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Published on 01/01/2013 at Tue Jan 01 11:36.
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We found out on Monday that Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy had scheduled interviews with the Chicago Bears and Arizona Cardinals regarding their vacant head coaching positions.  Per reports, McCoy will talk with Chicago and Arizona in Denver sometime this week.

On Tuesday, the Buffalo Bills threw their name into the McCoy sweepstakes. The Bills are the third team to inquire of McCoy and they may not be the last—there are currently seven head coaching openings across the NFL.

It’s not surprising to see McCoy draw so much interest; the Broncos offense has been very successful under him in recent years.  With so much interest, it appears likely that McCoy will be able to find a situation he likes, which could mean the Broncos will be hunting for a new offensive coordinator this offseason.

  • areferee

    An observation, in passing… for what it’s worth:

    Navigators and gunners on military aircraft, regardless of their consummate skills, were often times the ones least qualified to fly the plane.

    NFL owners are like poor military strategists, often times handing the controls over to unqualified or inexperienced airmen.

    Just because a coach is a great OC or DC, does not mean they are necessarily qualified to run the entire team. Josh McDaniels has proven himself to be a very good OC. Wade Phillips and Jack Del Rio are great DC’s.

    Need I go on?

    One of the reasons there is so much turnover in the league is that owners equate success as position coaches or coordinators as equal to the ability to be organizational leaders or total team strategists. It just isn’t so! That is why great head coaches are rare.

    Equally rare are former football stars that become successful NFL executives.

    Pat Bowlen has (finally) beaten the odds on BOTH.

  • Doom92

    Dude this is exactly what I said in the “Broncos, Bears could swap McCoy for Smith” thread yesterday.

    I absolutely couldn’t agree more… It is 100% why McCoy should stay right here where he should be! Perhaps he should call ole Joshy boy up and talk to him before he makes the same mistake!

  • Doom92

    This will be Lovies gig to turn down first!