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Published on 03/07/2013 at Thu Mar 07 13:21.
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(Jim McIsaac/Getty Images North America)

Update:  The IAOFM story that we linked to below has been updated: teams trading for Revis would receive the contract clause that prohibits them from using a franchise tag on Revis.  This obviously would make trading for Revis less profitable and less likely to happen.

The Denver Broncos have made big splashes in every offseason since 2009 — expect that trend to continue this spring.

Currently, the team appears to be jockeying to land All-Star cornerback Darrelle Revis via trade with the New York Jets.  Allow us to connect the dots:

  • The Broncos have already been linked to Revis several times this offseason, and are not afraid to invest a lot of money on defense.
  • After securing left tackle Ryan Clady with their franchise tag, the team still has a nice chunk of 2013 cap space available.
  • But the team is not satisfied with the space available, and is likely to cut D.J. Williams, freeing up another $6 million.
  • Now, the team wants Elvis Dumervil to take a pay cut and is threatening to cut him and bring in Dwight Freeney.
  • If Dumervil, Williams and Joe Mays are cut, the team would have over $20 million in additional cap space.

So, with all of that in mind, it’s not hard to imagine Denver making an offer for Revis.  As‘s Ted Bartlett has pointed out, the Broncos could secure Revis for $6 million in 2013 and use their franchise tag on him the following offseason (his no-franchise tag deal with the Jets would not transfer in a trade).

The Broncos could cut (or possibly trade) Dumervil and clear up $12 million, sign Revis for $6 million this year and still go after Freeney with the additional $6 million left over from Dumervil’s contract.  That sounds like an ideal situation, and it may be just what John Elway is planning.

Would you like to see Revis line up across from Champ Bailey in Denver’s secondary?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Andy B

    Pass on Revis. Injury concerns plus a poor attitude. Would rather see Denver go after Smith from Miami

  • Gabe Harris

    One problem, if the broncos cut dumervil he still counts to the tune of $4 mil in “dead money” which factors into the cap. So if we sign Freeney for $6 mil and factor in the $4mil in dead money from cutting dumervil we’re on the hook for $10mil (or just $2mil less) for our DE. In that situation we’d be saving a measly $2mil to trade a 29 year old pass rusher with several good years left for a 33 year old pass rusher with declining skills whose best days are far behind. Not smart in my estimation

  • rcsodak

    Keep dreaming…… so which draft picks are they giving up? What about the rest of the FA’s on the team, like the DLine?
    Not well thought out, imho.

  • Dax VanFossen

    Would much rather keep Dumervil.

  • Brandon Kirk

    It sure seems like Revis is on the radar for Elway. I think (or maybe I hope) Dumervil takes a pay cut to help us win a Super Bowl. I think he’s more than worth keeping around at the right price. He knows he plays second fiddle to Von Miller now, hopefully his salary can reflect that.

    After he takes his pay cut and Williams is (likely) cut, it opens the door for Revis.

    Pass on Freeney. We need DT more than an end.

  • Sage Rodriguez

    If Revis was healthy i would consider it. He is not and Denver would highly regret getting him.

  • Pete Baron

    All I’m saying is that I’ve been beating the Dumervil drum for a while now…
    I wonder how good Freeney would be in Denver seeing Von Miller is our best pass rusher. I think Freeney could get close to Dumervil’s sack numbers because of the focus on Miller.

  • 12508

    Doom has to stay. Broncos signed him to a contract. If the shoe was on the other foot and Doom was holding out for more $ he would be called a bad guy. Doom has played hard and hurt. Doom is not a problem. If anyone needs to take a pay cut its Champ. Question should be what do we do about Champ? No longer a shut down db. Getting paid like one. If we can improve the front seven we will be ok. I say rb and defense in the offseason.

  • Pete Baron

    If Doom played up to his contract, you’d have a point. The sad, sad fact is that he has been grossly underwhelming in terms of $$ for performance. Champ had 1 bad half… That’s it… 1 bad half. He had an amazing regular season, and he shut down everyone in the 2nd half of the playoff loss. I think Champ will be just fine. It’s Doom that needs to start performing up to his contract or take a pay cut that matches his performance level.

