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Published on 06/11/2012 at Mon Jun 11 12:31.
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Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas is shown at the courthouse in Castle Rock on Feb. 29, 2012.  (Image courtesy of Ed Andrieski/The Associated Press)

The woman who accused former Denver Broncos cornerback Perrish Cox of sexual assault has filed a lawsuit seeking unspecified damages against Cox and current Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas, according to The Associated Press.  Cox was acquitted of all charges in March, and has since signed with the San Francisco 49ers.

Thomas is entering his third season with the Broncos and is undoubtedly regretting hanging out with the crowd he did in September of 2010, when the women was allegedly drugged at a nightclub and taken back to Cox’s apartment, with former Broncos cornerback Cassius Vaughn and Thomas both present.  The woman later became pregnant and accused Cox of sexual assault, but charges were acquitted.

The women, who filed a lawsuit anonymously as “Jane Doe,” will prosecute the allegations in court, with the help of her lawyer, Craig Silverman.

“On behalf of our client, the victim, we will prosecute and prove these charges in a court of law,” Silverman said in an email sent to The Associated Press.

Cox’s criminal attorney, Harvey Steinberg, has not yet commented on the matter and it is unknown if Thomas has retained a lawyer.  Civil lawsuits have a lower threshold of proof, as opposed to a “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard in criminal proceedings, so Cox and Thomas may have to pay the plaintiff a handsome amount of money, but neither will go to jail.

The Broncos haven’t commented on the situation but they’re not pleased by the poor publicity both the team and Thomas will receive from the situation.  Young players like Thomas need to stay away from situations like these.  Even being affiliated with the wrong crowd can prove to be damaging.

  • Paradisimo

    Odd that she’s suing Thomas now when she had already admitted that anything between the two of them would have been consensual. The fact that she’s including Thomas makes it seem like more of a cash grab.

  • Mokptt

    I agree, I can’t find any that Thomas did wrong. Remind me when I become a millionaire to not drink lemon drops with any shady people

  • jdkchem

    Is it too late to be the bearer of Tebow’s love child?

  • Monty

    Dude’s a virgin, of course not.

  • Jon

    On a completely unrelated note, I don’t like how you can’t see who ‘Liked’ respective comments.