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Published on 05/06/2010 at Thu May 06 21:09.
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Maurice Williams looks to block during a 2009 game against the Arizona Cardinals. (AP Photo/Phil Coale)

Maurice Williams looks to block during a 2009 game against the Arizona Cardinals. (AP Photo/Phil Coale)

With the looming absence of Ryan Clady, the Denver Broncos today signed veteran free agent offensive tackle Maurice Williams who is a tenth-year veteran. Williams spent his previous nine seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars where he made one hundred career starts.

To make room for Williams (and possibly another signing) Denver released rookie safety Marcellus Bowman and rookie guard Michael Shumard whom the Broncos had added just after the draft.

I’d say look for Ryan Harris to push over to left tackle and Williams to take over the right side. At least if Clady’s progress slows for whatever reason. Either way this signing shouldn’t stress anyone too much, Harris is an injury concern at right tackle and Williams adds a lot of depth and reassurance. Fans will remember when Harris went down last season what happened (the Broncos record was 7-2 with Harris starting).

Press release after the mouse click. 


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — The Denver Broncos on Thursday signed free-agent offensive lineman Maurice Williams, it was announced. As per club policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Denver also on Thursday announced the release of safety Marcellus Bowman and guard Michael Shumard, whom the club signed as college free agents following the 2010 NFL Draft.

Williams (6-foot-5, 302 pounds) is a 10th-year offensive lineman who spent his first nine NFL seasons with Jacksonville, which selected him in the second round (43rd overall) of the 2001 NFL Draft from the University of Michigan. He has appeared in 105 career regular-season games (100 starts) along with three playoff contests (3 starts).

Williams, whose 100 career starts rank seventh in Jaguars history, has started all 16 games for a season five times in his career. In the regular season, he has started 86 games at right tackle, 12 games at right guard and two contests at left tackle.

The veteran started all 16 games for the Jaguars during four consecutive seasons from 2003-06 as one of 14 players in the NFL to accomplish that feat at either the tackle or guard positions.

An honorable mention All-Big Ten Conference selection as a senior at Michigan, Williams attended Pershing High School in Detroit. He was born on Jan. 26, 1979.

  • Kerry_is_a_cry_baby

    What!?! No kerry comment bashing the move?? What a bummer

  • Kerry_cloned

    Wow here we go again an over the hill, long in the tooth, cast off from another team! whoa lets all jump for joy, this is the second coming of Mark Schlereth. I better go analyze a cup of Kool-aid then spike it.

  • InRodWeTrust

    I just did my best Kerry impression for you below.

  • awesomeaustin


  • Joe Smoe

    LMAO! Well done!

  • Nisse

    this site should be called, 50% of the comments are in some way involving kerry.
    the sad thing is people are bashing kerry about being kerry. they are not commenting on what he is actuely saying.

  • Joe Smoe

    That's because it is one and the same. Nothing but bitching all the time no matter what. It gets old. I've been on this blog for 2 years and have yet to hear ONE positive thing EVER come out of that kids mouth. Either he is the most miserable person in all of Colorado or he really gets his jolly's off slamming the Bronco's which I HIGHLY doubt he actually roots for.

  • kerry

    wow awesome. another bum who has injury histroy. has started 5 games the last 2 years but hey AWESOME signing. i mean i was wondering when we were gonna sign our next old injury prone free agent bum. but yes im sure he will become a ring of famer in no time. right everybody? i mean McD turns dogshit to gold just by looking at it. i mean he must be better then Clady himself because McD signed him.

  • ocbronco

    He is great to have in camp as we will be thin without Clady. He is nothing more than an insurance policy as I highly doubt he even makes the team unless Clady goes on IR. But who knows? The fact is the Jags line sucked last year and he couldn't even start but he should be able to at least outplay Polumbus.

  • kerry

    whoa no article about Ron Fields being arrested? oh thats right we dont do articles here that would in any way paint the Broncos and MCD is a negative light. or is that the MHR?? i cant remember. but yeah McD all new “high character but no talent” football team has a chink in the character armor. im sure somehow Cutler will be blamed for this one.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Kerry that is stupid and you know it. Just because Cutler is a horrible QB doesn't make him an evil doer. Everyone knows Marshall did this.

  • kerry

    oh right. well im SURE Cutler had some kind of hand in all this. Marshall probably masterminded everything. wait ive got it!! ive solved this mystery. see if this sounds right:

    Marshall, Cutler, Hillis, Scheffler and Shanny all got together over some beers and insulin (for Cutler) and devised a genius plan to get a member of the Broncos arrested. here is how the converstaion went im sure:

    Shanny: “we are gonna get back at McD and Bowlen. i know nothing of defense so help me out guys, what defensive player should we set up?”

    Marshall: “if it was a woman i could slap her around a bit, Jay could you answer your phone. it could be the owner of the Bears”

    Cutler: “i dont answer the owners calls. fuck him. someone pass me some more insulin”

    Hillis: “can you believe i got traded to Cleveland?!?!

    Scheffler: “its not as bad as Detroit”

    Shanny: “guys im serious. we need to get revenge. im the mastermind i should have never gotten fired”

    Cutler: “fuck the owner. im Jay Cutler and my arm is better then Elways”

    Marshall: “im telling you ill slap a ho if i need to”

    Hillis: “Cleveland”

    Scheffler: “Detroit”

    Shanny: oh to hell with it, lets plant a gun on him ok everyone?

    im sure thats how it all went down. either way it was all their fault.

  • iskabibble

    Kerry = Snore

  • TheTroglodyte


  • Ian Henson

    This is great work Kerry. Seriously, I smiled.

  • kerry

    thank you man. can i have a job writing for BroncoTalk? lol.

  • vibram five fingers

    I am back too!! I have been out of town, so i just picked up my SJ's today, my white and red 12's too. I am a very happy camper!! And you are definately bakk

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  • vibram fivefingers

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