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Published on 09/09/2009 at Wed Sep 09 15:39.
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Brandon Marshall

Hours after news broke that the team signed starting outside linebacker (and 2009 team captain) Mario Haggan to a two-year contract extension, the Denver Broncos are reportedly in talks with wide receiver Brandon Marshall on the very same topic.

Hallelujah? Hallelujah.

Marshall, one of the league’s most productive receivers over the past two seasons, has been unhappy with his contract for some time. The team has been reluctant to sign the fourth-year player after multiple off-field incidents led to a one-game suspension in 2008. Marshall’s hip injury, which required surgery in the offseason, couldn’t have helped, either.

The discord seemed to culminate two weeks ago, when Marshall was videotaped openly rebelling during practice, punting footballs and smacking away passes. The Broncos responded by hitting him with a one-week suspension for conduct detrimental to the team.

Since then, Marshall has apparently cleaned up, even seeking out Broncos legend Rod Smith to help him get in shape both in body and mind. Head Coach Josh McDaniels recently described Marshall’s attitude as “great” since his return to Dove Valley Sunday.

Marshall, who is entering the final year of his rookie contract, is scheduled to become a free agent after the 2009 season. The contract negotiations will reportedly try to bring Marshall’s pay up to par with some of the best wideouts in the game while keeping the 2008 Pro Bowler in Denver for years to come.

That’s something both sides can agree on.

Are you for or against a Brandon Marshall contract extension?

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  • Jeff V.

    Thats the best news I have heard in a while … hope they can get it done.

  • Steeplebomb

    Its good that BMarsh is no longer in open rebellion but a week doesn’t seem like enough time for total redemption. Marshall is a nasty player and I’m glad he’s on our team but I hope we don’t end up regretting this.

  • DHB

    In Rod we trust

  • Nick B

    It seems that the Broncos aren’t the complete (fill in a crappy comment of your choice here) that many of the acid drinking, knuckle dragging types thought. When they win some games (and they will) it might start a whole new enlightened and optimistic movement.

  • alm034

    I wonder if this is a guaranteed money contract or the incentive-laden, punting-clinic-initiating version

  • Broncos19

    Best news I’ve heard all day!

  • Jon Krause

    awesome! Hallelujah! about time

  • http://bresnan postman

    i think it would be stuiped not to up his contract face it when you let a franshise qb go and then you ponder the idea with a good wr i think it is a no brainer give orten is much as he needs

  • (dee)

    Another star has just aligned, my prediction that the Broncos will win the AFC West this year just got a little better.

  • kerry

    so let me recap here, Marshall has been arrested 13 times, been suspended by the NFL last year, goes on a a drunken rant about how much he hates Denver, drove drunk, beat women, gets suspended by the team for acting like a child at practice, yet he deserves a contract extension?? the twisted world we live in. and all of you are happy because we keep a woman beater who is one slap or infraction away from being suspended. um ok.

  • merc22

    Well i will believe this when i see a new contract

  • kerry

    well hey lets give him a contract. he totally deserves it. who cares about the moral good when we can have a criminal women beater on the team. i mean really who gives a shit that he hits women as long as he gets 100 catches and scores some tounchdowns. who gives a rats ass if he drives drunk and acts like a petulant child, just as long as he makes those yards after catch.

  • stav

    I don’t even know how to feel about this anymore. We can all agree that he was underpaid based on his past performance and that the NFL is cut-throat so you have to get your money while you can, but we’re okaying or talking about an extension to a walking/talking piece of human garbage. We maintain a crucial part of the offense at a huge, huge potential risk. I don’t know what to say, can you be disappointed and excited at the same time? Is there a word for that?

  • Steeplebomb

    Come on kerry drop the moralizing. If only all of us could express faux indignation while at the same time enabling Marshall by remaining Broncos fans. No one here is excusing Marshall’s conduct. I wouldn’t trust the guy farther than I could throw him, which is why I would love to see a contract thats really heavy on incentives that keep him straight.

    I find it very, very, very hard to believe that you would have had anything positive to say if we traded Marshall. After reading your comments for six months, I expect you would have said something along the lines of “well we just lost our only two pro bowl players. Hello 0-16.”

