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Published on 03/09/2010 at Tue Mar 09 15:48.
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Jamal Williams, seen here with the San Diego Chargers in 2005, has signed a three-year deal with the Denver Broncos.  (Photo by K.C. Alfred U-T)

Jamal Williams, seen here with the San Diego Chargers in 2005, has signed a three-year deal with the Denver Broncos. (Photo by K.C. Alfred U-T)

The scales are tipping in the AFC West. Literally.

348-lb. defensive lineman Jamal Williams, who spent the past decade terrorizing the Denver Broncos as the center of the San Diego Chargers‘ 3-4 defensive front, has reversed roles. After a day of lengthy negotiations, the Broncos and Williams came to terms on a three-year deal that will keep the 33-year-old in Denver through 2012.

It is the third free agent signing the Broncos have made involving defensive linemen in their thirties since free agency began. The club added Justin Bannan on Friday and Jarvis Green earlier today.

The move reunites Williams with Broncos line coach Wayne Nunnely, who spent most of Williams’ career in the same capacity in San Diego before joining Josh McDaniels‘ staff last season.

This move is huge — pun intended. The Broncos can’t rely on Williams for 16 games (let alone 48), but with Ronald Fields providing depth and Bannan able to step in at NT in a pinch, Denver did a lot to improve and solidify its defensive front this week. Job well done, McDaniels and company.

  • casey26

    Yes now all i want is for Denver to sign Derek Anderson to replace Kyle Orton. With him throwing to Marshall, Royal and Dez Bryant. We'd be set on both sides of the ball

  • taylor

    Anderson is GARBAGE. no you dont. we're better off with orton as QB than anderson

  • pearlyjams

    not so fast, we could still use some bulldozers for the running game on our o-line. but our d-line is looks like it is going to be beefy this season.

  • kerry

    well anyone is better then Ron Fields. Williams will bring leadership and when he is healthy, can be one of the best NT's in football.

  • Donald

    if marshall stays there will be no need to draft Dez

  • NMBronc

    Denver now has 5 NT's (Bannan, Williams, Fields, Thomas, Baker). I am presuming they move Thomas to DE and will keep 2-3 NT like last year, which makes me think if they draft a NT, then Baker and Fields are officially on the bubble.

  • Dan

    Does this remind anyone of the money we wasted on Sam Adams? Nothing has been solved on our defensive line other than decent back-ups all around.

    Let's stop screwing around with these 2nd tier jokers and get Marshall signed to a fair contract. Then let's take the best player on the board when it is our turn regardless of position.

  • NMBronc

    To your O-Line Point, I do not believe we have a Center.

  • MiamiMike

    I love the signings and think this will help us in a big way. These players all come from teams that have good run defenses. The one thing I still have to ask will we go after a defensive tackle or defensive end or linebacker? I think with the age of these guys we still need a YOUNG TACKLE to learn the ropes behind these guys. Some fans want the impact players in the draft since we signed these guys. I still think A Center or tackle. What are your thoughts. Lets not band-aide the line like Shanny use to. Lets get a young gut to groom for years to come.

  • NMBronc

    Baker is 2nd year NT, Thomas could play NT or DE, and Green was signed earlier today to play DE.

  • ETL

    Yeah except Jamal Williams is actually good…

    Let's definitely sign Marshall back without shipping him around! It makes definite sense!

  • mac

    this is fantastic. I am so pleased with this. I also think that we now use the draft to solidify our o-line. Wee NEEEEED Hadnot back here. SOON.

    check this article i wrote out on bleacher report, its really lengthy, and its a bunch of shit you guys already know, so you all should love it!

  • Louie

    broncos will be the bottom feeders of the nfl next season. McDaniels sucks and so do the donkeys

  • Josh Temple

    I would happily take Anderson as our backup.

  • Josh Temple

    I keep saying this. Why haven't they moved Thomas to DE in the 3-4, I think he can destroy it from the end.

  • CJ

    I think that if seattle offers us there 6th overall pick we have to take it! even though marshall is good but we could use a pick like thAT

  • rct930

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful contribution to this comment string.

