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Published on 12/31/2012 at Mon Dec 31 13:30.
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We found out earlier today that the Chicago Bears will interview Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy to be their next head coach. ESPN’s Adam Schefter is now reporting that the Arizona Cardinals are also interested.

Our top candidate to replace McCoy would be Tom Moore, quarterback Peyton Manning‘s former offensive coordinator.  If defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio lands another head coaching gig, Lovie Smith would be a nice fit in Denver.

Another option for replacing McCoy would be promoting from within. Peyton is a big fan of Broncos’ quarterback coach Adam Gase (as was pointed out by Joey Baldwin in the comments) and Denver’s running back coach, Eric Studesville, has served as a interim head coach for the Broncos in the past.

Of course, all of this is based off the assumption that McCoy will leave Denver. That may not happen, as CBS Sports’ Andrew Mason says McCoy “will be choosy,” and there is no guarantee that he will leave this offseason.

The Broncos have a bye week so McCoy will have time for interviews.  As of 1:30 p.m. MT, there have been no reports of teams asking to interview JDR, but that doesn’t mean the brilliant defensive mind won’t be courted sometime soon.

  • Brandon Kirk

    The Bears are about to follow the path of the 2008 Broncos. In an attempt to force Cutler to realize his “full potential,” they’ll hire a young offense mind who will be bullied by Cutler until he is fired. Meanwhile, their defense will rank in the bottom categories on defense after their whole defense either retires or breaks a hip.

    Hopefully that’s not McCoy.

    JDR would be a great choice for Chicago but they’re blinded by Cutler

  • MrEast

    Norv Turner will need a job.

  • Doom92

    NOT here he doesn’t… ;-)

  • Doom92

    Lovie is not looking for a Coord spot and JDR will not be heavily pursued for a HC spot. He is a brilliant DC but sucked as a HC. I think Jack will stay but I think the lure of being a HC will be too much for Mike to stay. Just my .02 worth.

  • Jon

    I don’t want him running our offense. I’d take him as a RB coach, but I doubt he’d go for that.

  • Leo Maes

    I am calling it right now and last night I don’t believe I would have thought this and can’t imagine why he would leave but Kyle Shanahan.. if the Bears wait long enough will snag him.

  • MrEast

    He proved to be a good OC. Many did not want Del Rio last year for the same reasons.

  • Jon

    You know what, he has always gotten good offensive production. Would he go for being an OC though?