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Published on 09/05/2009 at Sat Sep 05 10:39.
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UPDATE: The Broncos finalized their roster Saturday, although more moves are expected. See your 2009 Denver Broncos 53-man roster here.

After releasing 10 players Friday and placing one on Injured Reserve, the Denver Broncos continue their push toward the final 53-man roster Saturday morning.

The biggest surprise thus far is RB Darius Walker. Walker was the Broncos’ leading rusher in the preseason, and many (including yours truly) felt he had a good shot at making the roster over LaMont Jordan. That wasn’t the case, although it isn’t clear if Jordan will make the team either.

Below is the updated list of released players, which we’ll keep updated throughout the day (full list, including Friday’s cuts, after the jump):


Released Players:
TE Marquez Branson
CB Tony Carter
DE Nic Clemons
DE/OLB Tim Crowder
OG Mitch Erickson
S Vernon Fox
CB D.J. Johnson
ILB Braxton Kelley
DL Everette Pedescleaux
DB Antwain Spann
RB Darius Walker
WR Matthew Willis

(as of 6:30 p.m. Fri)
CB Joshua Bell (Waived/Injured)
(as of 3:30 p.m.)
QB Ingle Martin
CB Rashod Moulton
WR Nate Swift
(as of 2:30 p.m.)
C Kory Lichtensteiger
DT Carlton Powell
LB Lee Robinson
RB Marcus Thomas
OT Clint Oldenburg
DE Matthias Askew
OG Matt McChesney (Injured Reserve)
  • Vince_Marine

    Kyle, I was with you on Darius. I thought for sure he had a shot. I sure hope they don’t keep Jordan over him.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    Darius really…that means Lamont jordan is staying most def

  • robtink242

    Or hopefully Ian Johnson of the Vikings is released so we can drop Jordan as well and pick him up.

  • Candide

    Obviously with McD it’s not how good you run, it’s who you blow. I think this means all the Pats retreads will stay and goodbye to Shanahan bubble players.

  • Roy

    The only thing that I can think of that would give Jordan the edge is his production after the catch. He may also be a more able blocker (he is alot harder to run AROUND).

  • Robert

    Although on one hand dropping Walker to keep Jordan is the first McD move that really ticks me off, it kind of makes sense. Neither Walker nor Jordan figure to see any real playing time behind Moreno, Buckhalter and Hillis so what good would either of them be? At least Jordan knows the system and is a able blocker if he does need to play, is a backup short yardage back and has some veteran leadership.

  • scottey

    WHY?????????????LAMONT JORDAN WILL GIVE US NOTHING THIS YEAR. He couldn’t even make the chiefs this year had he been on that squad. Horrible decision.

  • Candide

    There goes Crowder. Can Moss and DT M. Thomas be far behind?

  • BroncoinVA9986

    Bye bye Tim

  • Kyle

    Updated with Tim Crowder, Tony Carter, Nic Clemons.

    Moss and Thomas have been told they have roster spots.

  • scottey

    Dang, Kinda liked crowder. Must not have the upside of the others. Seemed like a likable kid.

  • shawn

    I am in favor of the Ian Johnson idea. I am from Boise, ID though and am a total homer. Actually Ian is a great team guy and worked hard on his receiving skills and special teams play his Junior year. I am a little jealous of the Vikings for picking him up.

  • MIAbronco

    lamont has like 8 rushes for 20 yards this preseason, he is a joke and a lard of a turd. I’ve seen some turds, and hes by far the turdiest, he is a waste of a roster spot, please god let him be cut

  • Kyle

    WR Matthew Willis cut, added to the list

  • BroncoinVA9986

    shawn how bout we get blount
    lol just kidding…who else is on the bubble??

  • Roy

    We still have 9 left to ax by my count. Is that right?

  • Kyle

    We’re down to 57 now. Plus 1 for BMarsh, plus 1 for Vonnie makes 59. So 4-6 players left depending on those.

  • Mr.East

    This is what the offseason does to us…

    Complaining about who should be the 4th string RB, Darius Walker or Lamont Jordan.

    Man we all need the regular season to come.

  • J

    Booty waved by the Vikes. Should we give him a look???

  • Eric in Vegas

    Raiders cut Garcia. Wow.

  • soxbigdog

    The Bucs cut PK Matt Bryant… he has had injury issues recently in the preseason.. but is an 81% in his career in FG attempts… compared to Matt Prater’s 68%

    Also be looking at whoever New England releases, see if McD goes after anymore of his old pals

  • Joe

    Who here wants Garcia now?

  • Roy

    shawn- you may get your wish, johnson was cut by the Vikings. IMO he would be a hell of an addition. There have been a lot of decent young players cut today, I would not be surprised to see 3 or 4 of them come our way.

  • robtink242

    yeah i rather Johnson doing the returns rather than Smith. thats if we have the sense to get him and cut jordan.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    i can’t believe a guy like walker can play his butt off and not make the team..while jarvis moss can waste his talent and barely perform….bottom line some BS half A$# job is another mans 100%

  • shawn

    Ian Johnson played in a zone blocking scheme in Boise and so he could be effective at least 50% of the time, or how ever often Josh McDaniels runs the ZBS. By my count that would be about 49% more effective than Lamont Jordan.

    BroncoinVA- ha ha, thanks man. I hear blount will be available as an un-drafted free agent. Actually, if McD wants a hard hitting camp he should stick blount on the practice squad and get Byron Hout when he comes available. That would make an interesting off season for me.