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Published on 08/28/2009 at Fri Aug 28 08:52.
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Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall has been suspended for, “Conduct detrimental to the team.”

Adam Schefter is reporting via his twitter account that Marshall’s suspension will be for the remainder of the preseason and he may be available for the season opener.

The maximum suspension time allowable under the Collective Bargaining Agreement is four games. Marshall will not be able to appeal through the NFL, however, he would be able to appeal through a third party. As I pointed out in yesterday’s post I believe that Marshall will have a hard time doing this as I have a feeling his lawyer may have ties to the Broncos. (Then again, I could be wrong, I’m not a lawyer).

More details to follow as they become available… Press release and poll after the jump.

FRIDAY, Aug. 28, 2009


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — The Denver Broncos have suspended wide receiver Brandon Marshall for conduct detrimental to the club.


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  • Roy

    Mark- let me get this straight. What you are saying is that McD should have told Marshall to play under his current contract and prove himself all over again. Once He does that he will get a new contract. It seems like I have seen this before in real life somewhere…

  • (dee)

    They will not trade him, make him sit and shutup. This isn’t an issue for the Broncos BMARSH is a WR that has a history of beating up women and dropping passes he isn’t Jerry Rice.

    I will watch the guys that actually want to be on the team and buy into the program on Sunday night… Hopefully its a win.

    BMARSH deserves nothing more than what he has given? And no one really has mentioned what the BRONCOS deserve?

    – A player that honors his contract.
    – A player that plays hard every play (game or practice)
    – A player that doesn’t get arrested before or after games.
    – A player that has an IQ greater than 50.

  • mark

    @Robert – How do I know that conversation never took place. Because only a handful of weeks ago the Denver Post had an article and in it Brandon said that he and McDaniels’ hadn’t spoken yet. Nobody, blog wise or media wise made much of that comment. But I did. How can ANYTHING get fixed without conversation?

    Look I’m not going to take the time to submit all the evidence that I believe shows McDaniels has no people skills. You believe he does. I don’t. Fine. Let’s just hope he is as good as he thinks he is at X’s and O’s and see how the season plays out.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Mark, get’s frustrating arguing with some of these folks, huh?
    Dee, have you forgotten what BM has given us in his SHORT career? We’ve given him #3 WR money… His arrests? Hell I must be a monster cuz his crimes are nothing but a little foolishness to me. (If he’d have hit the bitch he’d still be in jail, ok?!)

    … I should have ended my posts today with my last one wish truly sums it up. True fans & all that jazz…

  • kerry


    is that the best response you can come up with?? about my pessimism? really? dont you have some Kool-aid filled response to come up with instead? i mean at least try to come up with something that i can laugh at. i mean really man, at least try. tell me how this is a good thing, tell me how Orton is gonna shatter ALL the passing records this year and he will do it without Marshall. tell me how wonderful a head coach McDaniels is because he hasnt lost a game yet. (well actually he has lost 2 but because they are losses in the preseason so it doesnt count right? but if they were wins they would totally count right?) tell how great Marshall is and how he is gonna magically gonna turn his life around and play for us at his full potential when his suspension is up. come on tell me something!! i need some comedy today!

  • mark

    “Mark, get’s frustrating arguing with some of these folks, huh?”

    No, I think we are all Bronco fans here. Some people simply side with the coach and some with the player. Which is understandable; both coach and player have done some things to make us disgruntled. I haven’t really chosen a side. I wish all wide-receivers could act like Larry Fitzgerald. But, most don’t. If I thought McDaniels’ had made a good/fair effort to try and keep Cutler and Marshall and resolve the situations, but in the end had no choice then I would be more in his corner. What I have seen is nothing but pride. And guess what comes before the fall?

  • Mac

    If I were McDaniels, I would sit down Marshall after the suspension and explain to him that they need eachother, and how they could work out something like a 2 year 20 million dollar deal with incentive bonuses and some guaranteed money for his wedding. Throw in some behavioral clauses and call it good. JUST GET HIM ON THE FIELD! You appease him a little and Im sure it will be reciprocated.

  • (dee)


    He did hit her, but she was dumber than him. Thats the only difference.

  • (dee)


    He has given us 3 seasons of missing the playoffs. OH MY GOD get him back on the field! We won’t be able to miss the playoffs without him!

  • Seahorse


    BM: McDaniels is irrelivant, if you’re going to blame somebody, blame Xanders. BM won’t be traded, every day he’s not traded, his stock plummets, and every day he acts like a child his paycheck next year(or if we’re spiteful and franchise him, two years) becomes smaller and smaller. I think the broncos are doing the right thing by just biding their time and waiting for BM to self destruct. They have nothing to lose.

