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Published on 08/02/2012 at Thu Aug 02 16:17.
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Bailey tackle practice

Champ Bailey practices tackling during Denver Broncos training camp on August 2, 2012. ( photo)

Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos again drew a record crowd Thursday morning, the seventh full practice of the Denver Broncos’ 2012 training camp. Over 5,000 fans and media were present to witness the emergence of Demaryius Thomas and the continued near-perfection of Peyton Manning. Let’s break it down.


Absent: S Quinton Carter (hamstring and knee), WR D’Andre Goodwin (foot, since waived), and WR Greg Orton (ankle). In shorts, not participating: WR Tyler Grisham (knee), RB Ronnie Hillman (hamstring), and OT Orlando Franklin (concussion). WR Eric Decker was limited with a groin.


(Someone make a shirt out of it. I’d buy it.)


Peyton Manning ( photo)

You get the impression that Thomas had been simply biding his time, waiting for his opportunity to break out. With Decker taking it easy following a groin strain, opportunity knocked. Bay-Bay answered.

The full breakdown can be found here, but even that doesn’t quite elucidate how superb Thomas played today. He consistently got open. He didn’t have a drop. He made acrobatic catches over safeties and corners, and he stiff-armed his way to daylight.

He explored the route tree. He crossed short in shallow routes. He ran deep in flies and wheels. He adjusted to Peyton’s ball in curl routes.

He out-sped, out-jumped, and out-physicalled every opponent he faced today.

And Decker did look fine, by the way. He ran a few individual routes and looked full-speed. The Broncos really are just playing it safe — a fortuitous bit of caution for Demaryius.


It’s only the team’s seventh full practice, and only their fifth in full pads, and Manning was nearly perfect. In team drills, Manning went:

  • 6 for 6 in 7-on-7’s, including two passes to backup receivers against Champ Bailey.
  • 3 for 3, including Thomas’ wicked stiff-arm, in 11-on-11.
  • 1 for 2 with a sack in the next 11-on-11. They ran mostly running plays.
  • 4 for 4 in the no huddle, including Thomas’ jumping end zone catch.
  • 1 for 1 in red zone work, a touchdown to Jacob Tamme.

So Manning was 15 for 16. He had two other dropbacks where he was sacked.


Remmers vs Clady

Mike Remmers squares off against Ryan Clady during linemen drills at Denver Broncos training camp August 2, 2012. ( photo)

I haven’t really talked about the tight ends enough in these reports, but they are going to be a weapon for Manning, particularly Jacob Tamme and Joel Dreessen. Tamme has the best hands I’ve ever seen from a Broncos tight end in person, and Dreessen has a phenomenal ability to change gears while the ball is in the air, speed up, and close on it.

“They can do a number of things,” Peyton Manning said. “Both Jacob and Joel fit into that role and present matchup problems for a defense. It’s a credit to both of them because they can run, both of them are good blockers (who give) a lot of effort blocking, and I know (Mike) McCoy’s excited about having both of them and just trying to keep defenses off balance.”

“I think Peyton’s showing a tendency to like tight ends,” head coach John Fox said. “They’re both very athletic as well as good receivers.”

Today, Tamme hauled in a touchdown from Manning, while both had impressive, acrobatic catches in individual work. Manning will have a lot of talented options this season.


Brock Osweiler was back to having a workload of some significance, seeing mostly #2 duty throughout the day. Most interesting, though, was watching Osweiler run the no-huddle.


Peyton Manning catches the football for a change. ( photo)

Think about it. This is a rookie, with a new playbook, team, and coaches, asked to execute an offense built for Peyton Manning, without the benefit of a coach’s playcall or the pause of the huddle. Osweiler has only had five professional football practices in full pads ever.

He handled the no-huddle with surprising ease.

After a running play, he hit Jason Hill and Matthew Willis for a pair of completions. He followed that up with a quick out to tight end Cornelius Ingram, then finished the drill with a short inside throw to RB Jeremiah Johnson. None of the plays were particularly spectacular, and they didn’t gain a lot of ground. But Osweiler completed all four of his pass attempts, and he threw to four different receivers, including a tight end and a running back. That’s spreading the ball around, and that’s good, smart football for the rookie.


