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The Denver Broncos finished forming their practice squad on Monday by signing rookie center Quintin Saulsberry (6-3, 305 lbs.), who went to camp with the Vikings this summer.  Undrafted out of Mississippi State, Saulsberry is expected to earn $96,900 if he stays with the team for the entirety of the season.

Saulsberry completes a practice unit that the team began assembling on Saturday, joining seven other players that were cut and brought back by Denver last week.  The Broncos’ practice squad now consists of five offensive players and three defenders.

The Broncos have three centers on the active roster—starter J.D. Walton (6-3, 305) and backups C.J. Davis (6-2, 309) and Philip Blake (6-3, 320)—with Saulsberry becoming the fourth center on the team.  The Broncos’ haven’t given Walton any ringing endorsements this offseason and worked out veteran Jeff Saturday (6-2, 295 lbs.) earlier in the year before selecting Blake in the fourth round of the draft.

The Broncos may be finished tweaking their roster for now.  The 53 men currently on the roster will likely be the same group of players that take on the Steelers this Sunday.

  • AZDynamics

    Apparently, Denver didn’t sign anyone else to the 53, and imported just one to the PS. That has got to be a good sign regarding the talent on the squad. Oh, and has anyone noticed how many Broncos cuts have been signed by other clubs? How long has it been since that happened?