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Published on 09/05/2009 at Sat Sep 05 12:07.
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Keep updated with all the latest roster cuts here.

The Denver Broncos‘ 2007 draft class took its first permanent hit Saturday, as the team released second round draft pick DE/OLB Tim Crowder.

Draft classmates Jarvis Moss (DE/OLB, 1st round) and Marcus Thomas (DT, 4th round), also thought to be on the bubble, have been told they have a spot on the 53-man roster, FOX 31’s Josina Anderson reports.

According to reports, the Broncos staff told Moss that if he “played his heart out” during Thursday’s preseason finale, he would have a shot at the roster. Moss’ four-tackle performance against Arizona that included a sack, forced fumble and two passes defensed must have been enough.

In two years, Crowder played in 19 games (one start) and tallied 16 tackles (13 solo) and four sacks.

Keep updated with all the latest roster cuts here.

  • kerry

    they had to tell Moss to play hard to get a spot?? oh boy. that should be a huge red flag there. if a guy has to be TOLD to play hard then he obviously doesnt have the real desire to play football.

  • MIAbronco

    Lamont Jordan sucks, just throwing that out there

  • kerry

    yeah he does suck. badly. he must have a picture of McDaniels doing something to a goat. thats the only way he made this team.

  • robtink242

    lol @ kerry. What do you think about us getting Ian johnson from the Vikings if he was release

  • (dee)


    I was right, my boy will be terrorizing QBs this year.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    jarvis moss needed to be motivated….wow

  • BroncoinVA9986

    can we get some of the cap space we wasted on him back

  • tmoneybagz15

    The 2007 was a weak draft class for the Broncos and Jarvis Moss was at the top of that list. This new 3-4 defensive skeem seem to be more fitting for Jarvis’s physical attributes. The fact that the new regime seem to like Moss is even better news considering we have invested so much in him.

  • kerry


    your boy wont even be a starter this year. and because he terrorized the third string team of the Cardinals doesnt mean he all of a sudden is a good player. he had to be told to play hard. thats ridiculous that an NFL professional has to be told to play hard. he will be terrorizing the sidelines more then the opposing players. Moss is gonna be a situational guy only. and against starters where he has had NO success in 2 years.

  • kerry


    well he was 190 pounds coming out of college, so unless he has put on some weight id say no to him. i think 4 RB’s are all we are gonna keep. Buckhalter, Jordan, Moreno and Hillis. well Hillis is a FB so technically 3 RB’s

  • anthony33

    Most everything here makes sense. Only two surprises to me are keeping Jordan over Walker and the fact that, at least for now, Moss has made the team. Jordan has not done anything whatsoever and Moss, while rich in physical attributes, play like a friggin’ wimp.

    I am sure there will be more cuts and additions by the end of the day.

  • anthony33

    That’s: plays like a friggin’ wimp.

  • J

    Holliday done deal! Roster spot needed

  • robtink242

    yeah Kerry never mind the weight he a powerful runner and has alot of upside. But i see where you are going. I still think we need to drop Jordan.

  • kerry

    yeah Jordan is a bum. but he is a McDaniels guy so he will probably be here this year. QB Brian Brohm was released by the Packers. he maybe worth a look at QB. he was damn good coming out of Louisville.

  • Dave Simon

    Jordan over Walker shock me. Jordan has looked nothing but slow and eager to get tackled.

  • dbroncos

    Man i really liked Crowder, he seemed to play with a lot of passion to me. I would really rather they switch the two.

  • robtink242

    I agree the QB would be nice. that would be a confidence killer to TomB. a liget return man would be great. let’s be real royal is our best return man and Ian Johnson can be available.

  • RafaTheRed

    If Jarvis Moss came out in this years draft the enntire league would be salivating over him!

    The guys a prototypical 3-4 outside linebacker! The guy deserves a chance.