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Published on 12/26/2012 at Wed Dec 26 11:42.
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On Wednesday, the NFL announced the Denver Broncos2013 opponents.  They are as follows:

Kansas City
San Diego

Kansas City
San Diego
N.Y. Giants
New England

Not bad.  The Broncos could easily go 8-0 at home; traveling will be tougher. Dish out your thoughts on our 2013 opponents in the comments below!

  • taz1458

    Do we ever play New England at home? Will probably be in December too since we got to benefit Tom Beiber Brady

  • TheTroglodyte

    We played NE at home just a few years ago.

  • TheTroglodyte

    It’s impossible to predict what any team will look like a full year away BUT going based off of how things look as of today, there is absolutely no way we should lose more than 4 or 5 games with that schedule. Then again, the NFC East has been so unpredictable from week to week for the last 5 years. It almost seems kind of luck of the draw if you will blow them out or be blown out.

  • areferee

    All things being equal with this season and barring injury, six of the seven new teams from this year should be victories. If we are playing this well next season, there is no reason a healthy Broncos team should not to be 14-2.

    Should we be SB Champs, every game will be slightly tougher than they would have been otherwise. It’s fun to speculate, but let’s get through this year’s goals first.

  • Jon

    Well said.

  • Benjamin DeRita

    they gave the pats the home match up because they’re going to get stopped the fuck out in Mile High in three weeks! GO BRONCOS!

  • Nikulás Snær Magnússon

    i think we playd the in 09

  • Mike Birtwistle

    So I’m assuming we start on the Thursday night kick off against Baltimore?

    Manning bowl and Brady bowl on a Sunday night, shanny on a Monday.

  • chrislynch

    I agree. Make the Cheatriots come to our house damn it!!! >_<

  • Pato

    We always seem to get the hardest teams on away games but with Manning in center and our D playing like they are now we have an equal opportunity to beat any team away or at home… Just a thought

  • Vick Bains

    we played new england at home last season. Tebow vs Brady