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Published on 06/12/2012 at Tue Jun 12 12:29.
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(AP Photo/Ed Andrieski)

Broncos’ oft-injured third year wide receiver Demaryius Thomas may have scarcely avoided disaster during Denver’s first minicamp session of the offseason on Tuesday.  During practice, a ball deflected off of Thomas’ hand and caused the receiver to head towards the sideline while favoring one of his fingers.

Fortunately, Thomas returned to practice after being checked out by Denver’s trainer.  Thomas went on to catch a few more passes but favored his left arm on a blocking play.

Due to team rules, media members reporting life from practice are not allowed to speculate on injuries and their severity until coach John Fox comments on the injury after practice.  As I wasn’t at practice today, I can speculate.

The best-case scenario would be that Thomas merely suffered a minor jam or stinger — some medical tape would get him back on the field quickly, if that was the case.  The worst-case scenario would be if Thomas re-injured the same finger he had surgery on in April to have a pin removed after fracturing it last September.

Hopefully this is something minor that won’t affect Thomas like his previous foot, ankle and Achilles tendon injuries have in the past.  Coupled with the fact that he is facing a sexual assault lawsuit, Thomas has had a rough past few days.

We’ll have more on Thomas and his possible injury after practice when Fox addresses the media.  Hope for the best-case scenario. 

  • Jon

    I feel for the guy. He seems to have the worst luck.

    When healthy, he’s been great. Sadly, this image just about sums up his career thus far:

  • Tim Lynch

    NO WAY?!?! Sorry….I couldn’t help my all-caps sarcasm.