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Published on 01/02/2013 at Wed Jan 02 09:00.
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Cincinnati Bengals

Record: 10-6
Streak: Won 3
All-time vs. Denver: 8-19
Last time: Broncos, 31-23, Nov. 2012
The Line: N/A. Wild Card: Houston (home) is favored by 4.5

This week we’re taking a first look at the three teams that could come to Denver to face the Broncos in the Divisional Round of the playoffs on January 12th — the Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts, and Baltimore Ravens. First up: Cincy.

The Cincinnati Bengals are quietly one of the hottest team in the NFL. Winners of their last three games by an average of 10 points, they’ve also won seven of their last eight games — all but a one-point loss to Dallas in Week 14. The Bengals are built on youth and defense, and it was that defense that helped the Bengals enjoy a three-point fourth quarter lead against our very own 11-win-in-a-row Broncos in Week 9.

Who’s hot: Bengals defense. The Bengals defense — ranked sixth overall, 12th against the run and seventh against the pass — has scored a touchdown in three straight games. Defensive tackle Geno Atkins has 12.5 sacks, while defensive end Michael Johnson has 11.5, paving the way for this Bengals defense to set a franchise record in sacks with 51.

Who’s not: Wider receiver A.J. Green. That’s not to say A.J. Green isn’t one of the biggest up-and-coming playmakers in the league — he most certainly is, and he’s utterly dangerous on the field. That “not” is only relative to how Green started the season, and how he’s been playing lately. Scorer of ten touchdowns in nine straight games starting in Week 2, Green only has one touchdown since.

I bring this up mostly to emphasize the next point — Green is due.

Matchup to Watch (should the Bengals advance): Green vs. Champ Bailey. Bailey was effusive with his praise of Green from their last matchup, a showdown of former Bulldogs that saw Green haul nine catches while mostly lining up against the future Hall of Famer. Green’s most impressive catch was this 10-yard touchdown against Bailey — not his first impressive touchdown against the orange and blue.

If these two teams continue to have success in the near future, we may soon find ourselves calling Green “Bronco-killer.”

How they come to Denver: Win and they’re in. The Bengals are the sixth seed, the lowest seed in the playoffs, and since the first seed Broncos will face the lowest winning seed following Wild Card weekend, a Bengals victory guarantees a Broncos rematch, regardless of the result of the other game.

How do you see the Broncos faring should the Bengals come to town? Let us know your thoughts on Cincinnati in the comments.

  • Pete Baron

    I think that IF the Bengals advance, they’ll get chewed up by our offense, and spit out by our defense.

    Personally, I think of the 3 teams that we might face, the Bengals are the most dangerous, however, they will all get a wake-up call against us because of the intensity and ferocity that will be brought here in Denver in the playoffs. While this isn’t their first go around in the playoffs, they have never met a team like the Broncos in the playoffs either.

    I think whatever success the Bengals had against us will be quickly dismantled by our team. While they will have spotty success, I fully expect a 14+ point blowout. Dalton won’t have much time or opportunity to throw the ball, and when he does, they will be dangerous passes. Their defense won’t be able to sniff Manning, especially with (hopefully) Kuper back in. Manning will be focused, and our entire team will be rested. I see us starting hot and finishing them off with our prevent offense and suffocating defense. 31-13 is what I’m thinking the score would be… give or take 3 points either way. The crowd is gonna be INSANE, and the party will be starting by halftime!


  • TheTroglodyte

    Good to see you back Kyle! Feels like it’s been forever. Hope all is well!

  • Monty

    All is well, same to you and thanks!

  • Speer999

    I think Cincy will be the most dangerous opponent out of the 3 next week, and the team we’ll most likely face. Texans gave up playing football a month and a half ago, they’re losers. I think we should face the Bengals for the stronger practice we’ll have on field, although injuries scare me. I just want to face the team that will prepare us more for the Patriots come Championship time. Particularly a pass happy team. Colts maybe???

  • Speer999

    Texans don’t stand a chance against the Bengals because they’ll be stuck to a 1 dimension pass offense. Matt Shaub doesn’t have what it takes to be an elite quarterback without a running game, and Cincy’s defensive line will chew up foster and spit him out.