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Published on 01/24/2013 at Thu Jan 24 08:51.
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Sources close to New York Jets owner Woody Johnson have told ESPN that the Jets’ owner is open to trading arguably the best cornerback in the league this offseasonm Darrelle Revis. Speculation is because he only has one more year left on his contract.
The Jets are $19 million over the cap, and Revis’ contract pays him $6 million next year. To make things worse for the Jets, Revis has a “non-franchise tag” clause written into his contract, so the Jets can’t let him play out his contract, and then slap the tag on him. The Jets believe that Revis will not re-sign with them, so if they don’t trade him this year for something, they’ll see him walk for nothing next year.
Revis, of course, is rehabbing from a torn ACL, so there will be concern for any team trading for him. Because of that injury concern, there is great uncertainty about what it will take to trade for him.
My question is this… Should the Broncos trade for Revis? Personally, I think Revis is completely overrated. I think the only reason he is a “shutdown” corner is because the referees allow him to get away with holding and pass interference on virtually every play. Maybe it’s because he’s playing for an East Coast team (NY) that he gets away with it, but I have this funny feeling that if he signs with the Broncos, he’ll get flagged for all of those P.I. and holding penalties that he should be flagged for in New York.

I don’t know about anyone else, but this has “Dale Carter” written all over it. We tried that already, and we watched it crash and burn. Add into Revis’ resume that he was allowed to act however he wanted and say whatever he wanted because of the completely laxed Rex Ryan discipline led team, and I think he would destroy the chemistry we have. PLUS, it means that Champ is out as a cornerback. Whether you think he should go to safety because of the Ravens exposing him or not, trading for Revis seals that deal. Would that mean that Champ goes in at safety and Moore is cut?


Tell me what you think fellow Broncos fans. Should the Broncos trade for Revis? If so, what do you think the asking price would be, and how would the Broncos make it work? Sound off in the comments below.

  • Pete Baron

    I’m straddling the fence on this, and I have ever since we picked up Holliday. I’ve had debate after debate with my friends over inserting Holliday into the WR position for a handful of snaps per game ala Devin Hester.

    I contend that the Broncos shouldn’t do that. It isn’t because I don’t think Holliday might score once or twice a year as a WR, it’s because I think that him getting worn out by playing WR would greatly diminish his return skills, just like history has shown it diminish Hester’s return skill.

    While others might argue that if it’s only a handful of plays a game, so it wont wear him out, I contend that any and all rest he can have will make him that much more electric. PLUS, I’d rather have him fully focused on the task at hand (returning) instead of having the added duties of playing WR on his mind. Again, I’ll point to Devin Hester as an example; Before he became a full time WR and the Bears inserted him as WR for a handful of games, we all saw his return effectiveness decrease. Why is that? Is it just one hell of a coincidence? I contend that it is because he a) got a bit worn out. Maybe he’s at 95% instead of 100% rested. That 5% is enough for someone to trip him up. b) maybe it’s because he knows that right after his return, he’s gonna be on the field as a WR, so his mind drifted, even if ever so slightly, away from his return duty. or maybe it’s c) that he was just more focused on being a WR, so he (through no fault of his own) let his return ability take a back burner to playing WR because WR is a bigger position, with more respect, more money, and more fame.

    I don’t want that happening to Holliday. It happened with Hester, it happened with Dante Hall, and it always happens with anyone who tries to do it. I don’t want it happening to Holliday. We are fundamentally sound enough in all phases to keep the gimicks to a minimum, and don’t get it twisted, Holliday on offense is a gimmick. Keep building through the draft and we’ll be fine. We don’t need him focusing on anything but returning.

  • Pete Baron

    Problem is, what if the Jets want a #1 and #2 for him, or two #1’s? You can’t give up any of that if you only expect to have him for 1 year. Remember, 1st round picks are “suppose” to be 10 year starters on your team. You can’t give up a 10 year starter for a 1 year starter. That will get everyone fired.

  • Doom92

    While Hester’s return stats went down his TD production went up. But I see your point just the same.

  • Pete Baron

    I knew you would buddy. lol

    I’ll put it another way… Do you want Holliday scoring 2 TDs returning the ball on special teams, or having the Broncos start a drive at the 20 and maybe scoring a TD on those drives?

    Would you rather have Holliday score 6+ TDs per year on special teams? Or have Holliday score 6+ TDs as a WR, only to see Thomas and Decker’s TDs go down, cause anything that Holliday does as a WR is “taking away” from our other WRs, whereas anything Holliday does on special teams only adds to the team.

    So on one hand, you have nothing but pure addition to our team by having Holliday on special teams; On the other hand, you have Holliday subtracting from others on offense, only to add that same amount to the offense. Holliday playing only special teams is pure addition. Holliday playing on offense might net zero.

  • chettybet


  • Bryan

    I am 100% totally against Revis as a Bronco. First thing is the Jets are going to be WAY over the salary cap ($30 million last I heard on the webz), so you can’t trade players to them because that doesn’t resolve their cap situation. They’ll want draft picks, and high ones at that. At the bare minimum it’s going to be a 1st rounder and likely awhole lot more. If Elway was to bring him in and NOT get an extension for him, we’re losing alot of picks for a one year rental. If he would get an extension, the numbers being thrown around is that Revis is looking for $10+ million per season. Taking that into consideration we’d be looking at $50 million (ballpark) wrapped up in PM, Revis, Doom, and Champ. How would we be able to resign Clady? Then shortly after that we’d be looking to resign Von, DT, Decker, Woody…

    While the numbers may be able to actually support the $6 million for Revis this year, I just don’t see us giving up draft picks for a potential one year player. Can we find someone at #27 with Revis’ skills, not likely but we also don’t have any glaring holes to fill. We are in the nice position of being able to upgrade positions instead. It just isn’t a good business move for the future of this team.

  • bluandorange

    Elway has to re-sign our future before going after a big name player. If you look at the Revis deal and what new york is asking they want a third round pick and a first. Most mock drafts have denver taking a corner so really we would be giving up a third round pick for Revis. Now to make up that pick put both Joe mays and DJ williams on the trade block. See if any team would be willing to part with a third for DJ and at best a fifth for mays. Then we would only be using a first round pick on Revis and trading both LB’s frees up a lot of cap space to the point where we could re – sign clady for eight years and since peyton and champ are around three years at best they free up cap space for a revis contract to be back heavy.