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Published on 03/14/2013 at Thu Mar 14 03:40.
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Wes Welker is one of the newest members of the Broncos. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

At the moment you are still probably a bit shell shocked from the gaggle of yesterday’s signings. Thus far the Denver Broncos have signed five new players and re-signed eight, that is thirteen salaries that weren’t counted when you were figuring out how much the team had left to spend in free agency. Of course there is still the issue of Elvis Dumervil, which will free up a few millions one way or another.

Just to recap here are the salaries for the newest (and renewed) Broncos:

Player Length Amount
Dominique Rodgers-
Cromartie One year $5 million
Terrance Knighton Two years $4.5 million
Stewart Bradley One year $1.1 million
Wes Welker Two years $12 million
Kevin Vickerson Two years $5 million
Louis Vasquez Four years $23.5 million
David Bruton Three years $4.5 million
Lance Ball One year $1.323 million
Britton Colquitt One year $1.323 million
Chris Clark One year $1.323 million
Mitch Unrein One year $555K
Tony Carter One year $555K
Ryan Clady One year $9.828 million


Anyone else keeping a running tab? And will someone sign Ryan Clady to a long term deal already?

After the initial excitement sets, it is only a matter of time before fans begin to tergiversate — a peak at any of the recent statistics of the newest defensive additions to the team leaves something to be desired… To say the least.

Here are some of the basic statistics over the last two seasons for the six defensive free agent signings that Denver has made so far in 2013:

Player Total Tackles Sacks Int. FF. Games
Dominique Rodgers-
Cromartie 79 1 3 0 29
Terrance Knighton 61 2 0 2 29
Stewart Bradley 42 0 0 0 32
Kevin Vickerson 44 2 0 1 21
David Bruton 25 0 1 0 39
Mitch Unrein 28 0 0 0 30
Tony Carter 27 0 2 0 18


Not quite that staggering numbers one would expect from some of those players based on the contracts they are receiving, especially Stewart Bradley. Granted Bradley is coming in to compete with two very young middle linebackers, contribute on special teams and he was an All Pro in 2008.

However, what the Broncos have done so far is nearly spent themselves out of free agency. Of course there will be moves to free up more cap space, but as I said these defensive moves have been questionable at best. There is still a whole lot of time left and quite a few home run hits available (one being retaining Dumervil at whatever price he will come down to) and I would fully expect the team to continue to pick and peck at middle to lower tier guys.

I just hope that they don’t forget that there are names like Ahmad Bradshaw, Richard Seymour, Nnamdi Asomughua, Ed Reed and Charles Woodson waiting for calls. Not to mention Darrelle Revis can be swapped out for a draft pick that would cost nearly the same amount as his salary would demand.

Yes, I understand that Wes Welker happened yesterday, but Denver paid Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie only a million dollars less. You know what? Forget it, if the Broncos are good enough for Welker, they’re good enough for me. Perhaps John Fox said it best when he said something along the lines of the fact that they have been doing this longer than we have.

  • MeOMy

    Does Denver have any money left?

  • areferee


    I know it means to be apostate, or to change your loyalties, or at the very least, equivocate, but this is a Bronco Football blog. We ain’t got time to learn no big damn fancy words.

    Must you be so erudite? Must you be so pedantic? So punctilious?

    Must you make my frikking eyes bleed?

  • Josh Temple

    Is there any truth to Spano’s argument that PFM is going to restructure to free up even more play money? If so, that makes a big difference in this whole thing.

  • Matthew Littlejohn

    If possible, get Bradshaw!!! I know he has had health issues, but using a committee approach with a rookie with experience – someone like Montee Ball – would be downright nasty.

  • Pete Baron

    Montee Ball is my favorite back out of this draft class. He even said in his interviews that he molded his game around Terrell Davis… I mean, what more do you need?

  • Joey Baldwin

    Another thjng people forget to consider ks the money freed up by several departures. Bruton and Vickerson signed for what he bascially made last year. No Stokely Hunter Bannan Porter Kopen those guys alone were about 6+mil all togerther and there are a couple other players not acounted for plus i dont think the Broncos pay Mays his 4mil for a special teamer role i would expect mays to be cut or is privately being shopped not that he would garner much in a trade but player for player is quite possible.

  • dogheadbrew

    They spent a ton of money, but mostly on short term contracts. It seems to me that they are trying to take the next step, without mortgaging the future, and there is a cost to that. My question is in two or three years, when we no longer have the PFM aura, what happens?

    Hopefully that is a title or two from now too.

  • Matthew Littlejohn


  • randy m

    Nice to see that quite a few have the knowledge to see a quality rb and not be blinded by the masses and flash. Im for denver taking ball in rnd 2. After vacarro with #28

  • Geoff Bangs

    Questionable at best? We have hardly committed 11 million this year to the Defensive side and we have added depth at almost every position needed. Right now the safety position is our only glaring weakness and then possibly DE depending upon how the Dumervil situation ends. Now in approach to the draft we have the freedom to take the best players available rather than go after needs. Rodgers-Cromartie is a very good CB. First rounder and pro-bowler still in his mid 20’s and it’s only a oje year deal! No commitment beyond this season. These are smart moves and they are getting the deals they wanted done on the terms they want. Broncos are easily having one of the best free agent periods we could have hoped for and it’s only 3 days in.

  • Geoff Bangs

    Not really but we do have Dumervils impending release or restructure and then the possible release of Chris Kuper as well as McGahee and/or Moreno.

  • MeOMy

    I’ve since looked up the cap figures for each player and posted what we have left in the next article. I’m guessing that after Denver makes some cuts and replaces/resigns Dumervil they will have around 5 mil left in cap space for the draft.

    I don’t see Denver cutting Moreno. They get only 800k cap space for cutting him. McGahee they get around 2 mill if the cut him before the season starts. Both will be at training camp.

  • Geoff Bangs

    i just dont see us keeping both if we draft one in the first three rounds again. which i think we will. dont know if Willis is still worth 2 mil… he will be well rested though

  • Geoff Bangs

    forgot about mays. should be cut

  • Gary_in_SD

    I know that games are won on the field, not on paper. Obviously we were all given that harsh reality check against Baltimore in the playoffs. But as far as grading what the Broncos have done so far, I’d have to say “on paper” they’d get a solid “A” from me. I mean they have made a tremendous effort at getting this team to be better so far, even though many teams would give anything to be as good as this team already is. I definitely won’t throw the “Dream Team” label out there to jinx them, but wow, I’m excited!

  • Draper

    Haha, very sorry, but you made me laugh and I got to use the word of the day from June 17th, 2010.

  • Draper

    He says we, but he is a Packers fan (just kidding). The Broncos have yet to upgrade their linebackers, defensive tackles or safeties. If Dumervil is gone at end, the whole defensive line has gotten worse this off-season. This is kind of what I am worried about.

  • Draper

    It is hard to say, Spano turned the entire world crazy last summer saying that he knew Peyton Manning was signing to the Kansas City Chiefs…

    It would explain why the Broncos seem so comfortable skating on such thin ice near the salary cap.

  • Draper

    And Joe Mays would free up three million.

  • Draper

    I agree, cutting Moreno and McGahee saves a total of three million… Kind of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.