  • Bryan

    I haven’t been a fan of the Revis/Denver linking since it started. He’d cost a lot of money, picks, and is coming off serious injury.

    Reports, err..speculation is that DJ will be cut. I’m hoping Doom (and maybe Champ) restructures. With that money, people want to make a play for Revis. I’d rather see that money spent on a FA DT and CB. My choices would be Knighton and Nnamdi. Both on a one year prove it deal.

  • B Monty

    Dumervil is sadly expendable, We have decent depth at DE with Ayers, Hunter and Wolfe. We could draft a defensive end even in the later rounds and still find value. I think freeney is a mistake.
    If we did get the 20 extra million to play with this season i would like to see Revis, Amendola and even Peyton Hillis sign with the team. If we signed those free agents we couldn’t afford Paul Kruger. Through the draft we would absolutely have to concentrate on the front 7.

  • brian

    isnt it time for champ to be come an ed reed like ball hawking free safety? lets revis take his spot!

  • Leo Maes

    Is everyone forgetting about the two studs we had last year in Chris Harris and Tony Carter? I don’t get it… and no way would I take Freeney over Doom. I don’t see this happening at all… and its not needed.

  • Doom92

    I still say you are wrong, he has not played underwhelming at all. Not even close… I could lay out all the stats that you clearly like to overlook but it would put us in the same place we are now. The Broncos paid him what he is making for
    those 11.5 sacks a season. I agree that Champ is every bit as over paid as any one. I have no issue with asking or even demanding that he restructure because doing so can help make us a better team. Even the greatest players restructure and have throughout time. But you saying do it or get rid of him because he isn’t performing is simply Ludacrisp… Not to be confused with Super Sugar Crisp…

    You wanna see underachieving look no farther than Ayers… He is and has been dead weight for a long time.

  • Cheyenne Kid

    As long as his drama and attitude don’t follow him from NYC and he realizes he is only one player on a great team and humbles himself to be a team player like the rest of the team!
    He obvously has the talent and skills,but it’ll not be good enough unless he can do the above!

  • Doom92

    No I wouldn’t take Freeney over Doom either but asking to better the team by being able to restructure is OK in my book. How many times did John-Boy restructure to get better players… I have no problem with that, but the other stuff spewing around here that he doesn’t perform is just some dumb ass shit… ;-)…

  • Doom92

    Ayers… Really??? Dude Ayres is the biggest underachiever since Shanny drafted those 2 DE’s in the same draft that were supposed to be the cat’s meow (don’t have time to look them up right now).

    Doom starts in front of all of these guys for a reason, its production, not money. You see money guys sit on the butts all the time, he isn’t sitting… ;-)

  • Doom92

    As long as we get cap space with DJ gone as well I’d go with what your puttin’ out.

  • anthony33

    Let’s see… we won’t pay Clady until we see how he comes back from his injury, but may look at Revis??? No way. Injury is more serious and he seems to have attitude issues.

  • Pete Baron

    No, I see what you’re saying. I’m saying that he’s underperforming for his contract, not underperforming in general. Doom signed a contract when he was the league leader in sacks, and then proceeded to get 0 (injured), 9.5, and 11.5 sacks in the 3 years since. That is hardly performing up to the league leading sack contract he signed.

    The Broncos still paid him through it all, so it’s time for him to redo his deal to show them that he’s thankful for paying him top money for not-top-money performance, and also to show he’s a team player. I mean, they paid him $28million for 20 sacks over 3 seasons. That’s embarrassingly overpaying if you ask even the most ardent Doom fan.

  • Pete Baron

    Screw Nnamdi, go after that safety in San Francisco. Dude is a STUD. Nnamdi plays same exact position as champ, so unless you bench Champ, it makes no sense to get Nnamdi. He can’t play opposite of him, cause he’s not that style of coverage/cornerback.

  • TheTroglodyte

    There is a huge difference between asking a player to “restructure” which really means that player is actually going to get paid more money, and asking a player to take a “pay cut”.

