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Published on 11/21/2012 at Wed Nov 21 08:33.
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With every free agent running back and his brother wanting to fill the void in Denver’s backfield, the Broncos decided to workout just one free agent, Steve Slaton.

Per Mike Klis of the Denver Post:

The Broncos worked out former Houston Texans running back Steve Slaton on Tuesday morning.  As of Tuesday evening, the Broncos had not yet signed the former West Virginia star.

Slaton had a terrific rookie season for the Texans in 2008, rushing for 1,282 yards and catching 50 passes. But he had fumble and durability issues in his next two seasons, and last year he split time with the Texans and Miami Dolphins, playing in six games combined and gaining 84 yards on 24 attempts.

The Broncos worked out Slaton after starter Willis McGahee suffered a serious knee injury against San Diego.  Klis says the Broncos are “considering” signing Slaton, but Sunday’s line-up will feature Ronnie Hillman, Lance Ball, and Knowshon Moreno either way.

Activating Jeremiah Johnson from the practice squad is another option. Currently, the team appears content to go into this week’s game against Kansas City with their three main running backs sharing the load.

“Right now, we feel really good about the guys we have,” Coach John Fox said on Monday.  ”They’re trained in our system.  It’s pretty extensive.  We feel good about the people we have.”

How do you feel about the Broncos’ backfield?  Should the team bring in another option?  Dish out your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Big_Pete

    I love breaking news, but hate it when it’s bad news…. here it is….

  • TheTroglodyte

    Obviously Fox doesn’t feel really good about the group he has or he wouldn’t be working out another RB.

    Here comes 3 peoples chances to step up and make a name for themselves. Make the best of it fellers!

  • Brandon Kirk

    I like Jeremiah Johnson and hope Moreno does have a break out year. But, I figure, Slaton has a high ceiling and he will probably be willing to take a low check since its week 11 and he’s still an FA.

    I think Hillman will always been a good change of pace back but maybe not a primary. Ball is good but not great. Of course, Moreno has potential.

    I think Knowshon has this Sunday to prove himself and if he doesn’t, Slaton will be at practice Monday.

  • dogheadbrew

    Willis gave us a pounding RB vet who was very reliable in the passing game. If we pick up an FA, I would like to see a Vet that can get 3 yards between the tackles and reliably pick up the blitzer.

    It’s good that we have a Moreno safty blanket, but if he were going to break out, he would have done it.

  • areferee

    Not necessarily… the new CBA allows for one player to be brought back from the IR each year and the team has yet to exercise that option.

  • Big_Pete

    I know, but they opted to put him on the season ending one, not the “you can come back” one.

  • Jay Allanby

    Moreno will get Manning injured. He refuses to pick up blitzes. He needs to be traded or cut.

  • Big_Pete

    I should say that that’s what the “sources” are saying. There are a few that are saying eligible to return IR, but most including Schefter are saying Season Ending IR

  • Big_Pete

    He showed last year that he is a pretty reliable blocker. Sure, he let 1 go by him week 1, but hey, McGahee lets some go by too. Nobody is perfect. I’m not worried in the least about Knowshon picking up a blitz. What I am worried about is Knowshon fumbling every bit as often as McGahee.

  • Big_Pete

    Whew, and now Schefter and Glazer are saying Eligible to Return IR… looks like there’s hope if we make it to probably the conference championship game.

  • Big_Pete

    And it’s now official. He’s on Eligible to Return IR. So in 6 weeks he can practice, 8 weeks he can play.

  • Bryan

    I always liked Steve Slaton, but if he’s still a FA 11 weeks in, then theres a reason why. Is he better than Moreno, possibly. But Moreno has the edge because we’re already paying him and he’s been around the system. Any FA we’d sign at this point point would have to learn it, and he’d still back up Hillman, Moreno, and maybe Ball. Not replace Moreno his first week here, and start over him.

    They kicked Slaton’s tires, that is all. It may be a signing that they pursue over the next couple of weeks, or in the offseason, it may not.

  • Jan Beckett

    sign him—————————–

  • HolyDiver

    how about Xavier Omon. He played very well for us in preseason. 5’11”, 227. We need a bigger back and even though Slaton is fast and has had a 1,000 yard season for the Texans, he’s not very big.

  • HolyDiver

    Moreno is actually a good blocker. That’s probably why we’ll see him start in KC this week.

  • bobble1

    None of the backs on the roster have demonstrated much ability to pound out two or three yards on third down. Ball would seen the obvious one with the abiltiy to do so, but he has failed in the past, largely. Hillman doesn’t seen to have the power for the inside game, and Moreno is just a plain bust, imho. Yep, bring on another. Critical to the success of the passing game, opposing teams have to truly worry about the running game for the play action to be effective. Just my two cents….

  • attitude ajustment

    Need to find a real RB Moreno sucks and Willis ain’t much better should have drafted Chris Polk

  • Bryan

    According to the Denver Post, the team brought in Jacob Hester for a work out today. The search continues….

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    Heard that earlier today, Bryan, thanks for the tip. We’ll post about it tomorrow.

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    I often don’t have access to my PC during the day, so I appreciate you keeping everybody informed via the comments. Thanks for your contributions to the threads!

  • Big_Pete

    No worries. My pleasure.

  • Fenton Parham

    I think the broncos need to bring in a power running back to complement hillman the same way mcgahee did. I also think the broncos should have released moreno before the season,and brought in another back.. The organization has not played him since the atl game when he fumbled the ball,so they must not have confedence in him anymore. Why waste a roster spot? Cut him,and help him, and the team. maybe he will have better success for another team!.

  • disqus_Vy3uPQ664p

    couldn’t agree more…never have been able to understand why he is still in Denver

  • disqus_Vy3uPQ664p

    well, just call it two…NOShow Moreno has never been a factor as long as he has been on the roster

  • Edmund Archuleta

    Moreno, since he has been with the Bronco’s is a waste. When we have needed him he is hurts. This was McDaniel’s first pick in the draft, just like McDaniel’s, both worthless.

  • Connie Henderson

    ?I, persoally, think Jeremiah Johnson is a much better choice than Moreno. I have no faith in Knowshon and Johnson played well last year and this year when given the opportuniyy.

  • Steve Kearns

    Yes bring Jeremiah Johnson, he is familiar with the system and a good runner.