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Published on 01/02/2013 at Wed Jan 02 04:29.
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Update: The Bills asked—and were granted permission—to interview McCoy but have yet to finalize anything. As of early Wednesday morning, only the Bears, Cardinals, and Eagles have scheduled interviews with McCoy for this weekend.

After earning a first round bye in the playoffs, the Broncos will have a short break this week.  Well, everyone except for Mike McCoy.

McCoy, Denver’s offensive coordinator, will be doing more than just planning for the team’s divisional playoff game.  Per reports, the Bears, Cardinals, Bills, and Eagles would all like to interview McCoy this weekend, hoping to fill their vacant head coaching positions.

All four of the teams will come to Denver to interview McCoy, showing serious consideration. The Eagles were the latest team to throw their name into the mix late Tuesday evening.

If McCoy does land a promotion elsewhere in the NFL, the Broncos will have to go offensive coordinator hunting.  There are several potential replacements for McCoy, with a promotion from within the most likely scenario.

  • Burr

    Come to the Bears Mike! We sure as h*ll can use ya!

  • Jeffrey Koch

    Flicking poachers at least wait until we win the super bowl

  • Pete Baron

    McCoy should be leery about going to a team with a coach killing QB (Chicago)…
    Either way, good luck McCoy. I’d like him to stay, but if he doesn’t, I’m perfectly comfortable with either Adam Gase moving up, or Tom Moore coming in. It truly is a win/win/win for the Broncos.