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Published on 02/16/2013 at Sat Feb 16 09:49.
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The Green Bay Packers released Strong Safety Charles Woodson yesterday to free up the $10 million he was owed in 2013. As we all know, Charles Woodson won the Heisman Trophy in 1997 (edging out Peyton Manning) after leading Michigan to the National Championship. He was drafted by the Raiders, before moving on to the Packers.

Woodson was an All-Pro cornerback and is probably destined for Canton. Like our very own Champ Bailey is rumored to consider when the time is right (in the next handful of years), Woodson moved from Cornerback to Safety once his lost step became two lost steps.

Woodson’s position is of vital importance. He currently plays the Strong Safety position, which is occupied by Mike Adams. This is important because Rahim Moore plays the Free Safety position. This would give the Broncos the Safety tandem of Rahim “the dream killer” Moore and Charles Woodson. They would join Champ Bailey and Chris Harris in our starting back field.

A starting back field of Chris Harris, Rahim Moore, Charles Woodson, and Champ Bailey would without a doubt be the best backfield in the NFL… Bar None! This move makes sense for more reasons than an obvious upgrade at the Safety position. Let me explain.

Realistically, Champ Bailey has only 2 more years as a starting cornerback. While some might argue that he’s already washed up, I think that 2 plays doesn’t end a career. Let us not forget that Bailey shut out Torrey Smith in the 2nd half of our playoff game, so it isn’t as if Champ is washed up. The reason why Bailey’s time frame is so vitally important is because Woodson plays the position that Champ would slide over to if he wanted to prolong his career by switching to safety. Woodson is 36 years old and wants to play for a contender as he probably only has 2 years left in his tank.

The transition from Charles Woodson being our safety to Champ Bailey being our safety would be seamless. We would have a HOF player in Woodson for 1-2 years as Safety, and then have a HOF player in Bailey replace him in 1-2 years. The sheer timing of it all makes this a virtual no brainer. After all, does anybody think that Mike Adams will send Champ Bailey into retirement because he wouldn’t give up his Safety position when the times comes for Champ to move to safety? I didn’t think so either!

Additionally, Rahim Moore made a bad play, but he grew exponentially from last year to this year, and there is no reason why he can’t continue that growth. He could very well be our very own Ed Reed, and, he isn’t set to retire in 1 or 2 years! Besides, in today’s NFL, Woodson is a better safety than Reed because of the space he occupies in the passing game. While Reed is a more punishing hitter, Woodson is a better coverage defender. You basically pick your poison with them. Do you want the thunderous hits from Reed, or the interceptions and coverage from Woodson?

The Broncos are poised to have Super Bowl runs for the next 3+ years, which fits perfectly into the Woodson and Bailey timelines. Harris, Carter, Boldin, and Moore are very young players that could benefit from Bailey and Woodson’s tutelage. Not only would this move set the Broncos up for their 3+ year Super Bowl runs, but it would also set up their replacements for an extended run into the future.

What do you think BroncoTalk faithful? Should the Broncos go after Charles Woodson, or should they pass? Should they go after Ed Reed instead? Or should they just stand pat and let the draft and free agency play out? Lets get the discussion going in the comments below!

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    Not apposed to going after either Woodson or Reed. That would be great and I think it’s more realistic that players like that could land in Denver now that… well, you know.

  • Pete Baron

    holy crap, I forgot meta tags… FML. haha

  • Pete Baron

    Yeah. It’s a slow recovery process for me. I didn’t think our loss would hit me as hard as it did. Man, I must care more for the Broncos as I age instead of care less. I’m gonna have to throw away my computer once I hit 60, lest I make everyone who reads my comments go on suicide watch. lol

  • Kyle Obergfell

    I would like to see Rahim get another chance.. but anyone who talks about himself in the 3rd person.. let alone who calls himself “the dream”… is inviting haters.. not to mention.. someone who arguably ended our dream. I want him to see him get another chance.. but son.. eat that humble pie.. stfu and show it on the field from now on.

  • Pete Baron

    I think he had a big ‘ol bite of said pie after that game. I think he grows up from that play.

  • Pete Baron

    I should also mention that Woodson is very much use to playing in snow/bad weather because he’d come straight from Green Bay. We can use as many players that aren’t affected by weather as we can get.

  • TheTroglodyte


  • Bryan

    I think Mike Adams should be replaced, but we do have Quinton Carter coming back this season, hopefully. I think between him and Rahim Moore, the FS/SS positions will be fine. I really liked what Carter did as a rookie compared to Moore’s rookie year. Both are very promising 3rd year players.

    If it were up to me, I’d like to see a CB drafted this year as Champ’s eventual replacement. The clock is ticking. Now would be a great time to bring one in that can be what Champ has been for us year after year, and still have the 1-2 years Champ has left to teach the kid something. I think that there are other positions that need to be addressed first. MLB, CB, and OL namely.

  • Jim_Jebow

    I think the Broncos should bring in Woodson only if they can get him for less the $3 million a year. I

  • Cheyenne Kid

    Woodson at 90% is better than any safety at100% yet. I live where I’ve seen Green Bay games a lot and he is still a great safety. And that deep pass that beat us would probably been knocked down or picked by him. He would be a great example for Rahim to model himself after!

  • Cheyenne Kid

    That said,we would have to get him for the right price so as to minimize the cap impact!

  • Doom92

    I’ll tell ya… I think Mike Adams put together a damn nice season and he made me a fan. However, if we can land Woodson with out selling half the farm I’d be all over it. As I said I like Mike – He isn’t Woodson however!!!

    As we know, I was and would be cool with Reed also, but I’d take Woodson way before even Eddy…

  • Michael Gibbons

    Why no love for reeds coverage skills? Woodson over the past 3 years has 10 picks and 35 pass defended while reed has 15 picks and 40 pass defended while reed has only missed 6 games to woodsons 10. Woodson has way more tackles and forced fumbles then reed though. So you would think from the numbers it’s the other ways around in hits vs coverage. Ed reed IMO has always been asked to be a ball hawking safety his whole career and has never been a lethal force over the middle. He has been paired with pollard who is a brutal coverage safety but for the past few so he has been the free safety. Not saying numbers say everything but it just appears reed looks more like a natural at coverage then Woodson who is still In reality only 7 games into his safety switch.

  • Sage Rodriguez

    Isn’t Charles Woodson that guy who’s always hurt 50 % of the season?