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Published on 03/07/2013 at Thu Mar 07 13:21.
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(Jim McIsaac/Getty Images North America)

Update:  The IAOFM story that we linked to below has been updated: teams trading for Revis would receive the contract clause that prohibits them from using a franchise tag on Revis.  This obviously would make trading for Revis less profitable and less likely to happen.

The Denver Broncos have made big splashes in every offseason since 2009 — expect that trend to continue this spring.

Currently, the team appears to be jockeying to land All-Star cornerback Darrelle Revis via trade with the New York Jets.  Allow us to connect the dots:

  • The Broncos have already been linked to Revis several times this offseason, and are not afraid to invest a lot of money on defense.
  • After securing left tackle Ryan Clady with their franchise tag, the team still has a nice chunk of 2013 cap space available.
  • But the team is not satisfied with the space available, and is likely to cut D.J. Williams, freeing up another $6 million.
  • Now, the team wants Elvis Dumervil to take a pay cut and is threatening to cut him and bring in Dwight Freeney.
  • If Dumervil, Williams and Joe Mays are cut, the team would have over $20 million in additional cap space.

So, with all of that in mind, it’s not hard to imagine Denver making an offer for Revis.  As‘s Ted Bartlett has pointed out, the Broncos could secure Revis for $6 million in 2013 and use their franchise tag on him the following offseason (his no-franchise tag deal with the Jets would not transfer in a trade).

The Broncos could cut (or possibly trade) Dumervil and clear up $12 million, sign Revis for $6 million this year and still go after Freeney with the additional $6 million left over from Dumervil’s contract.  That sounds like an ideal situation, and it may be just what John Elway is planning.

Would you like to see Revis line up across from Champ Bailey in Denver’s secondary?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Doom92

    You are correct sir… The ole sit it out for a year is a no go…

  • Doom92

    Instead of continuing waaay down there I thought I’d toss this thought out up here…

    I think the Broncos could have perhaps shown a bit more class in this and talked to him about all of this in private, rather getting it “out there” that they want him to take a cut. That allows the player to have a press conference and say “Hey what matters to me is winning, blah blah , stroke, stroke”. But this calls a guy out and no one responds well to being called out.

    I really do not know how this all came out but even watching the “network” it seems to have been tossed “out there” and that simply shows zero class on the part of the team. This is how the Jets handle there Biz…

  • Pete Baron

    Ugh… Doom, you’ll appreciate this….
    My wife came home and what’s the first thing out of her mouth? “What the fuck is this bullshit I’m hearing about us getting rid of Dumervil??? We need to keep him!!!”…. you win my man, you win! BTW, wife is size 6-8, blonde, 36D, you know, hot. haha So yeah, you win Doom… you must have gotten to her subliminally. lol

  • Pete Baron

    Honestly, I think the reason why it’s gone down like this is because EVERYONE (but you) knows that Doom has underperformed compared to his contract, so media types started asking about him, and in order to stay as transparent as is possible in today’s NFL, the Broncos had to say something. Again, if Doom was making $8 million per year, there wouldn’t be a freaking peep out of anybody.

  • Draper

    Jesus, I thought the Dumervil cap hit was $3.8-million, nor $4.8-million.

  • Draper

    Couldn’t have said it better myself (two days ago) =)

  • Draper

    It’s like Albert Breer originally reported, Dumervil hadn’t been spoke to about anything related to his contract a day after all ofthe rumors began.

    The Denver Broncos unofficial PR channel (the Denver Post) and the reporters do well at getting things out quick and inspired. Whether it be on their own site or via national channels with appearances on NFLN, ESPN and the radio shows.

  • Draper

    You can call the request for Dumervil a pay cut or a restructure. They’re both the same thing.

    Think of it like this, the Broncos will offer more guaranteed money in order for Dumervil to take less money this year in his contract. It is a win-win, if Dumervil disagrees, well, he isn’t being a team player and has no interest in allowing Denver to sign more players to improve their team.

    That being said, no one is asking Peyton Manning to restructure… At least not yet and he probably would.

  • Pete Baron

    Not necessarily. A re-structure means that there will never be any less many that what is currently in the contract. Whether there are added years or added terms, there will never be any less money.

    A redo is that there will be less money.

    Think of it this way… The Broncos say “Doom, we love you, but you aren’t playing up to a $12-14mil per year level, we’ll redo your contract so that you have the 3 years remaining at $8 mil per year for a total of $24 million instead of $34 million”…

    A restructure could be something like “Doom, we love you, but you aren’t playing up to a $12-14 mil per year level, so we’ll restructure your contract and guarantee the remaining $34 million of your contract, and spread that out over the next 5-6 years, plus give you an extra few million per year, that way you are only in the $8+ million per year range. But again, you’ll still get your full $34 million left owed GUARANTEED”

  • Draper

    Under both of your scenarios is not a contract being restructred? Sure there is a positive restructure and a negative restructure, one would be a pay increase and one would be a pay decrease, you can spin it either way.

  • Pete Baron

    I completely agree, and I think I edited it literally as you were replying. lol

  • pete h

    Would much rather have SJax and a good mlb. Our corners did a good job last yr. Keep Doom

  • MeOMy

    At first I was all for trading or cutting Doom loose, until I saw his contract figures after this year. He is only due 9-10 million for the rest of the years. Still a little high, but not that over priced. I’m more for restructuring his contract and adding a year or two. He has no cap hit after this year, which I think means there is no guarenteed money after this year. should be an easy contract to restructure. I do think Freeney would be better on 3rd downs but I would rather see the money spent on a very good safety. Keep Doom for the long term. Freeney is too old for anything but third downs and doesn’t have much time left.

  • Pete Baron

    You just made the most compelling argument so far for why we should keep Doom.

  • MeOMy

    I would love to see Goldson as a Bronco. Unfortunately, I think the Broncos would have to over pay to get him. Some crappy team like Buffalo will over pay for him!

  • Rich

    Hopefully Dummerville stays but if it works out that he is gone Revis in the secondary would be awesome. Big Champ fan here but his last game was terrible so the jury is still out for champ. Maybe as a safety and not left alone. Maybe he had a bad game but the timing of that was terrible; home field to the superbowl with number 1 seed then have a bad game!