  • 12508

    this what im talking about!!! im telling you josh knows what he is doing. now we have some size upfront. keep it on the defensive side of the ball. now get that the 1st round pick for marshall. turn the 2 picks into McClain and taylor mays. if spikes is still around in the 2nd round take him too. defense is going to win us games. marshall is a beast but it just has not worked. with k.c and oakland in our division we should have the number 1 defense. sure up the front seven and we are on the way.

  • T-Money

    We also resigned Matt “shankapotamus” Prater too according to the Denver Post.

  • casey26

    Ok so your saying you wouldnt like to stretch the field with Bryants speed and if a team decides to double Marshall we hit Bryant. Say what you want but if we drafted Bryant our running game would open up alot more with teams not worrying about just the short throws and the run. And Anderson is garbage? hmm i guess his pro bowl year which he had with a receiver who was compared alot to brandon marshall was a fluke. You also gotta remember he played for the browns. Tell me how many pro bowls kyle orton has….

  • Roy88

    I really like all of these signings. It shows that a concerted effort is being made to fix what is wrong. Sure all of our signings are older, but that gives us the opprotunity to draft some young talent without having to throw them straight into the fire. Veteran leadership is something that McD appears to value, and I for one, am glad. Having so many guys who have been around will have a positive influence on all of the knuckheaded youth comming in.

  • sparrowhawk19

    I like the picking up Williams and Green that was awesome, but that O line is still a problem. I dont want the broncos being forced to draft Maurkice Pouncey at number 11.

  • Rob_Bronco

    LMAO! Funniest thing I've read in a long time. Thanks T.

  • BroncoJoe1

    If we get the number 6 pick we could trade that for a later pick in the 1st rd and later picks. Use the other pick in the 1st rd on Pouncey. I don't know just a thought.

  • DenversFinest

    After the moves made today my money is on Iupati….or however you spell….the guard from Idaho….I don't know what it is about Samoans but they kick ass in the NFL. And at 330 lbs hes a fucking monster and exactly what McD needs for a power running scheme. I would be stocked if we got him…I wouldn't mind McClain either.

  • DenversFinest


  • Nathan

    GREAT addition for us. Jamal Williams is a top NT when playing. He played 1 game last year very early before missing the rest of the season. That's a long break for a 33 year old 350lber to nurse some other injuries and get refreshed.

    Before last season's injury Jamal Williams only missed 5 games in 6 seasons. San Diego also has trash depth at NT and forced Williams to play a lot more downs than other NT's in the league his size. I'd have to assume that we'll platoon our NT position with Williams starting, and Fields and Bannan rotating in fairly often.

    If we could get 16(and hopefully more) games out of Williams next year playing even just on 1st and running downs, it'd be a HUGE, HUGE upgrade over what we had last year. People that disagree or aren't excited about the prospects of that are blind or haven't watched his career. If we drafted either 1st round NT prospects Williams would almost positively still be better than them next year.

    And people talking about Pouncey at 11 need to really look at past drafts and how high Centers go. Giving a Center 11 overall money is unheard of, and there's been much better Center prospects in the past than Pouncey(who is very good though). Last year it was somewhat of a shock Mack went as early as he did and he was a much more touted prospect than any center in this draft.

  • Nathan

    A little draft insight in my opinion:

    If we kept Marshall and only had the 11th, I say if we're not in love with McLain, Dan Williams, Terrance Cody, or Joe Haden(all players that make sense not only for us, but also to go 11th) or the one that we are is already off the board, we need to trade down to the low to mid 20's and get Iupati, Jared Odrick, or Terrance Cody still possibly, or maybe my sleeper pick if we traded down, Golden Tate(the ideal field stretcher everyone wants).

    If we trade Marshall for a 1st we'd likely be able to move to the 4th or 5th pick if we packaged both our firsts to move up. That'd probably only happen if McDaniels fell in love with Clausen. I'd see this scenario being more likely if Seattle nabbed Marshall giving us the 6th pick, because if McD didn't think whomever he wanted would fall there, it'd be much easier to move up just a couple picks for insurance.

    If we had Cincy's pick at 21, I'd like to see us stand pat and draft 1 of the guys i mentioned earlier for the 11th, and than at 21 take Iupati or Tate.