  • BLF

    Last time they talked contract extension BM started acting like a 2 yr old. Lets see what happens this time.

  • coskibum

    “stav” I think it’s called “The Marshall Effect”…

  • Waylon

    I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’ve always loved Marshall’s skills on the field, but it’s been hard to cheer for the guy. His temper tantrum on the practice field was the last straw for me, and he’s gonna have to win me back as a fan.

    I actually think this might be a shrewd move by the broncos. Assuming he’s fully healthy (and they should know if he is), then he’s probably at his lowest possible value right now. If they want to keep him on the team, then this is the time to lock him in. If he opens the season with a couple of monster games – entirely possible against cincy and clev – his value probably jumps back up to Top-3-WR-level and he will want Top 3 money. They can probably get him for Top 5-10 money now.

    My only concern is behavioral clauses. It doesn’t sound like they can limit their risk if he gets suspended. Maybe if they backload the deal? Doubt he’d go for that.

  • ryan

    Hey Kerry, I think you are on point pretty often and offer some good balancing comments to all the positive remarks, but let me ask you a question. What is it that you like about the Broncos? Anything? Are there any decisions they have made that you like and approve of? How about any of the players we have right now?

    I know you have strong opinions, are any of them good?

  • Mr.East


    I agree with Kerry.

  • robtink242

    Kerry this is a real life stituaton of being desperate.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    I only wish we would have paid him before the tantrums, it makes Josh look weak that he’s given in twice now. (Too bad Cut wasn’t only in it for the money and stayed after Josh caved)

    One of the few things I’ve liked about Josh is the attempt to run the NE style TEAM attitude down our throats! We all wish for that. We’re all tired of the BS rich athlete attitudes! We’re all tired of the off the field issues. Sadly it doesn’t happen over night and we’re still just like every other team …with our share of all the things we’re all sick of. I won’t say Josh has failed at this but certainly we can all stop talking about his success in this noble endeavor!

    Rookie coach. Rookie mistakes. As much as I want BM on our team, I think if McD was going to take the hard line with BM …he should have stuck with it. …as opposed to giving in to the spoiled brat side of BM after only a few days of any type of behavior change.

    And now a note to all you freaking hypocrites here who’ve damned Marshall in ten different ways! How you all found it SO DAMN EASY to dog our best WR personally and as a player!! You lames who wanted to send him packing in trade for late round picks or worse!!! See now how you fall in lock step together! In reverse! Backpedaling like the punchy bunch of hot air breathers you are!

    How many of you are going to change your tune now?!! If you do, how many will admit it?

    Several of you here have already outted yourselves as two-faced fake fans! You know who you are! I’m laughing my ass off in your sad BAD FAN faces!

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Oh! Ha and now DP’s reporting that the negotiations are on hold… time to flip back!! YaY!

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Oh yeah 92% in favor of the contract extension…

    Three days ago the poll would have been exactly the opposite!!
    Funny huh?

  • Kyle

    I’ve been saying I want the Broncos to sign Marshall to a long-term extension for months. His actions in that one practice were inexcusable though. I’m not blind; I’m going to be critical when just cause is staring me straight in the face.

    I tend to also think this is a bit too soon after his tantrum, but not enough to bother me; I thought the Broncos would/should extend him around Week 4. But I’m not complaining. Get ‘er done.

  • kerry


    yeah sure there are a couple of things i like about the Current team. not many but a couple. such as i like the fact that Dumervil is transitioning to the 3-4 well. although i would like to see him in pass coverage as well. and then Chris Kuper is a great OG who is gonna need to get paid before next free agency. ST’s have looked a bit better coverage wise, but on kick returns……not so much.

    other then that im pretty uninspired. Clady looks horrible when trying to run block, Haggan is a starter, ( i dont even know how that happened) who knows if Moreno’s knee will hold up come sunday because the Bengals WILL target it. Ortons finger…….well its Orton so good finger or bad doesnt really matter. this “Elite secondary” that everyone claims we have looks rather ordinary. actually our secondary is like Bigfoot, people CLAIM to have seen it, but there is no evidence of it. Ayers has been invisible, Smith has gotten torched so many times i thought my TV was gonna burst into flames.

