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Published on 02/16/2013 at Sat Feb 16 10:45.
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On Friday, the Indianapolis Colts announced that free agents Dwight Freeney and Austin Collie will not be re-signed this offseason.  Because both players have connections to Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, speculation as to where the two players would land started with Denver.

Yesterday, Big Pete touched on the subject of going after Freeney, and has also brought up the possibilities of other big-name players including safety Charles Woodson and cornerback Darrelle Revis.  Another name that has been tossed around is veteran free agent Ed Reed.

All of those players have a few things in common: they are experienced defensive veterans that want to go out on top with a contender to finish their respective careers.  But how about the offensive side of the ball?

In 2014, wide receiver Eric Decker will be a free agent and one year later, Demaryius Thomas will be seeking big money.  The 36-year-old Brandon Stokley is currently a free agent and behind him, the Broncos’ receiving corps lacks talent beyond Decker and Thomas (click their names for video highlights from last season).

Will Collie, now a free agent, come into play?

Collie was drafted by the Colts in the fourth round out of Brigham Young College in 2009 and went on to play with Manning for two seasons.  From 2009-10, Collie caught 118 catches for 1,325 yards and 15 touchdowns in 25 games with Peyton, proving that Manning can quickly turn mid-round selections into notable starters.

In Denver, Collie could become the team’s third receiver behind Thomas and Decker, giving Manning another reliable receiver that he has experience with. Last offseason, Manning asked for Stokley, and he got him.

If Manning wants Collie in Denver, he’ll probably end up a Bronco.

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    It should also be noted that Collie has suffered three concussions and ruptured a patellar tendon in his right knee mid-way through last season.

    But the talent is there.

  • Pete Baron

    Its those exact reasons why I think I’d sign him to a minimum contract and guarantee him nothing but a shot in training camp.

    I’m not sure the position for a guy who can’t heal from concussions and has a bum knee is that of the slot receiver though. I like him if healthy, but man, we don’t know if he can run, let alone take a nasty hit in the playoffs and hold onto the ball.

  • Bryan

    Exactly. When he is healthy, he’s a really nice WR. But with that injury history at his age (27 or 28), it’s just not a wise decision to guarantee him anything but a chance.

    The same goes for the rest of the vets we’ve all talked about (Reed, Freeny, and Woodson), we don’t need them. Elway said in his end of the year presser that he’s wanting to see what our 2nd and 3rd year players are capable of. Except for a couple of positions, this team is very young. I’d prefer to see what we have. Build through the draft, use FA for ‘put us over the top’ pieces.

    And as Jon mentioned in the main post, Decker and DT will be need to be resigned next season. Letting those two walk is not an option.

  • eljbow

    We’ve done really well building through the draft the last few years, I’d rather keep doing that as opposed to trying to build through free agency.

  • Doom92

    We simply don’t need this guy… So I hope its a no-go…

  • Pete Baron

    I’d agree with you except for 1 thing… If there is a player that you think can beat out somebody on your roster, you owe it to your team to at least kick the tires… assuming no character issues (which there aren’t any with collie).

    That’s why I’d kick the tires and sign him to a minimum contract with no guarantees. Assure him nothing but a chance to compete in training camp. If it works out and he beats somebody out, then perfect, our team is all the better (given his chemistry with Manning). If he doesn’t, it literally costs the team a few grand a week for training camp pay. No harm, no foul.

  • joe1avs

    I would love to have Collie if he wasn’t one hit away from permanent brain damage. didn’t this guy suffer 3 concussions in one season? I think he’s played in 3 games since 2010. Has he even been medically cleared to play?

  • joe1avs

    There is no doubt he’d make the team. Problem is he’d only be good for a couple games. One hit to the head and he’s done.

  • TD30ismvp

    I would love to have Woodson at Safety, he has better wheels than Lynch or Dawkins when they got here and our coaches could scheme towards his talents at blitzing.

  • MR. Mister Rogers

    Why has nobody mentioned B.Stokley? That guy had a tremendously productive year! With 45 catches (career 3rd best), and 5 crucially timed TD’s (which is career 2nd best).

    If you want to talk about a receiver that Peyton has chemistry with, there is nobody that will top the trust and chemistry that he has with Stokley, guaranteed!

    Finally, lets mention that he has been in the league for 14 years, and brings a tremendous amount of Leadership to not only the Locker Room, but also to the young receiving corps, which needs that Leadership! Also you are talking about getting this veteran Leadership, and great productivity for a veteran league minimum of just over $900k. That makes this a no brainer!!! Stokley period!