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Published on 02/28/2013 at Thu Feb 28 21:11.
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On Thursday, the NFL announced that the 2013 salary cap will be $123 million per team.  According to, the Denver Broncos currently have $119.5 million invested in 2013 salaries.

That means, with their $14.1 million rollover from 2012, the Broncos have over $17,552,686 available.  A large chunk of that, around $9.8 million according to Yahoo! (via IAOFM), will go towards the franchise tag the team is planning to use on left tackle Ryan Clady.

Clady isn’t planning on signing his tender anytime soon, seeking a long-term commitment from the team.  The Broncos can clear up more cap room by making several cuts and re-structuring the contracts of players including quarterback Peyton Manning, who is due to make $20 million this season.

The Broncos have room to bring in a few free agents and can create more room by cutting players including linebacker D.J. Williams (who is due $8 million).  How do you think the Broncos should handle their $17 million this spring?  Dish out your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Bleeding Gums Murphy

    Dj is gone, I highly doubt they ask Peyton to restructure. We need to get Clady Locked up long term, enough of this back and forth game. #GoBroncos

  • Andrew Davidson

    No way do they get rid of DJ, although Woodyard’s stellar play last year did put some heat on DJ. Say what you want about him but I think he’s going to stick around. I’d really like to stick him at Mike and let Trevathan, Woodyard, or someone else take the other ROLB spot.

  • heykyleinsf

    I changed my mind. Yes. Do ask Peyton to restructure. He’s got money.. that’s absolutely no problem. He wants another ring. He should have no problem bringing in Revis and drafting Joseph Randle from OKC to be our franchise RB. Maybe if Revis doesn’t happen.. Reggie Bush will.

  • Pete Baron

    John Elway was interviewed yesterday (when I have time, I’ll type it out and post it), and the topic of Brady with his team friendly deal came up, and it was asked if the Broncos would ask people to restructure. Elway said that they didn’t have any plans on asking anyone to restructure, but if they had to, he was sure there were some people who would.

    With that being said, the 2 moves they NEED to make is #1 cutting DJ and #2 restructuring Doom’s deal. I love Doom, but he isn’t worth $1.21 million per sack. That’s just ridiculous. He hasn’t even come close to living up to his contract, so I think it’s only right that he restructures it to show the team that he has their back because they had his.

  • Pete Baron

    I want Revis and/or Reggie Bush on the Broncos about as much as I want herpes… Unlike herpes though, you can get rid of Revis and Bush.

  • Thomas Bell

    Agreed — Doom was rated as the #42 DE last season by the guys at PFF, horrible against the run and most of his sacks came in garbage time. Hard to believe he was that terrible but Ayers was more effective per snap. I would really like to see what they could get for him in a trade if someone was willing to take on that contract.

  • Pete Baron

    yeah. I already got roasted here for saying that we should trade Doom, cause although I love Doom, he isn’t nearly as effective as he was or as effective as his contract is paying him to be. While I’d love to see him flourish with us, and 11.5 sacks isn’t bad, I think our team would be better if we traded him for a 1st and something else this year, and maybe something else next year… but that’s just me.

  • jdkchem

    I would be more tempted to get herpes.

  • TD30ismvp

    Hey Peyton, I realize we just signed you last year but we want to ask if you will take a pay cut… Yeah, that conversation isn’t going to happen. DJ proved that he is expendable. Problem with the whole “trade doom” thing is we really don’t know if the scheme had something to do with slowing him to the QB, which also would account for the garbage time sacks.

  • heykyleinsf

    IDK about you guys.. but really… how long do you see this window being open? Yes… Revis and Bush are asking for way too much.. they won’t get it. But at the same time.. we offer what few other teams can.. a shot at the title. Something that actually is important to players who are already millionaires..

    I see the long term as important as well.

    But I’ve never seen a single season in franchise history with such urgency to get it done as this one.

    Think about it.

    I would ask Elvis, Mays, DJ and Kuper to restructure.

    I would say goodbye to Ty Warren, Tracy Porter and Robert Ayers.

