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Published on 03/18/2013 at Mon Mar 18 17:05.
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Since firing his former agent, Elvis Dumervil has shown a desire to return to Denver.  But the possibility of that happening seems to be fading.

Dumervil’s new agent, Tom Condon, teamed up with John Elway and approached the NFL, asking them to honor the contract restructure that Dumervil had agreed to but did not come to pass thanks to a fax machine blunder.  Unfortunately, the league rejected the contract, keeping Dumervil a free agent.

With the league unwilling to honor the deal the team had agreed to with Dumervil, it appears unlikely that the team will continue pursuing Dumervil.  As alternative options, the team is expected to consider free agent defensive ends John Abraham, Dwight Freeney, and Osi Umenyiora, per the Denver Post.

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After winning the Super Bowl, the Baltimore Ravens are due to host the 2013 NFL season opener, per tradition.  But thanks to a parking lot conflict with the MLB, the Ravens may have to open the season on the road.  This is where we remind the league that Baltimore is scheduled to play in Denver this season.

Broncos defenders Champ Bailey and Von Miller are visiting U.S. Troops in the Middle East.

According to ESPN, the Broncos have $8.44 million remaining in cap room, a little over $1 million more than what we had expected.

In guard Louis Vasquez, the Broncos may have secured one of the top free agency steals of the offseason.

It’s unlikely that he’ll return to Denver, but the original Slot Machine, Brandon Stokley, still wants to play in 2013.

Coach John Fox says Dumervil is “in the mix” to fill Denver’s need at defensive end.

  • Pete Baron

    Yeah, Doom’s chances are slipping. The NFLPA still has their muscles to flex though. But who knows. Maybe the Broncos and Doom both walk away and end the drama before anything happens. It’s just sad to see this happen. This must be what Raider fans feel like on a regular basis.

  • Doom92

    Its bull shit… Someone screwed the pooch and the NFL people are being ass hats over 6 min??? I’m not surprised though they are as big of dip-shits as the agent…

  • Doom92

    If this really goes down like this (which I think would make us go back, not forward) I would hope for Osi or Abe… I see nothing that Freeny would offer as a starter. Very disappointing. Maybe the NFLPA will step up as well. I agree that if it was not the mistake of the agent he’d be screaming bloody murder to clear his name and it does not seem that he is.

  • Cheyenne Kid

    No news could be good news,but,that said,I think the Broncos should start getting urgent to resolve this de situation. And then they and the fans could shift our attention and focus to the draft, which is less than six weeks away!

  • Cheyenne Kid

    Just found out the Broncos have offered a contract to Doom. Now the ball is in his court at this time,so let’s us hope and pray it works out this time around. NFL spokesman speculated that it would be around 30M total and that Elvis would take it!