    Some other side info that I needed to clear before people keep spreading false rumors of draft prospects:

    Dez Bryant is NOT a speedy, field spreading Desean Jackson-like receiver. He projects to be a good/great possession receiver that is kind of a mix between B-Marsh and Fitz(not saying he'll be near as good as either), two top 5 wideouts who's games aren't built on speed. He has great jumping ability and will be as good of a threat as B-Marsh in the deep game if he reaches his potential.

    Maurkice Pouncey is also not viewed any where NEAR the 11th overall pick outside of the previously mentioned fact that you just don't take a C that high.

  • DenversFinest

    Nathan- Terrance Cody isn't worth an 11, plus our need for a NT have been solved, at least for the next 2-3 years. I believe he is going O line with the first pick. It just makes sense now, but your right I hope we trade up if we go that direction. Seattle's not giving up their 6, unless Jimmy is off the board. If he is I doubt we will want the 6 anyway, McD wants Clausen bad. JC, not Jay Cutler, already knows the O and has all the tools to succeed in this offense.

  • mikebirty

    and the guy who owns the caterers at Dove Valley is now looking into buying a boat and retiring early.

  • Nathan

    Denver's finest, it'll be extremely hard for a team to get B-Marsh on draft day imo, if it's going to happen, it'll happen before the draft or not at all. The way it works is B-Marsh has to sign an offer sheet with them, and then we have 6 days to match it and keep Marshall, or we get their 6th. They could work out a trade that day, but I don't see it.

  • tman24

    Why does everyone think Bannan was brought here to play NT? If anything he only plays NT on passing downs.

  • NMBronc

    Agree about NT. Do not believe we go O-Line with 11, as our tackles are set. We will build o-Line in later rounds. Where did you hear McD wants Clausen…must have missed that.

  • NMBronc

    If we keep Marshall, it may only be for a year….so, I believe we will go after a receiver and I would be happy with Bryant or Tate, although they are very different receivers. ILB, QB & OL are about our only real areas of need and McClain could start immediately. If we get a QB, he won't start this year.

  • Nathan

    tman, cause McD/Xanders implied he would when he was signed, though that was before Williams was signed or even released by SD. Bannan would have likely played a lot of NT if it were just he and Fields. This move allows him to play some end.

  • robtink242

    that match sounds nice but all that does is spell trouble for us in the future. imagine the contract situation between all three of them. Royal still is a quality reciever and great route runner. He should make a decent salary as a number 2 receiver. You know what Marshall is capable of he number one. How bout we draft Rolando McClain, Eric Berry, Brandon Spikes or a solid offensive linemen.

    Then instead of sorry ass Derek Andreson how about we draft Pike in the second or third round who would have better value.

  • robtink242

    totally agreeable. now maybe we can trade Ron Fields for a 6th or 7th rounder for a team lookin for quality depth. Bannan, Williams and Thomas is a solid rotaion

  • CJ

    Im a huge marshall fan, but possibly having the 6th overall pick and 11th is a very exciting thought! If Jimmy Clausen is still available and we have the sixth overall i think mcd's will shock some people and snag him. Clausen came out of Charlie Weis pro style system.. which is crazy similar to the pats cuz he was there old offensive coordinator

    At 11 he has to go with DEFENSE! possibly mclain, or mays i wouldnt be upset with O Line either.

    If marshall is traded i dont think we have to draft a receiver in the first. That Chiefs game when Gaffney had an insane game showed me the broncos can manage without marshall. We could go with a guy like T.O. or Torry Holt or something like that.

  • royruiz

    TradeMarshall pick a QB Levefeour or how ever you spell his name alsopick a good punter that hurt us this season.

  • igloo

    Guaranteed 7 million for a 33 year old nose tackle who has not finished the last three seasons??? Everyone in san diego loves Jamal but what a joke guaranteeing him 7 mil.

  • broncomobe

    I hope they brough Quinn in as a backup. I think he's way ahead of Simms in that area-when Orten went down last year I felt hopeless with Simms under center. What if any plans do the execs have for Brandstater? Was that just another wasted late round pick? I'm still having nightmares about picking Smith in the draft last year when we could have the good USC linebacker that went to the Bengals. I know hindsight is crystal clear, but to me that was a no-brainer.

  • royruiz

    I Like the Move Quinn can be a starter, next Move get a good punter?

  • royruiz

    I Like the Move Quinn can be a starter, next Move get a good punter?