  • CJ

    After seeing the Cutler trade i say just trade him for a good solid Nose Tackle or linebacker that accumulates with Mike Nolans Scheme

    Eddie Royal, Jabar Gaffney and Brandon Stokley can get it done and dont forget Chad Jackson. I say forget the draft picks and go with a young proven starter.

  • jbirchbronco

    kerry – Day after day I get on here and see your non-sense b.s. posts. All I’m saying is that it gets very old. I have followed my beloved Bronx on Broncotalk for a very long time and never really say anything. One thing I have noticed is how you’re a frequent poster and how everything you say is downgrading to “OUR” team. You are pissed when we suck with Plummer, B&M (and no I don’t mean Brandon Marshall) day after day when Shanahan was the coach and now you’re doing the same thing now that McD is the coach. I believe you may have even been the head of the “Fire Shanahan” protests. Give it a rest! I’ve decided that even if we’re winning Super Bowls you’ll still find something wrong. Do I agree with everything that’s happened with our team over the last year? Nope, not one bit, but I’m not in control and there’s really nothing I can do about it. I can be a bandwagoner and hop on w/ the hottest team, but won’t do that because unlike you I bleed Orange & Blue and not some Silver & Black like yourself.

  • Gambino

    Mark – I really think you’re missing the picture here. This isn’t about choosing a side…the fact is that he’s under contract to play and not even showing up to practice is one of the biggest cardinal sins you can commit. Iverson is still lambasted for that, and it’s obvious he’s a cancer to any locker room he’s in. The bottom line is that McD is not putting up w/ divas. We’ve had waaay to many questionable character guys here over the years and McD is shipping them out regardless of how “good” they are. THIS team is about character. No more Henrys, Carters, or Gardeners.

    Also I don’t know where you’re getting your info on the “conversation” but DP reported along time ago that McD and Marshall have talked. Please stop “making up stuff” as Sarah Palin would say.

  • Kelly in Carolina

    I think the offense is coming together and the defense looks great. McD has not unleashed his full arsenal of strategies just yet, wait till the first four games when we’re on a roll.

    Then we hit the BIG teams, and everyone thinks we’ll crumble. But great TEAM players will ban together against greater opposition and play up to the other team’s level just by sheer force of will. Let’s say that the TEAM does ban together without fumbling whining Brandon who is in time out all year. Let’s say we go 10-6 and make the playoffs and gel together as that hot December team winning like crazy.

    How do you think Brandon will feel watching from time out when we add a Superbowl trophy to the cabinet, WITHOUT HIM.

    Suddenly he’ll want to be on this team and play, but it will be much too late as we dump him in the Draft for a 5th rounder or less!

    Don’t let the door do violence to your rear on the way out Marshall!

  • Robert

    “Because only a handful of weeks ago the Denver Post had an article and in it Brandon said that he and McDaniels’ hadn’t spoken yet.”

    1. They had spoken since McD took over the team so since when is he referring? Since he snubbed Bowlin in their private 1 on 1? Since his last court date?

    2. You are actually taking the word of someone who lies so much he probably believes his own crap by now?

    Seriously you seem like a pretty intelligent person. You can’t honestly tell me you think a conversation about you play great this year and stop the crap and we will reward you is going to work with a guy who has a history of immaturity, lying, violence and making a fool out of the NFL and Roger Goodell who he convinced this was the last law trouble he will have 3 different times now.

    The guy is going to blow it again and next time he won’t be able to pay the woman he slaps to shut her mouth and write a statement to the NFL saying it didn’t happen. Considering the punishment that is being handed out to players these days, he will be out of the league for at least 1 year and maybe 2 or 3 if it is another battery charge. Women beaters don’t exactly make the NFL look real good.

    Honestly, I don’t care how great of a player he is anyway. Marshall is a bad person that is all there is to it. Bad people are cancerous wherever they go. Hopefully he gets his act together whether it is with the Broncos or another team before he ends up spending serious time behind bars. I could care less if I see him in a Bronco’s uniform again though.

  • Gambino

    McD just said in his press conference that him and Marshall have had numerous conversations…

  • jvill

    Leadership means holding your team accountable. If you don’t, every other member of the team loses respect for you and you’re done as a leader.

    I manage people for a living, and there’s NO WAY I give a new contract to someone who can’t control themselves, let alone acts unprofessionally in public or around clients. Period.

    It’s stunning to me that people look at the championship teams over the past 10 years and still think that talent wins over everything else. The top teams always have some talented players, but they also have some of the best, most disciplined professionals in the league. This is obvious.

