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Published on 03/14/2013 at Thu Mar 14 15:16.
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The Denver Broncos introduced newly signed wide receiver Wes Welker at the team’s facility in Dove Valley, Colorado on Thursday.

Welker, 31, signed a two-year, $12 million deal with the Broncos on Wednesday.

Team executive John Elway introduced Welker at 3:30 p.m., calling him a “tremendous fit” for Denver’s offense.  Welker went on to say that “winning” was the main factor in choosing the Broncos, noting that he was excited to play with Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas.

“I am definitely looking forward to that one,” Welker said when asked about returning to Foxborough in 2013.  The Patriots are one of eight teams that the Broncos will play on the road next season.

Welker added that quarterback Peyton Manning has reached out to him and they are both looking forward to working with each other.

  • DIY

    no audio on my end.

    nvm now it works :)

  • DIY

    what was that comment about a hat? lol

  • Jon

    He was in Denver with his wife last year and was wearing a Colorado cap in a photograph, which led to a reporter asking if there was a conspiracy that involved Welker wanting to come to Denver since last season, to which Wes responded that there was no connection…

  • Leo Maes

    I hope everybody realizes how good Elway is doing in this position… to stack up the right way and not sign crazy contracts for long periods of time. I think Elway understands okay two year three years is good but then after my draft picks will grow to. We are looking good for the short and long period. Have a feeling that Elway will move up in the draft to get a RB tho, hopefully its worth it. That said Elway has done his part, like they say they can put a good team together on the roster now its up to the players to go out and play.

  • Pete Baron

    I don’t think we have to move up to get a RB. Remember, Lacey isn’t running the 40, so really, how high do you think he’ll go when a team doesn’t even know how fast he is, or if he’s injured and that’s why he isn’t running? Lacey was already expected to go lower part of the 1st round. With these concerns, he’ll probably be there at 28. If not, Just sign Montee Ball in the 2nd and call it good.

    I agree though, and you’re saying what MeOMy, Ref, Trog, Doom, et al are saying, and that’s that Elway is doing a ridiculously amazing job. We trusted him with the franchise as a player and now as an exec. In both cases, he has proven to be the best.

  • Leo Maes

    I don’t know I see him going mid first round maybe I am wrong tho who knows… and ya I read your guys comments just stating it again but now its up to the players.

  • Pete Baron

    I guess that’s why every team has their own boards and doesn’t follow the talking heads on TV

  • Doom92

    Indeed… That was proven with Wolfe. I totally thought that one came out of knowhere, but what do I know?

  • Doom92

    Comon’ sure there was…lol.

  • Pete Baron

    Yeah, I thought that came out of nowhere as well. Everyone thought that he would be available in the latter part of the 2nd round or the 3rd… But hey, it’s one of those “we don’t care where he’s slated, we want him and will not risk him not being there”….

    I think it’s kinda the scenario of, if the Patriots took Tom Brady in the 2nd round, they would have been ROASTED….. Until he became a HOF QB.

    There are 2 trains of thought with the draft, and they both have the same validity in my opinion.

    First train of thought: We will take the player we KNOW is a stud regardless of where other teams might have him ranked. If he’s slated as a 3rd rounder but we know he’s a future HOF player, I don’t care about anything but getting him on our team, so we’ll go ahead and take him in the 1st round… WAYYYYY before we would have to, just to guarantee he’s on our team.

    Second train of thought: We will take the player we KNOW is a stud possibly the round before he’s slated, or maybe move up in the round he’s slated to get him. We won’t draft him really early, cause if we know we can get a future HOF player in the 6th round, why waste a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc round pick on him when we could get a *hopefully* great player and then still get “our guy” where he’s slated.

    Again, I think they both have equal validity. Its easy for us to say that the second train of thought makes more sense, cause you’ll get your guy as well as other higher round talent, but who knows. What if that higher up talent turns out to be a bust, or maybe you run into a GM that has the first train of thought and you just royally screwed yourself by playing the “we won’t take him higher than he’s slated” game…

    I think our front office has the first train of thought, and that’s why they drafted Wolfe.