    LOOK.. we have to think about the Patriots and 49ers. How much do you want to glow about pride and character if we go home in January, while they loaded up and we upheld our moral standards.

    It’s not like Revis is guilty of being a Jet..

    Bush had his past at USC.. but we also need a RB worse than anything else.

  • johnnydow

    Elway restructured his contract at least a couple times didn’t he? I thought he still got his money just in a more salary cap friendly way. No? If yes why wouldn’t Manning do the same, if he’s all about winning it all. I’ve thought Williams was gone a few times. He seems to be the only L.B. we have that can cover a T.E. or R.B. in the middle of the field. The team seems to need help in the middle more than anywhere else.

  • Pete Baron

    Thing is that Bush isn’t any good. You can give me his stats last year, but honestly, Bush isn’t any better than Holliday is for us already, so it just makes no sense.

    Revis is a big mouth “look at me” cancer. He would help destroy our team in much the same way McDaniels did. I don’t want cancers to kill us from the inside. I also think that Revis playing here in Denver won’t get the non-calls that he aids from on the East Coast.

    It’s a gigantic PASS on both.

  • Pete Baron

    The only argument with that is about the Scheme point you made… I think that if Doom was really that dominant and worth it, he’d have fit in regardless. I mean, didn’t Von Miller play better this year than last? If the scheme changed, it surely didn’t matter to him. And if the scheme changed to make him better this year, then describe his dominant rookie year? The point I’m making is that Miller is a once in a generation player, so he’ll be outstanding regardless of the scheme…. Doom seems to be a good player who is paid to be an amazing player. Either we need to restructure Doom to pay him what he is worth, or we need to look for a trade that is fair.

  • TD30ismvp

    Pete, you are talking about a linebacker versus a defensive end. What I meant by scheme is, many times the DE is asked to contain before rushing the QB, or not rush at all except to collapse or tighten the pocket, which would free up an inside rusher or blitzer. Von would either zone blitz or have a blitz already called, but Doom would need to handle his outside responsibilities or an inside gap before being allowed to rush. That being the case, he would be a step behind (depending on his reads maybe more) before being allowed to pin his ears back. The pass rush generally is schemed to get Von freed up to do what he does best, I am not ready to blame Doom for his decline in sacks (especially 11.5).

  • Pete Baron

    Ahhh,…. I hear ya. Although, ranked #45 in effectiveness isn’t all that great, but still, you may be right. But he was horrible against the run, and although he had 11.5 sacks, the majority came in complete garbage time and had little to no impact on the game. To me, that’s textbook “invisible”… Now, maybe it was just scheme and he’ll adjust or move around, but man, how many times last year did we all say “Did Doom even play?”… Too many for $14 million per year. lol.

    But again, you very well may be right, and if you are right, let me ask you this…. wouldn’t we be better off then trading Doom and picking up a more effective DE to fit that scheme? Cause it’s painfully obvious that Doom doesn’t.

  • TD30ismvp

    Pete, I think they are still learning how to play with their toys, I have to believe that since we actually have a DC two years running that the Defense will get new wrinkles. We were a one trick pony (Doom) before Von arrived, I think that we are actually a DT away from opening the flood gates on QB’s, someone who can collapse the middle. Watch highlights of Vons sacks and you usually see Doom a half step from crushing the QB himself, or he flushed the QB and Von nabbed him. No Sir, I think Doom is fine, but I am a Lineman guy so I don’t pay attention to effectiveness rankings and similar stats, I take the line as a whole and try to recognize the scheme they are employing in different situations as well as individual performance. You certainly have some valid points Pete and to dispute them I would have to watch last years games again and I simply don’t have the heart to right now…

  • TheTroglodyte

    Brady made a lot more money for restructuring his contract. No team “wants” to do that unless they have to. It may be more friendly to a particular season but make no mistake about it, if Manning restructures, he’s getting paid more.

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    On an unrelated note, love your avatar, TD30isMVP.

  • TD30ismvp

    that is the reason for the screen name, I still love that dude.

  • Pete Baron

    Agreed 100%. Plus, he isn’t even the bread winner in his family… His wife makes 2-3 times more than he does per year!