    If I’m the coach, Marshall sits until either he shapes up, or I think I can get a good value for him in a trade (which probably doesn’t happen this season).

    Charles de Gaulle: “The cemeteries of the world are full of indispensable men.”

  • mark

    Two points I want to make and then I’m going to lunch:

    1. The sit him and let his stock plumit idea is not lucrative for the Broncose. You want to trade him for value, not nothing.

    2. The sit him and franchise him next year idea is equally bad. The NFL requires that a franchise player be paid at least the average of the top 5 players in the league at his position. So you’re saying don’t give him a contract this year. Piss him off to no end and then give him a big fat contract….

    There’s a big difference when both parties meet and have all their representatives in a room. Not the same thing at all. Neither one of them needs to say a word and most likely didn’t.

  • Seahorse

    Mark: Well, therein lies the problem. IMHO, he doesn’t have adequate trade value or the Broncos would have already dealt him. So the only thing that is lucrative to the broncos, is to have BM on the field competing for a nice paycheck(with another team) next year. He’s not doing that, so the only thing the Broncos can do is suspend him. That’s what I mean by “the broncos have nothing to lose”.

    I totally agree that franchising would never happen, I just thought the option was humorous.

  • bobby

    the thought came to me that what if upset Jay Cutler was to came. Oh he might of knock out a few WR with a fast ball

  • Gambino

    Mark you don’t get it AT ALL(I’m also assuming your Darth Tyger from the DP)!!! Marshall is a RESTRICTED Free Agent next year. If a team wants to sign him away from us they will have to give up a good draft pick to do so. The Broncos are in full control of the situation and the ONLY thing that will change that is another Pro Bowl season from Marshall. I think that he and you are the ONLY people that don’t get that.

  • KMM

    Whatever happened to TEAM loyalty going into the season? What a couple of young rich brats (Cutler, Marshall) throwing temper tantrums and demanding they get their way. Their TEAM is out on the field everyday working to win games as Broncos and they are a distraction. And, remember, Shanahan is still on the payroll, in addition to McDaniels & the TEAM. Remember the TEAM. I liked Shanahan, but the facts don’t lie and Denver expects a strong team to make it to the postseason. McDaniels may go through a culture shock as he tries to bring the east coast tactics west, but I’ll wait and see. Let’s hope they gel and it becomes the BRONCO tactics.

  • anthony33

    No worries. With this dude suspended for a few weeks and no where to go during the day, my guess is there’s a jail just around the corner.

    How anyone can possible fault McD for this mess is beyond belief. I love coaches (Lombardi, Parcells, Madden, Cowher, Caughlin) that have to balls to stand up to these prima donna asses.

  • bblack

    What is up with him�he can�t allow himself to lose control�not now�

  • (dee)

    I have to admit Eddie Royal is just a lot easier to cheer for than Brandon Marshall… I also like this rookie Mckinley?…he had his drops but made a nice TD catch against San Fran

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Beyond belief? There was a reason Bowlen hired the coach before the GM! The coach basically makes the personnel decisions! We’ll see in a couple years if McD has us as hopeful as we already were LAST YEAR when but for a dozen injuries we’d have won one more game and made the play-offs… He M#therflipping better!

  • antonio

    i can understand why everyone is piling on bm, given that he’s acting like a complete moron and all- but is our team really going to be better with a coach who has “the balls to stand up to these prima donna asses”, or, say, a coach who could get them to achieve pro bowl quality production?

    this adoration of authority is completely bizarre to me, given that it pretty clearly is decreasing that talent pool of our players.

    commence with the troll labeling.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    dee, if he’d have hit her she’d be broken! Quit it. Have you never had a bitch get drunk and go crazy on you? It happens. A LOT. Gosh he’s a horrible criminal, keep him away from my children! He’s a damn kid himself! Why automatically assume he’s wrong?
    Quit with the hating.

    I hope they get him playing soon. If not… trade him quick ( I don’t believe they’ve tried yet)

    The pre-season game suspensions are really kind of hot-air anyway, so long as he’s there for game one. The BS in camp really hurts our team when Orton needs ALL THE HELP HE CAN GET

  • robtink242

    why couldnt we avoid all this by paying him after his court case. just a thought. this to is a 2 way error on BM and the Broncos. This proves are front office cant handle shit as well. I hope during the course of this supension both parties come together and leave with a mutual decsion.

  • AtomicLeo

    The team already set a precedent with Cutler. You want out of Denver throw a fit and they will trade you. BMarsh is just following the same road.

