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Published on 03/01/2013 at Fri Mar 01 16:59.
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On Friday, the Denver Broncos used their franchise tag on tackle Ryan Clady.  The one-year tender is worth nearly $10 million.

Per the Denver Post:

The tag gives Clady a $9.828 million salary for the 2013 season—nearly triple the $3.5 million salary he earned in 2012. However, the tag also drastically restricts Clady from enjoying the bidding fruits of free agency.

Teams can still bid on Clady’s services, but the Broncos would have the right to match any offer. If the Broncos decline to match the offer, they would get two first round draft picks in return from the team that would sign him.

Yesterday, it was announced that teams have a $123 million salary cap for 2013, leaving Denver with over $17.5 million in available cap space.  After Clady signs his tender (assuming he eventually will), the team will be left with over $7 million remaining in cap space.

Clady is currently recovering from shoulder surgery and is not expected to participate in the team’s offseason workouts this spring.  Clady allowed just one sack in 2012.

  • Pete Baron

    I love me some Clady. Dude is a BEAST!!! He, unlike Doom, is worthy of a high dollar contract!

  • Doom92

    I know you are just trying to provoke me into arguing your point on Elvis but you don’t seem to see his value weather he does one thing or not…

    None the less I think this was a stupid move putting the tag on Clady. They should either sign him or don’t but giving him that kind of money is just plain ridiculous. I think they could have resigned for half of that or so and had more cap space. Now they have prolly just pissed him off by showin they may not be in for the long haul with him.. I hope someone gives the offer, we decline and get the 2 first rounders and save the dough. I know you’ll come back with all the one sack stuff and I agree with that in advance, however I think that there is a price on everything and this one is two high. Least I think so,, even as great a player as he is.

  • Elway4Life

    10 million is a lot of money to spend on an OT and Ryan Clady! What’s he the 2nd highest paid Bronco now? If not close to it! Wow! I can totally understand why they wouldn’t want to sign him long term though coming off an injury not knowing how he’ll play and he’s still not even ready to play. I would love if somebody else was actually willing to pay him that kind of money and in the process thus giving us two 1st rounders!

  • Pete Baron

    What can I say, when I notice you not posting, I “poke the bear” in hopes that you come around. lol. You’re right, this was purely a post to provoke you… Guilty as charged sir. ;)

  • Pete Baron

    I believe Clady was seeking right around $10million per year in a contract, so the franchise tag fits right in with what he was demanding. The unique situation with this is that normally a team will be forced to franchise a player and pay them the average top 5 salary for maybe a top 10 or top 15 player at that position, therefore looking like they are grossly overpaying.

    When it comes to Clady, he’s still considered a “value” at the franchise tag seeing he is arguably the #1 or #2 Left Tackle in the NFL. Clady has already said that he won’t sign the tender and hopes to have a long term contract worked out before camp.

    What I want to ask anybody out there who can come up with the answer is this…. Is he an exclusive or non-exclusive franchise player? There is a distinct difference in that if we designated him an EXCLUSIVE franchise player, no team can sign him and give up two 1st round picks… if we have him as a non-exclusive franchise player, another team can sign him and then we can either match the offer, or take their two 1st round picks. HUGE difference in how the franchise tag system works since the new CBA was created. I’m really curious as to which tag they put on Clady. It would also say a lot about our desire to keep him. If we made him exclusive, he isn’t going anywhere. If we made him non-exclusive, we’re basically saying that we love Clady, but he isn’t indispensable.

  • Doom92

    I knew the deal ;-)… Just been working like crazy 12-14 hour days. Tired is what I am!!! Its all good man…

  • Pete Baron

    I’ve been there before my friend. Plus I’m remodeling our entire house. Took it down to the studs. I’m usually beyond beat up and tired. lol. That’s why I don’t always think clearly ;) haha

  • Doom92

    “we love Clady, but he isn’t indispensable”

    That is what I was saying… And truth be told I feel the same way about Doom, I think he is a better player than you or that ridiculous analysis says but he is not indispensable. I do think he’d well serve himself to restructure his deal. No other team is going to pay him that and he plays well here.

    I’m a fan of both but I do not think any one player is worth the house, except maybe Payton. With out Payton last year was just another post Elway regular year.