  • Waylon

    Whidbey – thanks for reminding us all of what it means to be a true fan. I’d forgotten that it’s the job of true fans to mercilessly bash ownership and coaches without first seeing how the team looks in a regular season game. Maybe you can tell us where to get our very own mcdaniels voodoo dolls and brown paper bags for the season opener.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    As you’d know if you knew me or had been reading me for more than one off season… This is the FIRST off season I’ve been more negative than positive since I fell in love with the Broncos back in 76. I don’t mercilessly bash the team either. We still have a great O line, great receivers, a great history, another great OC and some of the best fans around. I’m pretty freaking pissed that this offseason has gone so terribly wrong when (in my opinion) we were so going the right direction in a league so competitive as the NFL and I have zero patience BS & foolish people. BTW I have hope still that McD will overcome his mistakes and turn us around… in the mean time, I prefer to make my own Voodoo dolls just in case.

    I wear my gear with pride. No Bags.

    Did you have something to say about football? As much as I’m entertained by your knowledge-free sarcasm, maybe something to the point?

    BTW2 Kyle…
    I hear ya? Better late than never, we need BM. Hopefully McD’s poor handling yet another situation doesn’t sour the players on him any more than they already might be. If a team doesn’t respect their coach, they can’t overcome adversity… I expect we’ve some of that on the horizon.

    Let’s hope for a few early wins. Nothing gets everybody on the same page more than winning!!!

    Go Broncos!!

  • Mav_PM

    So this move wasn’t about bringing on a team player or bringing out the best person that Marshall can be. It’s about winning with the talent we have available. The way to inspire Marshall is with money via a better contract. He’s probably not 100% going the direction we want him to. Hopefully more than 50% at least. I wouldn’t be shocked if he screws up again between now and game 16 and maybe even gets suspended again by the team or even the NFL. But in the meantime we’ll hopefully get some good plays from our big talented receiver and stretch the field to create more opportunities. Maybe it’ll be enough to pull some wins out of those games we’re not so optimistic about this early in the season. It’ll be fun to watch and we shall see how it works out…

  • broncoNM

    Too early for an extension… Lets see him out on the field and see how he looks… Hopefully he realizes that he is one more productive season away from reaching financial bliss… the Broncos should make sure he has all his tantrums out of his system. Marshall’s antics/tantrums have over shadowed his production on the field and humiliated the organization. Its his responsibility to bring the attention back to what he does on the field. I would personally like to see marshall play hard and show he is a team player and he gets his extension later this year. He atleast needs to play enough this year to get his stock higher so the broncos receive some decent trade offers.

  • John M

    He’s a good player but his conduct and his off the field issues makes me wonder? If he cleans up his act and does well and helps the team I can forgive and forget. If he continues the nonsense I say trade him. Hopefully he’ll do well.

  • anthony33

    Let me get this straight. McD, right, wrong or indifferent, makes a mistake with Cutler and does not have enough ‘skill’ to mend the situation and keep a promising pro bowl QB. A similar situation comes about with a pro bowl receiver (under different circumstances) and he seems to be finding a way to work through this one and you’re critical because he is backing down?

    I don’t like Marshall at all off the field, but his trade value is crap right now and it would be stupid to trade him for a song and a dance. The best solution is to get him under contract (with protection built in for the Broncos), let Marshall win with a new contract and see how this all plays out. If Marshall behaves and has a great year then it ups his value elsewhere. They can still trade him during the year or before next years draft if the right offer comes along.

    I am glad to see they are handling this in a manner that will hopefully protect the Broncos, put them in a good postion to keep or trade him when the time is right. Having this ridiclulous impasse is not helping anyone.

    Personally I like to see him gone because I just don’t see him changing, he’s another TO and worse. But we need to go about it the right way. I think this actually minimizes the risk for the Broncos. It will be interesting to see how it all works out.

  • Mr.East

    The agreeing with Kerry has ceased.

    Alphonso Smith has done great this preseason. Robert Ayers is invisible? Oh no! Denver’s rookie outside linebacker hasn’t looked amazing in the time he’s rotated in and out during preseason games!

  • Wombats

    I think that this gives the Bronco’s the best chance to win NOW! He is one of the best WR in the NFL, so he should be paid like one. Plus I picked him way down in my FFB Draft. I’m glad that I got him as my #4 WR. I have the luxury to hold him out and not start him until he can get into mid season form.