    I do blame McD for not addressing this issue sooner, in the off season. You know he wants money and you know there’s a ton of problems with the guy and you don’t want to extend his deal. Fair enough. Then ship his a$$ out of town before training camp and let some other team deal with his contract demands. Now that there is video of this idiot punting balls at practice we’ll be lucky to get a ham sandwich for him.

    There is no happy ending in tis story. So what if he comes back and behaves. He hasn’t worked with Orton in an offense that is complicated. He won’t break 500 yards this year and why should we care if BMarsh doesn’t put up decent stats.


    Yes, Marshall is a restricted FA next year, however we get a first round pick IF the other teams signs him to a >$1.552M year deal, otherwise all we get the right to sign him at the same pay. At this rate BM will be lucky to see such a deal from another team.

  • roshon2411

    The blame is shared with all…Cutler, Marshall, McDaniels, Bowlen, Xanders, they all made their beds. All I know is this team was .500 with Shannahan and that wasn’t good enough. For me, McDaniels has to win 9 games in one of the the next two seasons or he should be looking for another job. And good luck getting any FA’s to come here next year if they win less than 8 games.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    roshon i agree completely!
    It’s going to be a long two years….
    But hell! It takes MORE than two years!!!
    It’s actually pretty unfair to expect too much in only two years! Especially when we need to groom another QB
    Orton will never be more than ‘passable’, if that.

  • hijodeelway

    The Broncos have been cursed ever since my father retired. Brandon was directly involved in the D Will thing, if not the cause. As good as he is, let him go the way of Ashley Lelee.

  • anthony33

    Whidbey and Antonio

    The fact is none of us know how all this (the season) is going to turn out. My belief is Marshall wants the big contract right now and the Broncos are not ready to commit and I don’t blame them. Nothing more, nothing less. Forget coaches, forget personalities, and forget everything. That is all this is about.

    I like the way McD has handled himself and I believe Marshall has made things worse for everyone involved, especially himself.

    I’m not saying McD is perfect, far from it, but I’m not sure what else you would have him do. Again, Marshall wants the big contract right now. Would you seriously give it to him?????

    Fact is Orton is our QB, the most innocent man in this whole mess, and McD is our coach. That’s not going to change anytime soon. As a Bronco fan I want them to be wildly successful. Bashing them into the ground with not one regular season game played is just crazy. They are the one’s out there busting their ass to try and make this thing work.

    One thing for sure, Bronx fans are emotional about this team.

  • BLF

    I will be very disappointed if he is not suspended for the 1st 4 games of the season.
    I will also be very dissappointed if they trade him because…..
    I bielive the Broncos should make sure that they destroy this punks career and not allow him to appear in any NFL game for the disrespect he showed to this great org.
    If the Broncos do that I assure u that BM on his own will waste his life and run into the law and go to j….

  • MikeY55

    haha marshall jesus all the talent in the world and is just being a complete tool! i wonder if arizona would trade boldin and watson for marshall a first and a 3rd. lose a headache and get 2 solid starters 1 pro bowl , 1 potentail pro bowl for the next few years

  • rcsodak

    kerry, just wondering if you have the ability to post without being an ass.
    Rhetorical, really…..
    ….the answer’s obvious.

  • jchase8410

    there are a few people who post on here with double standards. If we agree that Marshall doesn’t deserve a contract extension, and McDaniels isn’t to blame for it, we are called kool aid drinking idiots. However, if we call them on their negativity they feel like they are being attacked. No wonder they can’t understand why Cutler is gone…they have the same mentality of thinking they are better than others, and are apparently infallible.

  • Thomas Jones

    wow from the video he looks like a pissed off high school…grow up!

  • roshon2411


    I don’t think it’s unfair to expect this team to win more than 8 games in one of the next two years. Remember, this team was 8-5 last year before blowing three games. Many people believe Cutler’s to blame for the collapse.(I don’t) I believe the defense was 99% to blame. Many people believe this defense is better.(Again I don’t.) With the schedule as it is, I can understand a dip. But next year no excuses. Xanders, McDaniels, and Bowlen are supposed to do their best to make this team better year end and year out. If Bowlen wasn’t happy being a .500 team the last three years, than I expect this team to be better. He fired Shannahan, he hired McDaniels, and he made Xanders GM. Easily in two years will know if this was the right moves. Remember Shanahan’s worst record was 6-10 and that was the year after Elway retired. So if all these moves have been made to better the team I want to see it on the field. I don’t care if they got rid of the so called prima-donnas on this team. Doesn’t matter if they’re good guys if they don’t produce.