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Published on 11/19/2012 at Mon Nov 19 17:07.
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Denver’s backfield was dealt a tough blow on Monday afternoon.  Coach John Fox announced that starting running back Willis McGahee suffered a torn medial collateral ligament and compression fracture in his right knee against San Diego on Sunday.

“Willis McGahee did have a ligament tear,” said Fox.  “It’s non-surgical.  He’s not on IR at this point. Obviously, he’s very disappointed.

According to the Denver Post, McGahee could miss the remaining six games of the regular season.

“He was probably on to one of his better games when that occurred.  Right now, the guys have stepped in for him, both Lance Ball and Ronnie Hillman. We had Knowshon Moreno inactive for the game.  He’s a possibility as well as Jeremiah Johnson, who’s on our practice squad.”

Moreno hasn’t been active in eight consecutive weeks, but he provides a much better pass blocking option than Hillman and is more experienced than Ball.  As of Monday, Fox did not hint at bringing in another running back.

“Right now, we’re not making a roster change as far as an IR with anybody new,” concluded Fox.

  • Big_Pete

    DJ DJ DJ

    Also, we’ll be fine as long as we put in someone who can block when we’re pinned back on our side of the field.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Hopefully he will be back in time for the playoffs and while he is in rehab the doctors can help cure his fumblitis that keeps flaring up.

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    See what you did there.