    Losing Doom for Freeney would be horrendously stupid. Freeney would cost roughly the same, the guy is over the hill and is absolutely detrimental against the run.

  • Bryan

    Nnamdi was a beast in Oakland. I think Philly’s defensive scheme hurt him and let’s not forget that Philly’s DC wasn’t much of a defensive guy to begin with. Traditionally, Philly liked to play a zone, Nnamdi excels in jamming WR’s at the LOS and playing physical coverage. He’s not the fastest CB so covering islands of a zone doesn’t really help him. I see zero issues with him playing opposite of Champ.

    Goldson is going to be the hottest safety in FA. Hot names usually cost a lot money. Plus I’m liked what I saw out of Rahim Moore all season. With Quinton Carter returning from injury, safety is not an issue with this team. Depth, maybe. But that’s why we have the Draft and Mike Adams still has a year left on his contract.

    Bringing in Nnamdi, would give us a ridiculous secondary. Champ, Nnamdi, Chris Harris goes back to nickel and is a prime candidate for Champ’s spot next season, Rahim Moore and Quinton Carter.

    We could still draft a CB/S in the earlier rounds of the draft, but we could focus on DT and LB in the 1st and 2nd. Assuming that a player the FO is high on was there.

  • Pete Baron

    I can’t imagine a team paying more than $4-6 million per year for Freeney… I just can’t. He’s too old to demand more than that… and that is still 1/3 to 1/2 as much as Doom is getting. I think that with Von Miller being the focal point of our Defense, that Freeney could get double digit sacks and stop the run equally well as Doom. The reason why I *think* that Freeney could get double digit sacks is because teams have to focus their blocking schemes towards Miller. They just have to. That will leave Freeney with more 1 on 1 coverages than he’s ever had in his entire career. That’s why I still think that if Doom doesn’t redo his contract, we should trade him and pick up Freeney. Freeney could get 90% of the production for 1/3 to 1/2 the price. That extra money can be spent elsewhere to bolster our team. If Bowlen has proven 1 thing, it’s that he isn’t going to pocket that money… He’ll spend it trying to win a championship.

  • TheTroglodyte

    You have to consider the extra 4 million added to that which we lose for cutting Doom. So 5 million = 9 million.

    Let’s leave Doom and bring on this kid

  • Pete Baron

    I totally agree, but the reason why I said no to Nnamdi isn’t because he sucks… quite the opposite, he’s terrific. I’m just saying that him and Champ play the exact same coverage and style. See, Champ and Nnamdi have to play against #1 WRs who are less likely to run any kind of slants, etc… That’s why Nnamdi can’t play opposite of Champ. He’d get “exposed”… I mean, it might be worth a try seeing Champ only has a few more years left, but man, that’s a pricey gamble.

    And yes, Goldson is the cat I’m talking about. I didn’t want to spell his name wrong in case it was different than Vernon’s name. lol. He will cost money, but that’s why we should be having Doom take a pay cut, or restructure in terms of LENGTH of contract with no added money, cut DJ, and possibly have Champ do something with contract too (even though I think Champ is fine). Freeing up that kind of money will allow us to get the premier safety in the NFL. Let Moore go to Strong Safety. I think Moore would be fine in that capacity seeing Strong Safety is more geared towards stopping the RUN, not covering Jones on a game tying 70 yard heave. lol Like you, I really love Moore. I think like Champ had 1 bad half all year, Moore had 1 bad series. It is nothing to freak out about or cut him over. But man, Goldson is still very very young. Having him at Free Safety and Moore at Strong Safety would be RIDICULOUS!!!!

  • Pete Baron

    That’s why I said TRADE Doom ;) lol
    Or restructure in terms of lengthening his contract without adding any extra money. That way the team can start seeing some value for his performance instead of hemorrhaging money.

  • Pete Baron

    haha. You ever watch “Attack of the Show” ? They always show these types of videos. They had them on the show a few times and they say it takes hundreds of attempts to get each “trick” shot. They shoot basketballs and kick footballs mainly.

