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Published on 07/01/2012 at Sun Jul 01 10:00.
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This offseason, we’re going to do a Speak Up series looking at each position (o-line, d-line, etc).  Today, we’re looking at the running backs.

We want to know who you think should be the main running backs in Denver this season.  Who will surprise, who won’t make the team?

Returning:  Lance Ball, Knowshon Moreno, Willis McGahee, Mario Fannin and Jeremiah Johnson.

Acquired:  Ronnie Hillman, Xavier Omon and Chris Gronkowski*.

*Gronkowski is listed as a RB on the team’s roster but he is expected to be a fullback in two-back formations this season.

Heading into training camp, McGahee and Hillman are the presumed top two running backs.  That leaves Moreno, Ball, Johnson, Fannin and Omon competing for two remaining spots.

Though he was the starter heading into last season, Moreno’s chances of making the roster continue to decrease.  If the team does not trade Moreno, he may be beat out by Fannin, according to reports.

In June, ESPN Insider Cecil Lammey said Fannin reminds him of Correll Buckhalter and said he could potentially “bounce Moreno off the roster.”  A few weeks later, John Elway spoke of the expectations the team has for the running game this season and he only mentioned the progress of McGahee, Hillman and Fannin.  That does not sound promising for Moreno.

If the Broncos keep four running backs, it will likely be McGahee, Hillman, Moreno and either Ball or Fannin.  There is a possibility of Johnson or Omon surprising, but that seems unlikely at this point.

What is your take?  Should the Broncos keep Moreno?  Should he be ahead of Fannin on the depth chart?

Dish out your thoughts in the comments and vote in the poll below! 

Who should be the RBs behind McGahee/Hillman?

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  • Joshua Manning

    Jeremiah Johnson and Lance Ball should be the #3 RB. Knowshon Moreno ceiling is low and he’s only good as a back who catches screen passes. I heard nice things about Jeremiah in camp last year.

  • Tim Lynch

    Moreno is not as bad as people think, but he isn’t as good either. A 1st round bust yes, but a #3 RB easily.

  • Joey Baldwin

    I hope we trade Moreno. I personally like him but a change of scenery might be best. Of course Hillman and Willis make it but Im rooting for Fanin and Johnson. Johnson fits into this offense will with his hands and speed to the edge and Fanin I think can be great back in a John Fox offense the team has been high on him and put him on IR for a reason instead of releasing him like most undrafted RFAs. Wouldnt surprise me if next year Fanin is the #1 and Hillman is the #2.

  • Troy L. Torrence

    There is no team in the league that will trade anything for an unproven, constantly injured running back. It’s cut him, or keep him. I prefer the former.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Fannin 3a / Moreno 3b

  • Bob Cameron

    Moreno WON’T be on the opening day roster….period!!

  • Jon

    I like that!

  • Marvin D. Stringfield

    Moreno would be an expensive 3rd RB. Cut him lose. Failure

  • Doom92

    I’m in with those that would like to see Moreno leave, trade or cut I don’t care just be gone. I as well Like Johnson but he couldn’t seem to beat out Ball so why would he now. Fannin is the one I’m hoping to really show something now that he is back from last years disappointing injury, yes another “but”, I had hopes for him to show last year as well.
    I’m hoping for McGahee (given), hoping for Hillman to be what is expected from him and hoping Fannin makes it, excuse me, takes it for #3.

  • TheTroglodyte

    He’s already been paid the vast majority of his contract. He is a dirt cheap RB this year.

  • Mike Birtwistle

    Agreed. I can see a situation where he’s starting by the middle of the year. IF he’s healthy. I do hope he’s healthy and stays healthy, the guy has had nothing but bad luck with injuries.

  • Jon

    Moreno is due less than $3 million through the 2014 season, that’s not bad at all for a change-of-pace back who has had terrible luck but still has potential.

  • Allen Gilder


  • herc_rock

    Knowsh at three is actually a pretty good spot for him.

  • Ryan S. Hansen

    If Knowshon Moreno is healthy, and I know that is a big if, he can play a major role on this team–especially in a Peyton Manning-led offense, which relies heavily on a running back’s ability to catch the ball. Moreno is by far the best pass catching back on the Broncos. Moreno is the best of the running backs at picking up the blitz. Moreover, Moreno is a better runner than given credit for–particularly on the stretch run the Broncos may be using more with Manning.

  • Andrew Davidson

    You’ve got to look at upside and current contracts too…Moreno can be had for NOTHING this year. Last year on his contract…it’s gut-check time. His talent is undeniable, the question has always been his injuries. I see this going one of two ways…either he has a break out year or he gets hurt again and ends up with the Patriots after we let him go (kidding but not really)

  • Andrew Davidson

    I agree. He looked absolutely explosive last year before he got hurt at KC. For his sake and ours I hope he can stay healthy. He’ll be a real weapon if he can.

  • Andrew Davidson

    I like the Mountain Man too! Would have liked to have seen some more carries from him last year instead of Ball…

  • Andrew Davidson

    I don’t know if you can call him a bust…I mean a bust to me is someone like Jamarcus Russell…very talented but through laziness/bad decisions they end up on their ass and out of the league. Moreno had a great rookie season but ever since then he just can’t stay healthy. People can say he’s made of glass but man…I don’t think I could take some of the licks that have been put on him haha, Just sayin. I think we can all hope that he has a good year, but I don’t think any of us are holding our breath either…