  • Doom92

    Yeah me too… See the above admition <—- New word I think…lmao.

  • Pete Baron

    Can you imagine last year if we didn’t have Peyton? I mean, I love me some Tebow, and I think if we just ran a similar offense to that in D.C., Seattle, San Francisco, that Tebow would do really, really well. But our coaches weren’t going to “commit” to that, so we would have been royally screwed last season. Who knows, we may have even had a top 5 pick because they would have been trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, or refusing to let Tebow be Tebow and instead making him a wildcat QB. That was never gonna lead us anywhere. This “pistol” offense however…. I think Tebow would DOMINATE running that offense, but again, no way Fox/Elway would turn the team over to him like that. That’s why I honestly think that the 49ers *should* go after Tebow. If Kaepernick goes down for a few games, I think that Tebow can seamlessly slide in and win a few games for them, much the same way that Bubby won for us when Elway went down.

  • Doom92

    Yeah he could fill in for a game but I totally disagree that he would dominate with it. He simply does not have the arm or accuracy for it. Look at all the teams you just mentioned and the QB’s with those teams; what do all those guys have in common? They all have the arm with the rest to pull it off. I like Tebow also but he will never dominate with any offense in the NFL. He should make his way north to make his mark…

  • TheTroglodyte

    LT’s are the second highest paid players in the league bud.

  • Pete Baron

    Well, that’s why I said fill in and not be a full time starter ;) haha… But to go against what I just typed, I think that he would be successful. I mean, in college, he had a better arm/accuracy than anybody in last year’s draft. It was the system, not the player. Given the right system, I think he could capture that magic again. Funny, I hated us picking him, but then grew to think that if he was given the right scheme, he’d be good… I’m kinda mad at myself for allowing that hope to creep in my brain. haha

  • Doom92

    Oh yeah we all know what he did and Florida and he did it well but 90% of the guys he played with and against are not in the NFL. Its like the High-school kid that kicks everyones ass and is then quite average in Collage. It doesn’t always translate, he is one of those. If not for McDumbass Tebow wouldn’t have been a first round pick, maybe a 5th or later… Who knows but it would be interesting to know for a fact where other teams had him on their boards???

  • Pete Baron

    I would pay money to have the “war room” cams come out a few years after drafts just so you could see who was ranked who… Like for real, it should be pay per view tv. I’d easily pay $10-20 to watch a 2 hour special or 4 hour special that ESPN/NFLN puts on that has every team’s war room camera on it so we could actually see who they had and where.

    I think Tebow would have gone in the 2nd round had it not been for Hurricane Josh. And I threw my remote at the wall (broke the remote) when we drafted Tebow. I called my best friend before he moved back to Denver to bitch and yell and scream at him about us taking Tebow (he did the same to me. He was livid as well). I think the most damaging career move that was made with Tebow wasn’t his arm or accuracy, it was where he was picked in the draft. If he’s a 2nd or 3rd round QB, he has way less expectations and pressure to perform, and who knows, maybe he becomes a better QB because of that… Or maybe he’s just a great career backup like a relief pitcher is. It’d be interesting to see how much different it would have been.

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    Having fun, @Big_Pete:disqus and @Doom92:disqus?

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    Top paid Broncos in 2013 (in terms of cap hit):

    Peyton Manning – $20,000,000.

    Elvis Dumervil – $13,623,000

    Champ Bailey – $10,500,000

    Ryan Clady – $9,828,000

    D.J. Williams – $8,082,500

    Von MIller – $5,727,376

    I think Clady, who is tasked with protecting our $96,000,000 QB, is worthy of being mentioned among those top-paid players. Williams, on the other hand, is a different story.

  • Elway4Life

    Good point and true, since he is protecting Peyton, he’s worth a lot or a lot more to us. That is, if he can protect Peyton after his injury. One year gamble to see how things go was the right call then. Let’s just hope he plays like years past!
    P.S. Doom is getting crazy money I see! Drop DJ and give Doom DJ’s 8 million a year instead! Lol.

  • Pete Baron

    haha. yeah we are! haha. Always fun to go back and forth with my boy Doom!

  • Cheyenne Kid

    You are right, he will get the average of the top five contracts of LT’s in the league under the tag.