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Published on 04/12/2012 at Thu Apr 12 12:30.
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Thomas seen during a January practice. (AP Photo/Ed Andrieski)

There is a reason why third-year wide receiver Demaryius Thomas hasn’t been running routes with fellow receiver Eric Decker for quarterback Peyton Manning in Denver — he recently had surgery on his pinky finger (which he fractured last September) to remove a pin, according to CBS4‘s Vic Lombardi and Thomas, himself.

It is not yet known what Thomas’ timetable is to return and it is not known if he will be at the team’s voluntary offseason workouts which begin on Monday.  It’s discouraging that Thomas is missing possible reps with Manning, especially because Thomas has a history of being nicked up.

When healthy, Thomas has caught touchdown passes over New York’s Darrell Revis and at times, has looked like a Pro Bowler.  Unfortunately, Thomas has had trouble staying healthy for long periods of time. 

  • In 2010, Thomas missed six games during his rookie season while batting broken foot and sprained ankle injuries.
  • Last February, tore his Achilles tendon and missed five games to start 2011 season.  Later in the year, he fractured his finger.

“It was just the freak accidents that were just happening,’’ said Thomas in February. “I knew once I got back on the field and got healthy, I can make some plays and help my team.’’

And make plays he does, catching 54 passes for 834 yards and 6 touchdowns in 22 games since his rookie season.  Against the Steelers in the 2012 AFC Wild Card round, Thomas caught four passes for 204 yards and a touchdown.

Thomas’ fractured pinky is not a new injury and having surgery to remove a pin is not a cause for alarm or a setback, just part of his recovery.  What’s alarming is the fact that Thomas has missed valuable time to develop an early connection with Manning.

Hopefully Thomas will be able to catch passes again soon and not miss any practices in May, when the team will begin OTA’s.  If he can stay healthy, Thomas has the potential to post Marvin Harrison-like numbers this season.

Hopefully Thomas recovers from his operation quickly and can start running routes for Manning soon.

  • Vincemarine

    His butt better be there getting mental reps. Nothing is stopping him from doing that. He can still learn.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing you can learn on the field that can’t be learned on Madden bro! :p

  • Jon

    You can’t play Madden with stitches in your finger…

  • Doug England

    There is still plenty of time for Peyton and Thomas to develop a repoire.

    Reggie Wayne never attended anything but the absolute mandantory pre-season Colts workouts.  (He was always working his butt off down in Miami with the rest of the U players.)

    Thomas and Manning will be fine.

  • Anonymous

    haha it’s just his pinky finger. That one doesn’t need to push no button or nothing

  • Allan

    That is exactly right. To run a no huddle takes a lot of preparation and reps. He doesn’t have to catch the ball to run the reps. He needs to quit running his mouth and go prove himself as a first round pick!