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Published on 03/10/2013 at Sun Mar 10 11:04.
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Update:  The team has denied interest in Revis through multiple media outlets.

The New York Jets may be on the verge of trading cornerback Darrelle Revis, and Denver appears to be a potential landing spot for the veteran defensive back.

We have already connected the dots that point to the Broncos being interested in Revis, and on Sunday,‘s Rich Cimini reported the following:

“The Darrelle Revis camp is pushing for a resolution ASAP — i.e. a trade — because it’s concerned about the cornerback market drying up […].

“For those of you on Revis Watch, pay attention to the cornerback signings, starting Tuesday. That could tell us where Revis might be headed. The Broncos have expressed interest, according to a source,” Gimini wrote on ESPN‘s New York Jets blog.

The Broncos apparently want to move Chris Harris back inside in nickel packages and are looking for a proven starter to play across from All-Pro Champ Bailey.  Last week, the team visited with free agent Dunta Robinson, confirming that they are indeed looking at CBs.

Might Revis Island play across from Champ this fall?  Stay tuned…

  • Joey Baldwin

    I think Revis is too vein to give up #24 and be the 2nd best CB on the team lol

  • Pete Baron

    Please God no!!!!

  • heykyleinsf

    I hate the sleight on Chris Harris. I would love Revis..
    but pound for pound.. Chris Harris was the last of our problems.

  • Sage Rodriguez

    My mind says this is too much money, but my heart thinks it’s pretty cool to have Revis and Champ on the same team, corners of their time

  • Pete Baron

    Me too. Harris is a stud, plain and simple.

  • 350legend

    It would be nice to grab the best corner in the market in revis but with all those talented free agents ready to hit the market themselves , I would mind someone talented in that spot without breaking bank

  • RichmondBronco24

    I hope that this is just a tactic to generate more interest in Revis and keep a CB (Chris Houston) off the radar so that we can snag him for a better deal for the sake of the team. The guy had a solid season and isn’t known by many people. Safety, RB, and other needs could be filled as well with the savings and the draft. Just a thought.

  • Doom92

    You are more than likely right on the nail head…

  • Doom92

    Hey I agree with above that it would be cool to have both of those guys on the field at the same time but not at the cost. Plus Champ would really be exposed then, we’d all then see just how far he has slipped. He would be for sure be the better option for QB’s to throw at. As I said before though, he cant cover like he used to be able to but at least he can still tackle.

    Oh and yes I’m ready for this crap to stop. The Broncos are NOT going to get Revis, I have to hope and believe in my heart that they are smarter than that.

  • Cheyenne Kid

    Even if we don’t aquire Revis,Harris turned in a great season and we only need some depth there unless Bolden or Carter or a draft pick can be groomed to take over Champs position down the road and supply the depth needed right now!

  • Nick

    Harris is one of the best slot corners in the league right now, and how much slot receivers get used nowadays, why not move him back inside? I wouldn’t call it a slight against him, it’s the team trying to put him in the best situation to succeed.

  • om

    Its hard to groom DBs to be elite. You need Speed, footwork, instincts and supreme confidence.

  • Cheyenne Kid

    I agree and that is what we have in Harris. And there are other cb free agents that are very good. And some great cbs in the draft that grade out high in all those areas. Reavis has a lot of baggage.

  • om

    consistency on the NFL level lol