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Published on 08/08/2012 at Wed Aug 08 13:50.
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Manning and quarterbacks

Peyton Manning and other Denver Broncos quarterback prepare to throw as they warm up for the first training camp practice of the 2012 season. ( Montgomery)


The Denver Broncos and shiny new quarterback Peyton Manning kick off the 2012 preseason in Illinois to face the Chicago Bears Thursday, August 9th, 2012. Kickoff is set for 7:30 p.m. local time (6:30 MT).

The NFL does not offer live television coverage outside of local markets for most preseason games, and DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket Package does not kick in until the regular season. So, here’s how, where, and when to watch or listen to Thursday’s preseason opener.

*Locals can use this option too.

IN DENVER (or surrounding areas)

The game will feature a simulcast by the team’s broadcast partners. KUSA-TV’s sister station, KTVD-TV (Channel 20), will carry the game on television and KOA Radio (850 AM) will broadcast over the air. Dave Logan (play-by-play) and Ed McCaffrey (color commentary) will call the game with Rod Mackey reporting from the sidelines. A Spanish radio broadcast is also available on 1090 AM/92.1 FM.

IN CHICAGO (or surrounding areas)

Television coverage provided by WFLD and other affiliates in the Chicago Bears Network. Radio coverage by WBBM in Chicago.

LOCAL AND NON-LOCAL (during the game)

Watch: offers a subscription-service: Preseason Live, that will allow you to watch the game live from your computer or tablet. It is $19.99 for every preseason game and includes on-demand re-airs through Sept. 15th.

The NFL Network will also offer live look-ins during the game. It’s likely Peyton Manning’s debut (at least a snap or two) will be aired nationally.

Listen: Sirius/XM Radio will air Denver’s feed on Channel 135 and Chicago’s on 106.

LOCAL AND NON-LOCAL (after the game)

The NFL Network will air a tape-delayed version of the game only a few hours after kickoff. This is scheduled for 10 p.m. MT (midnight Eastern) Thursday. Subsequent rebroadcasts will air again at 10:00 a.m. ET Friday, August 10th, then again on Sunday, August 12th, at 10:30 a.m. ET.

The Preseason Live package also included on-demand re-airs of the preseason games through September 15th.

How will you be watching the game Broncos fans? Are you lucky and local enough to see it live? If not, will you be watching online or waiting for one of the NFL Network rebroadcasts? Let us know in the poll an comments.

How will you be watching the Broncos vs. Bears preseason game?

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  • Ian Henson

    Getting to see Peyton Manning go toe-to-toe against the Chicago Bears secondary for a quarter will be really cool. Can’t wait to see Dumervil, Champ and Von against Jay Cutler and Marshall either.

  • Monty

    Definitely. Can’t wait to break the game down. We’ll talk about what to expect from the first-teamers, then what to watch from the backups.

  • Ian Henson

    Speaking of game time. Everyone give me your Twitter handle, I need some new follows. I am @theorangepage…

  • Andpark

    Does anyone have any experience with the NFL Preseason Live Pass? I would like to get it for my iPad but am curious if it works as advertised? I am also pretty interested in the NFL Game Rewind app which will allow rewatching of games after they end with additional camera angles.

  • Jay

    You can listen to the game using the Broncos mobile app. It has KOAs stream built in.

  • herc_rock

    Are you guys doing a live blog?

  • herc_rock

    Man, I hope Eddie is good at this…

  • herc_rock

    I’d prefer to see Manning go one series. Maybe two if they go three and out.

  • Jon


  • Jon

    Are we, @broncotalk:disqus? I’m down for it.

  • Jon

    All I know is the NFL needs to stream their games online in a reasonable package, I’d pay like $75-90 for that, and that’s more than NFLRewind, and the only difference in streaming it would be the fact that it would be live. So if they value games at $5 a piece, an $80 package sounds fair to me.

  • Monty


  • Monty

    Good to know

  • Monty

    I used the preseason pass last year and had no complaints :)

  • CrippledTwittaholic

    this game isnt on ktvd..

  • rcsodak

    I had it and it sucked! Pixelation. Freezes. It was like watching my directv during a thunderstorm.

  • Jon Khan
  • T-Money

    You can also go to and listen to the live stream with Dave Logan and Eddie Mac… After the game Mike Rice does a postgame show called the gridiron grill that I really enjoy. You can even call in and put your two sense in if you would like. He has a good radio voice.

  • Monty

    That info’s straight from the Broncos press release.

  • Monty

    I don’t remember having these problems, but I think I only watched one preseason game live for whatever reason last year. Thanks for the feedback sodak. w’ell keep an eye on it

  • Chicago’s Finest

    Lets Go Bears !!!!

  • Kentucky Fans Miami

    Check out to locate where to watch the Broncos in any city!

  • Andpark

    Thanks! I’ll give it a shot later today and report back.

  • madisontk11
  • madisontk11
  • madisontk11
  • madisontk11
  • ToiletPublic


    Watch NFL Game Live Here

  • ToiletPublic

    Previewing the upcoming NFL season, we take an in-depth look at every offense in the league and rank, 32 to 1, who will have the best overall squad in 2012. Remember, this isn’t about who has the best passing game or the best running back, it’s about overall cohesion and production on offense. Having the best quarterback in the NFL will help, but if his offensive line can’t block or there are no quality receivers, the total offensive unit won’t rank very high.
    Which NFL offenses look best heading into the 2012-13 season? Find out inside.

  • jakcfrank

    watch on manscavefootball , let’s try it