I wrote earlier that the right tackle position had me worried if Orlando Franklin was slow to return… that isn’t the case so much anymore. In fact, Chris Clark has looked mighty impressive lately. Like most younger, inexperienced players on the edge of the OL, his run blocks are superior to his pass blocks, but he showed good improvement there today. At one point he picked up two rushers — Elvis Dumervil and Wesley Woodyard, I believe — and, after a second of of getting pushed back, suddenly stood his ground.

Moore and Adams

Safety Mike Adams denies a pass intended for Rahim Moore during a defensive back drill at Broncos training camp practice Thursday, August 2, 2012. ( photo)

Clark has looked so impressive at right tackle it wouldn’t surprise me to see him push Franklin for starting time.


All my focus so far was on the offense (it was their practice, after all). But here are a handful of defensive notes:

  • Players who got full sacks or were parts of multi-man sacks: Dumervil, Steven Johnson, Jamie Blatnick, Jeremy Beal, Jason Hunter, and Robert Ayers.
  • Derek Wolfe continues to get in the mix on first-team nickel at defensive tackle. He continues to be moved around the defensive line.
  • Batman and Robin (Dumervil and Von Miller ran wind sprints together while the special teams units did their thing. Good to see their camaraderie continuing to grow, even over hellish, dull running drills.
  • Ayers had a few nice tackles today, especially his nice leveling of Knowshon Moreno. This demotion has lit a fire under his ass.
  • That being said, Jason Hunter, the man who replaced Ayers in the starting lineup, has looked good too.
  • My guy Cyril Obiozor got off a block to consume Lance Ball on one run.


Want a video showing Manning’s footwork and throwing motion? Check out Also a photo gallery with over 30 photos from today’s practice.


The Broncos will practice at 2:20 p.m. MT tomorrow, and it’s open to the public. Stadium scrimmage Saturday!

  • FiveFourSeven

    Great report. Thanks.

  • AZDynamics

    Thanks, Monty. BTW, has Ryan Harris’ skills declined, or is Chris Clark just that good?

  • Andrew Davidson

    Good write up Monty! PEY PEY TO BAY BAY ALL DAY DAY had me cracking up.
    Obiozor…sounds like something a medieval knight would name his sword lol I love it.
    Gave me chills to hear how dominant DT is becoming. Our opponents have no idea what they are in for. I’m glad Manning is bringing out DT’s talents like this. Our receivers are SCARY good!

  • Andrew Davidson

    Great summary Monty! Thanks!
    Obiozor…that name sounds like something a medieval knight would name his sword lol I love it!
    DT is scary good. I can’t wait to see what he does this year. I think he will be one of the best receivers in the league when all is said and done. Our other receivers are pretty darn good too! Gave me chills reading about Manning just threading the needle every single time. PSYCHED!
    Good to hear Chris Clark is coming along! Can’t have too much depth on the O-line in case someone goes down like Kuper did last year!

  • 350legend

    Again, thanks for this awesome info!!

  • 350legend

    I Bleed blue and orange!!!

  • TheTroglodyte

    Thanks again for another fantastic report. I hope Hill and Moreno don’t end up playing rehab together this year. Already out with hammy problems is a slight concern.

  • BetterThanCottonCandy

    Love it. Being down here in JerryLand don’t get near enough Broncos news. You satisfied my jones. Keep it up. Thanks

  • Monty

    Harris has been injured heavily the past two years, so maybe that factors into it. I honestly can’t see anything *wrong* with either guy. Coach’s decision.

  • Monty

    Lol at the sword comment, it’s true.

  • Monty

    Trust me, it’s my pleasure!

  • Monty

    Thanks, let us know what we can do to make it better.

  • Monty

    He was in shorts, so it’s a good sign. Hamstrings are tricky. I hate mine, for instance. Seem to pull it once a year.

  • anthony33

    Is Osweiler’s arm strength a fact or fiction? Good to see a rookie QB holding his own… maybe, just maybe the 3-5 year future QB is already in place?

  • Monty

    What do you mean? The arm strength is easily there. Strongest arm in camp.

  • anthony33

    You just answered… that was the rave, just hoping you’re seeing the same thing!! Glad to hear it.
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  • Andpark

    Great to hear Brock is doing well! I was one of the people curious why the Broncos would take such a project player. Great news for sure