    Chief Wombat

  • roshon2411

    This is the best news all offseason. Denver might be taking a chance by paying him now but at least he produces on the field and thats I’ll I care about. We wasted money in the past on guys like Darryl Gardner and such, so if it turns out to be a Pacman Jones situation so be it, but for now he’s eligible to play and when he was practicing and not acting a fool he was the best player on the field for Denver.

    Alphonso Smith has done great this preseason? Maybe great at getting burnt by the likes of other mid-round rookies Johnny Knox and Iglesias. He’s hasn’t been the worst player on the field, but no where near great.

    There best rookies so far have been their day 2 picks.

    1) Moreno – Could be beast but has 4 more snaps than Crabtree
    1) Ayers – Looked lost and slow during preseason
    2) Smith – Not horrible, but hasn’t looked 1st rd worthy.
    2) McBath – seems to be behind Bruton in adjusting to the pros
    4) Bruton – Love his play this preseason, I think eventually play over Hill
    4) Olsen – Stud and steal of the draft for Denver
    5) McKinley – love his production in the Pre-season
    6) Brandstater – bad start but seemed to adjust quickly
    7) Schlueter – cut and didn’t make practice squad

    All and all so far seems to have a Shanny-esque late rd success going with this draft, but success will depend on 2 of the first 3 picks doing well.(Moreno, Ayers, Smith)

  • Terry

    Is it true his agent has turned down an offer this week already? Maybe he is Crabtree in BM clothes.
    Rashon you are a little hard on the draft picks. They are rookies. They need to get used to the speed and power of the game. Stafford is the uno pick he will make his share of mistakes. CB it will take a little longer to adjust, it is like taking on the number one receiver plus in college on every play in the pros.

  • TD30isMVP

    Three basic scenarios here-
    1) His me first attitude and inflated ego won’t allow a contract that is heavy on the conduct clauses and no contract gets done.
    2) He signs a big money contract, has his usual good year and then gets traded while his stock is up and we get some real value.
    3) He signs contract, plays well and we move on.
    Then of course maybe option 4 which we will call the “Kerry Option”-
    4) He signs big money contract, goes out partying to celebrate, beats the crap out of his woman, and gets nailed for a DUI after running from the cops while screaming “I hate Denver!”.

  • herc rock

    Extending him now would be beyond foolish.

    This is how you reward his idiot behavior? By giving him exactly what he wants? WTF? If you’re going to pay him, why do it now? Why not three months ago?

    This is a baffling decision.

  • roshon2411


    I’m not being over-judgemental, I’m was just stating how I think they’ve performed so far and how Alphonso Smith has in no way peformed great.. Of course it’s early and but rookies have stepped up before. TD was starting week 1. Now of course he’s probably the exception and not an example.

    I also wasn’t harsh when talking about Olsen, McKinley, Brandstater, and Bruton.

    Your right CB is defnitely a position that takes awhile to adjust. But that’s why i wasn’t happy with pick to begin with. He wasn’t the one piece missing to get us to the Big Game so we didn’t need him this year. He’s not starting and will be lucky to contribute. Could have had our choice next year of CB’s with two first rd picks.

    Also, forgot to mention Quinn, but we know how thats been so far. Though he did seem to have as many catches in the preseason as he did in college.

  • http://bandit Dan Myers

    As reported, the Broncos offered a nice contract extention, with good makeable incentives, at the start of camp. Brandon and Kennard rejected it and asked for a trade because there was NO guarantee money.
    I know he has been all business this week in practice BUT I voted no because a leopard does not change his spots that fast.
    For millions of dollars, he has to get 6-8 games with nice numbers. And do not give me this ‘but we do not have a QB”, BS. You get open, you get the ball.

  • gobronx

    Damn. Rod is good.

    You think we can conjure up one of those cheesy 80’s flick situations whereby Rod and BMarsh switch bodies? Rod’s attitude and work ethic inside of the Beast’s body… Would be the best receiver in the league for years.

    Stay cool Brandon. I’m willing to forget (not forgive) your past transgressions if you clean it all up for the rest of your career. More importantly, never touch a woman inappropriately for the rest of your life. It’s not a lot to ask…