a scanned copy??

  • Drew

    If he was opting to resign out of his own volition, how does the fact that he is now released into free agency change anything? What’s to prevent him from signing with the team as a regular free agent?

  • areferee

    This is a SNAFU that falls right on the doorstep of Marty Magid, Dumervil’s agent. There will be a lot of name calling over this one.

  • Steve Stearns

    The problem is that the moment he is released the Broncos take the cap penalty from his previous contract. So depending on how the rules work, they may not be able to afford to re-sign him now because the cap penalty may still count even though they are signing the same player.

  • jdkchem

    Depends on what you have for a scanner.

  • Paradisimo

    It looks like the cap hit is actually closer to $5M. Brutal! No way we re-sign now.

  • Draper

    I think that this is everyone’s sentiment right now.

  • areferee

    FAX me?

    No, FAX YOU!


  • Draper

    Haha, yes… Trying to to get #WTFax trending on Twitter right now.

  • MeOMy

    he can still be signed to the same contract. I’ll try to explain. The million is dead money and will count against the salary cap no matter what. When Doom signs a new contract for a team(Denver) that first million of his salary doesn’t count towards that teams salary cap.

  • areferee

    Len G
    Have at it!
    Marty Magid
    Office) 610-825-5336
    (Direct) 610-637-3577
    (Fax) 610-825-5497
    Retweeted by The Orange Page

  • Carlo Scuri

    i can’t understand a damn thing

  • TD30ismvp

    Well…I wouldn’t fax him…just saying

  • Frank Watkins

    LOL- funny stuff right there!

  • Draper


  • Frank Watkins

    From what I am understanding, the NFL has the ability to accept contract even though it is a few minutes late. I hope that is indeed what happens.
    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • BroncoMan24

    I was curious about this. Does the 4+ mill that goes to dead money. Was this guaranteed money that went to Doom? If so and I believe this was what you were saying (maybe not) why don’t they just give him the difference and be happy with that?

  • John

    He’s going to play in Denver nest season. He wants to so they will find a way. His agent is ruined gonna get sued up the a$$

  • DIY

    that ass is covered by insurance but yeah, no player is gonna want him as his agent now.

  • Jared Bratsky

    He should resign with Denver for 4M year one and sue the agent for the other half.

  • John

    I still think we should draft margus hunt in the first. Next jpp

  • TD30ismvp

    Nope, he is a free agent and we have five million in dead money.

  • Jared Bratsky

    Marty won’t answer this phone.

  • Greg Martino

    If Peyton manning genuinely has a desire to win a super bowl before he retires, he will man up and take a pay cut so that they can resign Doom

  • MeOMy

    Sorry if my last post seemed condesending. Writing is not my strong suit so at times I have trouble getting my point across clearly.

    I’m on my phone right now so I don’t have access to salary informatio. I think D
    oom had about 8 million of guaranteed money left. Around 4 million of that was bonus money that would count towards the cap this year. At 4 pm today the rest of his contract would become guaranteed. For vets it usually the first day of the regular season that their contracts become guaranteed. Dooms contract had todays date. The other 4 million that is guaranteed to Doom will count towards future years. Not sure on the rules for how they can do this.

    To keep thing simple I’m going to use rounded numbers. right now Denver has 4 mill in dead money for Doom. If he signs with another team for more then 4 mill Denver owes him no money. But, the first 4 million goes against Denvers salary cap and anything over the 4 million goes towards the new teams cap. If he signs for under 4 million Denver owes him the difference.

  • Pete Baron

    Well, technically, the NFL can overrule the 2pm deadline because of agent incompetence.

    Remember when the 9ers traded T.O. Because his agent filed his free agency paperwork late? It took a few days, but the NFL determined that the intention of the player was to be a free agent, and it was purely through agent incompetence that the papers were filed late.

    If Doom really does want to be a Bronco, and the Broncos really still want Doom, they have legal precedence to fight this and get that dead money erased and enforce the contract.

  • Cheyenne Kid

    Sounds like the agent sure didn’t do his job in good faith,so bottom line I hope that the Broncos and Doom can see it for what is is and work it out. The compareable two highest deals for DE’s one was 7.5M (2 yr) and a one year for 7M. So at this point and considering he has a desire for an NFL title, all things considered his best shot is to resign with the Broncos and the sooner the better!

  • anthony33

    Best to let this thing lie until the dust settles. My take is no matter what has happened, if Elvis wants to be a Bronco at $8MM it will still happpen. If not, it won’t.
    Then is the time to start BBQing someone.

  • Cheyenne Kid

    And now the server for the is down. Either is was overloaded or taken offline on purpose. I tend to think it was overloaded from Bronco fans over this debacle!

  • Paradisimo

    I’m not sure I agree with your numbers. The dead money is an acceleration of his previous signing bonus and shouldn’t affect the salary cap impact of his new contract. If this were the case teams would be lining up to sign Dumervil to a new contract since their cap number would be so low. The only way to make his cap number workable would be to give him a large signing bonus with a smaller first year salary. The signing bonus is amortized over the life of the contract whereas his actual salary would count 100% against the cap.