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    Still gets me choked up when I got back and watch some of the NFL Films DVDs that mention his career/what could have been…

  • Jason Holm

    Heh. I was thinking that Ayers was a better fit for what JDR was running. Ayers can set the edge better and has a stronger push. Doom was better as an edge rusher out of a 3-4 alignment.

  • baggyco

    I agree, no way should they cut DJ. He’s been fantastic ever since we signed aside from some off the field trouble. I think he’s learned his lesson and it really wouldn’t take much to convert him to MIKE. The guy’s already a beast of a tackler and if he bulked up just a little i think he could be one of the best at the position. Restructuring would certainly help patch things up with the Broncos office though…

  • baggyco

    Everyone keeps saying cut DJ but he’s always been an outstanding player and we’re in need of a MIKE… I think they should ask him to restructure and bulk up a little to play the middle. I know he’s always been more of finesse player with a great outside skill set, but he’s also developed into a beast of a tackler so it makes sense.

  • Pete Baron

    The problem I have with that is that he was a crap middle linebacker. Yes, he got a lot of tackles in that role, but our defense was horrendous, and DJ was equally horrendous.

    The reason why people (myself included) say to cut/trade DJ isn’t because he isn’t a good player, it’s because of all the baggage that comes along with him. He can’t stay out of trouble, and just served a 9 game suspension. What’s the next minor hiccup gonna cost him, a full year? Do you trust him to not get yet another DUI or live even more of the Dyme life? I don’t, which meas that we’ll keep a player that will get suspended, and hamper the development of other players that would have otherwise gotten all the starting reps in camp. It’s just a horrible, horrible position that DJ put himself into, but it’s the situation he is currently in, which is why I say we see what we can trade him for, or ultimately cut him.

  • Pete Baron

    Best RB ever…. aside from Bo that is…. man, I love me some TD. He’s for sure my favorite RB ever, and in my top 3 favorite player of all time.

  • Doom92

    Horrible against the run? He had only 14 tackles fewer than VM, yet you say he is horrible??? I suppose then you could say that by LB standards that Von is horrible against the run as well, would that not put him in the one trick pony category that you always refer to? Look at him compared to Woodyard… Woodyard 117 tkls Von 68, of course Doom with 53, compare that to LB’s and its not good, compare that to other DE and it is good And you are wrong about most of his sacks coming in Garbage time, in fact more of Von’s came in that way than did his, its a fact that you may want to check.

    Back to your way of evaluating, by the LB standard set by Woody Von is a one trick pony and in your evaluation he is weak against the run? Is Von a sack machine? Yes, for sure. So should you give Von less too because he only does one thing super awesome?

    I also think you faille to under stand that when Von gets most of his sacks who is on the other side? You got it Doom… You fail to realize what he does for Von, you don’t see Von getting those many sacks with say Ayers on the other side, he poses no threat but with Doom there totally different. Teams don’t have to account for Von coming every single down, but they for sure do for Doom, that free’s up space for Von. How many times have we seen Von make a sack and Doom is right there with him??? AND of course the other way around.

    The bottom line is they are extremely complimentary to one another, in the same way that Freeny and Mathis have been to one another. Its been argued many many times that Mathis is the better all around player, of course we saw that Freeny isn’t a LB thats for sure. Even when Doom played at LB and out of his element he did well at it.

    Do I think that Doom is a better player that Von? No of course not but I think you 100% don’t get his value to not only Von but the D as a whole. I’d bet you Von would agree. And because y our seem to say “Did Doom even play” No one else is saying that. Even Von gets more accolades that Woody but you can not say that he meant more to this Def this year than Woody did, no way in hell…

  • Pete Baron

    You’re right, you’re right, you’re right… I never said “Did Doom even play?”… of course we ALL knew Doom played, cause he would be called offsides in the most inopportune time! haha

    Look, I’m just saying what my eyes tell me… When someone told me about the “Performance Based Value” that Pro-Football-Focus did, it added validity to what I have been saying for months. Here is their OVERVALUED ranking:

    #1. Elvis Dumervil, Defensive End
    This may seem odd, given that Dumervil got to the quarterback for 12 sacks but what else did he do and how quickly did those sacks come? His 60 combined sacks, hits and hurries isn’t a terrible return for a pass
    rusher, but when you get swallowed up as much in the run game as Dumervil and get flagged for eight penalties, are you really worth such a big cap hit?
    2012 Cap Hit: $15.6m
    2012 Performance Based Value: $1.6m
    Value Differential: -$14m

    So what they are saying is that he PLAYED as well as you would expect a Defensive End earning $1.6 million dollars to play…. Basically, if we signed an average DE to an average contract, he would have performed equally well as Doomervil.

    Now, again, I LOVE Doom. I honestly do, but I love the Broncos more than any 1 player. If our scheme isn’t right for Doom, maybe we should trade him for a player who fits that scheme better? If we think that like Flacco, this was just an aberration of a year, then by all means, prove it to us next year under a restructured contract.

    Just for fun, here’s what they said about Von Miller, who like Doom, is #1 on their list. The difference is that he’s #1 on the UNDERVALUED list. Here it is:

    1. Von Miller, Linebacker
    What can you say about Miller that hasn’t already been said? His 86 combined sacks, hits and hurries were the joint most of any defensive player, and what makes that all the more impressive is the nature of them as outlined here. Not only that, but Miller is exceptional at getting off blocks in the run game to make plays, and made 15 tackles for losses. He’s every bit the playmaker he was drafted to be and near impossible to overvalue.
    Miller naturally finished the year as our top ranked 4-3 outside linebacker, and even treating him as an edge rusher (as we did in this study) saw him valued extremely highly.
    2012 Cap Hit: $4.8m
    2012 Performance Based Value: $18m
    Value Differential: +$13.2m

  • PonyBoy

    I think that IRSEY BEING THE SO CALLED “BEST FRIEND OF PEYTON MANNING” should MAN UP & extend an olive branch 2 Peyton & make a swap! 4 Peyton 2 Come back Home & 4 Denver 2 get LUCK!!

  • heykyleinsf

    I am not ready to give up on McGahee being the feature back. It sounds like you think he’s done.. let me just remind you.. two seasons ago.. he was a huge reason we led the NFL in rushing. I want Bush as a 3rd down and change of pace back.

    Chris Harris is my favorite defensive player. We’re good with him.. but.. Champ and Revis in the same backfield.. would be sick.

    IDK.. Revis has earned it. Many would say he’s the best corner in football. IDK where you think he is a cancer. Please elaborate? I totally don’t follow.

  • baggyco

    yeah but DE is responsible for containment and we all know that doom sucks at it. Yeah he comes up with the tackle sometimes but he’s not playing his role well on the edge. Yes he is an edge rusher but the he still needs to read and contain. How many times have you seen opposing RB catch a screen or sweep around him and he’s in good position yet the play goes for 7-10 yards? I like him don’t get me wrong , but he’s making too much for situational DE. Even if we keep Doom we need a guy who can contain to rotate with him…

  • baggyco

    He got some horrendous encroachment calls though you gotta admit… Replay cleared of all wrongdoing last year save maybe 2 calls in my opinion… My problem is that he doesn’t contain which is the #1 responibility of the DE, at least in all the sytems I played in… Turn the play inside & at the LB if you can’t get off your block. Doom seems innefective when his rush gets blocked, not OK.

  • baggyco

    I get the whole bad apple rep that he’s brought on himself, I just think if we’re shooting for the SB this year we should keep our best players for at least this year. After that they can do whatever they want with him… His best seasons in denver were at MLB & ILB so why not run out his contract & then cut him. If he takes a pay cut we’ll at least have a proven play maker inside…

  • John Richards

    any way sir john elway wants i was happy with theme keeping most of our team first off but 1st john replaced dj with a good pick up happy thene john throws us a porkchop to naw on thene he gives us a slot machine to play with wes for less ha ha patriots who paid more for less oh now wait john baked a cake with domunate cometotheparty not a bad days work