    It’s impressive no doubt, but I don’t want him having to take 500 kicks before he finally makes one ;) haha

  • TheTroglodyte

    LOL! Jebus man, do you have to make it sound like painful death?

  • Pete Baron

    $28 million for 20 sacks spanned over 3 seasons is textbook “hemorrhaging” money for the performance given. lol. ;)

  • TheTroglodyte

    haha. Well you have to take into consideration how many holding penalities he caused, how much the gameplan had to be changed to account for him, how well he played the run, how many double teams he drew, how many QB hurries he caused.

    Sacks are the fan fun stat but really don’t mean that much in the grand scheme of everything which is why they can be so up and down from year to year or even week to week.

  • Pete Baron

    I’m glad you said that, cause I remember I said a bunch of that during the season. I totally forgot about that. Then again, you also have to factor in his offsides penalties too ;) haha. The next time he doesn’t jump the snap count will be the first time. hahahahahaha

  • TheTroglodyte

    “Then again, you also have to factor in his offsides penalties too”

    LOL touché

  • Sage Rodriguez

    couldn’t revis just sit out if he’s gonna paid that little amount of money whether he’s with denver or NYJ????

  • Bryan

    I’m not opposed to signing Goldson. It’d be awesome. I just like the idea of getting two starters instead of one, for the same amount of money. While both of those starters address positions of need. Goldson will cost in the ballpark of $8 mill per. I think we can get Nnamdi and Terrence Knighton/Sammie Lee Hill for $8 mill a year, or maybe less.

    I’m not the best shopper in the world but I’ll take 2 for 1 every day.

    Edit: I just don’t want to see us trade draft picks for Revis, who may not resign long term with us anyways.

  • Pete Baron

    Not unless he wants to play there again the next year. I believe that you give up your year’s eligibility if you sit out past a certain week of the season. If you sit out all year, then you basically said that that year didn’t exist, and are still contracted by the team.

  • MeOMy

    There is no way that Champ is as over paid as Doom. Champ is one of the biggest reasons why Denver’s D did as well as it did last year. Having him allows Denver to free up a player in the passing game to give run support or double coverage. Yes he has been burnt a few times this last year. Every CB gives up catches. The problem in the ravens game was that the safeties were out of position.

    In our first game vs the Ravens, Denver got pressure on the QB. In the second game we were not able to. In the first game the Ravens tried to get into the red zone and score. In the second game they scored on the deep ball. The Ravens Coaches did a much better job of exploiting one of Denver’s biggest weakness on D and the Ravens biggest strength. How they attacked Denver changed. Denver wasn’t able to adjust. They flat out, got out coached.

    This leads me to Denver’s biggest needs. We need a LB who can cover a TE. Statistically Denver was one of the worst teams at covering tight ends. We don’t get by the patriots unless we fill this need. The other need we need is a good veteran Safety. (NOT Ed Reed!). They need to be good at tackling and rarely out of place. We don’t get by the Ravens, Texans, Patriots or Packers with out this.

    Any free agents Denver signs should be on the D side. Yes Denver has a good D. Against most teams it is enough. Against Elite teams there are just too many holes that get exploited. Denver’s offence could use a power RB and some OL depth but this need isn’t as great as filling the holes in the D. Denver can score 25 point on any team in the league. The problem is keeping the other elite teams from scoring more.

  • Pete Baron

    Which is why Dashon Goldson (Free Safety) should be our #1 target. Sign him at almost all costs. The Broncos can then move Rahim Moore to Strong Safety. The difference between Free Safety and Strong Safety is that Strong Safeties are the “run support” types, and the Free Safeties are the “last line of defense” types….. That safety combo, along with Harris, Boldin, Carter, Champ would be RIDICULOUS!!! And, we could still keep Moore while never asking him to be the last line of defense in coverage again. win/win/win

  • plato68

    I would rather see the Broncos go after Nnamdi Asomugha a better athlete and a better human being IMO

  • Doom92

    Some one that gets it… Sweeeeeet! lmao!

