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Published on 12/31/2012 at Mon Dec 31 12:13.
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(Photo: AP/Nam Y. Huh)

This is only a potential situation and a lot of “if’s” would have to happen for this to go down, but it’s a good Black Monday conversation starter.

As of 2:00 p.m. ET, seven head coaches have been fired, Chicago’s Lovie Smith among them. Per reports, the Bears are now interested in Denver’s Mike McCoy.

If McCoy, who will receive interest from multiple teams, does land in Chicago, the Broncos and Bears could potentially do a coaching swap. Denver’s defensive coordinator, Jack Del Rio, will also be courted this offseason, and if JDR lands elsewhere, the Broncos will be in need of a new defensive coach.

Enter: Lovie Smith.

There will be plenty of options to replace McCoy (Manning’s former offensive coordinator Tom Moore among them), but it could be harder to find a potential replacement for Del Rio.  If in fact JDR does land another top coaching gig in the offseason and assuming Smith is not hired as a head coach elsewhere, a McCoy-for-Smith swap would work out nicely for Denver.

All of this talk will be thrown out the window, of course, if Smith quickly lands a new head coaching job like John Fox did in 2010 and/or if Del Rio stays in Denver.  But it’s Black Monday, and we’re thinking ahead.

Meanwhile in the AFC West, the Chargers have canned coach Norv Turner and general manager A.J. Smith and the Chiefs have fired coach Romeo Crennel.  Regrettably, Jon Gruden is reportedly one of the top candidates to land in San Diego.

If everything falls into place to make such a situation possible, would you be in favor of Smith replacing Del Rio in Denver?  Dish out your thoughts in the comments below!

  • stuckinraiderland

    I feel a little bad typing this because I don’t want anyone to misconstrue my intention here: I happily acknowledge that McCoy has been a great OC, doing an impressive job in making things work with really, really, really different personnel. That being said: with Manning at QB we can lose our offensive coordinator, because we have two, and one of them is on the field. I don’t think we’d miss McCoy too much. For that reason only I’m much more anxious about losing Del Rio. But for now I’m just going to enjoy success while we’re having it.

  • areferee


    Just Don’t Ring…

    Keep your hands off Del Rio.

    He’s in Denver now and we intend to keep him.

    Sound off Denver.

    Jack makes Denver Return!

  • Joey Baldwin

    I can see the Moore thing happening but watch for Adam Gase to fill the OC position already knows the offense and Manning has given Gase a strong backing and stated that Gase was a big reason for his recovery. I don’t think we hire outside the org. Unless its a big name like Tom Moore or something to that effect.

  • Jon

    Good call.

    Eric Studesville also has head coach experience, he is a candidate to be promoted, as well. Although I bet they’ll keep him with the RBs, he’s done a great job.

  • Brandon Kirk

    McCoy is as good as gone. I LOVE the idea of giving Eric Studesville the OC position. I thought he was admiral as an interim head coach and I think it takes a loyal guy to be the interim and return as the RB coach the next year. Plus he is a good coach. With Manning in, I think Eric could learn a ton and be ready to call the offense whenever Manning retires.

    That being said, I think Fox will probably promote Gase. That’ll be a decent option. I agree with some of you, we won’t hire from the outside.

  • Brandon Kirk

    I also think del Rio might be safe. He wouldn’t want another Jacksonville job and none of the openings are appealing right now. JDR wants to go to a team with potential so he’s not seen as a HC flop.

  • anthony33

    Agree with you 100% areferee!
    McCoy has never been a HC and has certainly earned the kudos he is getting and deserves a shot. I would hate to lose him, but would be happy for him just the same

    JDR is in a different spot and just hope he finds that the DC job, especially the one he holds now, is where he belongs. He has done an absolute amazing job.

  • Pete Baron

    I’m making T-Shirts of this… I’m not even joking.

    I kinda want to make BT shirts too… damn me for having silk screening and embroidery stuff at home. lol

  • Leo Maes

    Everyone needs to understand what went into the manning talks when we were recruiting him to come to Denver. I am 99 percent sure that one of the things on Manning’s interview questions was… is my head coach, is my OC and DC going to be in it as long as I am involved. That said, if you look at it that way which I believe you should, nobody is leaving. If one leaves it will be McCoy reason: he would love to “take the next step” JDR has been there done that, and I truly believe when fox snagged him a question was Jack were in this for multiple years. Guys have to understand the people that we have surrounded us in this Organization is all about “Class” and “wins”.. “Dynasty’s” and “Legacy”. Point is.. nobody is leaving till Manning is done, and after it will be in a position to not fall but stay put.

  • Doom92

    And with the RB’s is where he should stay, at least for now. As we know from the past and with these new firings, heck from our own JDR great Coords do NOT always make good HC’s. As well good or great position coaches don’t always make even good Coord’s. Not saying that he wouldn’t but perhaps the guy closest to it (and Peyton, Gase) would fare better. Of course Tom Moore would be quite interesting but he’d prolly want to go straight Indy O; while I really like the mix of it and ours, if that makes sense.

    What we have now is clearly an awesome mix of the Indy/Peyton stuff with Mikes stuff. Its a perfect O for us and is clearly working well. Watching Peyton be in it for the next couple to few years is the most promising future we’ve seen in a Loooong time.

  • Doom92

    Good post and points… I like your logic and hope you are spot on.

  • Leo Maes

    Thanks, and I hope and believe so to