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Published on 04/27/2009 at Mon Apr 27 11:54.
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Ladies and gentlemen, your Denver Broncos 2009 draft class…

1. Knowshon Moreno
Running Back (12)

1. Robert Ayers
Defensive End (18)

2. Alphonso Smith
Cornerback (37)

2. Darcel McBath
Defensive Back (48)

2. Richard Quinn
Tight End (64)

4. David Bruton
Safety (114)

4. Seth Olsen
Guard (132)

5. Kenny McKinley
Wide Receiver (141)

6. Tom Brandstater
Quarterback (174)

7. Blake Schlueter
Center (225)

Kyle’s take: I loved the first two picks. From then on, I would have to say I was very disappointed. I understand the offense had some holes last year as well, but the defense needed to be addressed more, particularly the front seven. And I’m still livid at the trade for Alphonso Smith. I’ll give a grade of C, mostly because the first two picks are so important, and I think we nailed it on them. What are your thoughts? Poll after the jump.

How would you grade the Broncos 2009 draft?

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  • Neal

    The draft is all about value and McD and BX failed miserably in that area. The number one they traded will be worth a LOT more than an early 2nd next year. I guarantee that. Maulaluga was on the board, a freaking steal early 2nd round. Use the next pick for Smith. He would definitely still be there. Two 3rd rounders so you can pick a 4th round TE??? Shannahan isn’t here anymore because he didn’t keep it simple. KISS, keep it simple stupid. Pick the best guy on the board. So what did we net for Jay Cutler?? Jack.

  • 96isgone


    Jesus,,,,,I’ve been holding off on the McDaniels comments, waiting for this draft, expecting to see some things that would make me think he and Xanders are architecting the rebuilding.

    What a f’g donk draft…..

    I love Moreno. He was a very good college back who should be the same in the Pros. But we certainly didn’t need another running back. We need DL and LB help.

    When I look at this draft I’m stunned at how bad they did. Drafted best available with huge holes to fill. That worked in New England, where they were so deep they could afford that, and project. THIS TEAM NEEDS HELP NOW!!!

    They should’ve taken Orakapo with the 12th pick, fine with Ayers, then choosen either Maulauga or the other DT from Boston College. Giving up their first pick next year to move up to take the Corner Alphonso Smith was paying too much for the kid. Getting another TE that can only block, another waste. You can pick one of those up off the waiver wire.

    I give them a D, only because Moreno is so talented and Ayers will probably pan out.

    They appear as big of a clusterfuck now, as they did on the Jay thing.

  • rcsodak

    Good post, OC Bronco!

    The rest?

    Talk about “clusterfuck”…

    I’d say 9/10 of these posts fit that bill.

    Instead of acting like ANY of you know 1/10 of what the FO/HC/GM/Scounts/BOWLEN know, why don’t you call them up and ask them, instead of looking like spoiled little babies and crying about it. Good Lord. You people make me embarrassed to say I’m a Bronco fan.

    People actually who’ve been in their shoes say if you get the players you wanted, WHO CARES WHERE YOU GET THEM!!!!!! The only relative difference is the initial rookie contract.

    Pretty much spot on!

    Just because they are in a different spot on one mock doesn’t mean jack squat! NOBODY knows the worth of a player until AFTER they’ve played!