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Published on 09/01/2012 at Sat Sep 01 11:47.
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The Denver Broncos have announced seven members of their 2012 practice squad following roster cuts Friday.

The Broncos’ practice squad can have eight players, so there is room for one more.

  • DT Ben Garland
  • S Duke Ihenacho
  • TE Cornelius Ingram
  • RB Jeremiah Johnson
  • WR Greg Orton
  • DT Sealver Siliga
  • G Wayne Tribue
  • C Quintin Saulsberry

Notably missing from the list: quarterback Adam Weber. Weber may have landed on an NFL roster, or he may have opted to try his chances on another team’s practice squad, as Mike Klis speculates. Or he may be the eighth Bronco with whom the team is still negotiating.

  • Monty

    Also, where is Gerrell Robinson? Thought Brock’s boy would be a lock for the PS.

  • Jon

    Me too.

  • Tim Lynch

    That really bummed me out. I really liked Robinson’s potential…more so than someone like Julius Thomas.

  • TheTroglodyte

    4th that

  • your mom

    Still can’t believe they cut Weber but kept Hanie. I wouldn’t blame Weber for signing elsewhere.

  • Doom92

    I as well can’t believe they didn’t sign Weber to the PS… I’m very disappointed with that and I wouldn’t blame him for going elsewhere. This is one of those rare times when I hope someone else see’s something that these people couldn’t. They clearly don’t go with fan favorites but at least this one has some juice and they keep Knowshow… Actually I’m not disappointed I’m pissed off…lol.

  • Doom92

    Yeah and Greg Orton over Gerrell Robinson? Man this campaign is as confusing as Mitt Romney’s… LMAO

  • s10broncos

    im Pissed we kept Hamie over Webber & super pissed we kept Orton over Gerell Robinson