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Published on 03/12/2013 at Tue Mar 12 18:17.
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Maybe Elvis Dumervil isn’t headed out of Denver after all.

The Broncos and Dumervil’s agent, Marty Magid, starting talking again on Tuesday, according to the Denver Post‘s Mike Klis.

Magid sent back a proposal Tuesday that lowered his client’s asking price from $12 million in 2013, but then added that reduction onto his contract in the form of guarantees for the 2014 and 2015 seasons.

Fundamentally, pay cut vs. restructure remains the central issue in the contract disagreement. As it has been since Day One of their re-opened negotiations.

“We’re saying the same thing today as we did yesterday: If you can’t accept this proposal, then release us,” said Magid. “The only thing that’s different today is we exchanged proposals.”

The Broncos hold all the cards.  If they plan to release Dumervil before Saturday, they can find his replacement through free agency.  The team has three days to decide Dumervil’s fate.

  • areferee

    Elvis is leaving the building…

  • Doom92

    I think you are prolly right ref. I think he should think about where he is vs where he might end up. I agree with all those saying he wont get any more than 9-10 any where else so why not just play here for that much. I think he is letting his pride get in the way of what might be best for him. I mean no one likes a pay cut but I’d take that at work before I went somewhere else to get paid even less… Been there done that!

  • sirfiver

    how original…

  • Pete Baron

    Ok Doom, today has been a sticky day for us, but let me put my 2 cents in here…

    I think Doom stays. I heard that as he was walking out of the building, some team official called him back in the building. This can only mean that they will hammer out a deal probably tonight, right?

    I think the contracts that top DE’s were signing today really opened up Doom and his agent’s eyes as to what his current value is. Because of that, I think his demands will be in line with what the Broncos were offering this whole time.

    Its a win/win. Doom is a good player, and it looks like he’ll stay here as a result of his willingness to not overvalue himself or his gameplay. I hope this gets done, cause he’s definitely a good player. If he signs for around $6-8mil per year, you’ll never hear a negative peep out of me about him again, cause I can’t imagine him not playing up to that contract. You sir, as well as us all, might keep our favorite DE in town!

  • Pete Baron

    I hate that it took until the 11th hour, but the thought of Doom playing elsewhere for $8mil when we could easily have him for that price is giving me heart palpitations. Doom92, say he’ll stay for a lesser price. I’ll take back the bad joojoo I said about him. Lol

  • Cheyenne Kid

    Brinkermanship. I hope they are having a meeting of their minds and work it out. Most of us prefer he stays, so this a.m. may tell us what the verdict is.

  • Holland Parran Jr

    the price isn’t less the Doom people are asking to spread it out over the last two years .I still think he’s gone .Elway can’t afford to be held up that way. All the team is paying attention thinking My turn next.

  • Marie Ryerson

    He’s definitely a player worth the price. There shouldn’t even be a question here. Just ask any quarterback he’s buried with his monster hitting power.