    I wouldn’t ming Freeney coming here, not at all, he has some left and would be 10 times better than Ayres. It would just depend on the money.

    And you are right, its a big difference. Restructure doesn’t always mean more though, it can be a pay cut in a friendlier way than take a cut or get out.

  • Doom92

    He had 8 penalties all season, I dunno how many were off sides but I’d bet that not all were. But lets just say they were… “OK coach you get this guy here, buuut he will give you 8 penalties all year and in return you’ll get 11.5 sacks and 6 forced fumbles”… Any coach that says no to that should be fired on the spot.

  • Doom92

    I think what you want Pete is for us to cut him, him go to the Cheifs and beat the shit out of Manning for two games in ’13… lmao…

  • Pete Baron

    Bah, he had 8 ACCEPTED penalties… What aren’t accounted for are all the times he was offsides, and because of that, he was ridiculously out of position to stop a run or a pass to his side. Also, there are times when he was offsides, but a more egregious foul was accepted instead of his. So no, that 8 penalty stat isn’t entirely forthcoming.

  • Pete Baron

    Nah, I don’t want to cut him. If there is value there, we can trade him, or redo his contract so he’s more in the line of 6-8 million per year. His 12-14 million per year salary is astronomically disproportionate to his performance level. I still like Doom, but not at the expense of the team (which is what his salary is, cause it might keep quality help off our roster).

  • Doom92

    Ahhh now we are going to count phantom penalties too… LMAO. Your reaching hard on that one. I guess we could penalize Champ to for times that he held or interfered but wasn’t called… Like you say Revis does… Well I suppose we should tell Clady he sucks too for all the holding penalties that he wasn’t called for…lol.

    Nope they don’t count unless they are called, or enforced for that matter. You said that you had to factor in all of his offsides and I did, but thats not good enough either we have to toss in all the fake or non-calls too. You don’t get it both ways…lol.

  • Pete Baron

    You win this one Doom… But I got more fight left in me. hahaha

  • Doom92

    I know you do brother-man… ;-)

  • Pete Baron

    I bet Freeney gets somewhere between $2-4 million per year. We can easily afford that… Especially with certain people redoing or restructuring their contracts ;) haha

  • Pete Baron

    What sucks is I really want to take a middle ground here, but the nature of these things makes it virtually impossible…

    I think Doom is a great player, but I think he isn’t performing up to the level that his contract says he should be performing.

    I mean, how do you say these things? I said I think he underperformed based on his contract, not underperformed in general. I said I like him. Trog even mentioned the holding penalties he creates, which I remember saying many times during the season. That’s a huge plus… But then there are his ill-timed offsides penalties and his ineffectiveness in big situations.

    I think if Doom is paid $8million, nobody, not even the front office has a single bad thing to say about him. Know why? Because how Doom plays, with all his pluses and minuses, equals an $8million expectation. If he simply played up to his contract (whether it’s $8 or $12 or $14 million), nobody would say a negative thing about him. It’s only that he’s paid $12-14 million but plays like an $8-10 million player that these discussions, and thus my comments, are even being stated.

  • Doom92

    I really do get what your saying… When you say it like he should be more in the 6-8 mil range I agree 100% and would have simply said yep good call. But when you say that he basically sucks I don’t agree. And yes you have all but said, he sucks! Re-read your posts, its there…lol.

    For me the bottom line is I think it would be a bummer to see him go, especially when there is no one that we can bring in that will replace what he does. And no this we can do it with these other scrubs we have does not hold water, if we could it would have been done long ago or already… I also think that they right place for him is right here and if he is smart he’ll work something out and stay right here…

    Jack knows how to use him and get more out of him. Part of what I have not seen us talk about is that this D is going to get a second year with the same TOP tier D-Coord and it is going to look freekin’ awesome. I think Elvis needs to ask himself if he wants to be a part of that and have the experience or do I want to make 10 mil (thats about what he’ll get somewhere else) with the Chiefs or even worse the Raiders… The dumb ass Raiders would be on this guy like stink on shit…