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Published on 06/25/2012 at Mon Jun 25 00:00.
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We love our readers here at BroncoTalk so we thought we would show our appreciation by doing a giveaway on the site.

If you follow our Facebook page, you already know that we giveaway trading cards — sometimes autographed — on our page every Monday.  Those winners are randomly selected, today we’re doing something different.

Today, we’re giving away an autographed 2012 Bowman Signatures Inside the Numbers Auto Relic Von Miller Denver Broncos trading card.  The blue patch on the card is part of one of Miller’s jerseys and his autograph is 100% guaranteed by Bowman.

Basically, it’s a swagtastic card.

How do you win the card, you ask?  Simple.  Just comment below and the comment that receives the most blue +1 votes wins the card!

Please note that any comments deemed inappropriate will be moderated.  Be original, be creative, be cheesy.  Just keep it civilized.

The contest ends Wednesday Friday (the 29th) at 6 p.m. (MT) so be sure to get your comment in early for the best chance to win.  Good luck!

Update:  We’ve extended the contest until Friday to give more fans a chance to win!  Also, be sure to +1 some of your favorite comments besides your own — it’s better for another Broncos fan to win the card than nobody win it.  If you are having trouble figuring out our comment system, read this.

No purchase necessary.  Only one entry per person.  Fans of any age may enter the contest.  You must provide a valid email address through your Disqus, Google,  Facebook or Twitter account so we can contact the winner.  If you do not live in the Continental United States, we regretfully ask that you do not enter the contest due to expensive shipping costs.

  • Jon

    I +1’d you +1ing him!


    After seeing Von Miller last year, he reminds me of Two Movies. This are The Water Boy and Friday Night Lights. So the bottom line here is that Von Miller is the Broncos Water Boy, he hits you like an Armored Truck he is the NFL’s Monster truck, So look out AFC West and the rest of the NFL the beast is loose.

  • Cody Bray

    Von Miller is basically going to be a pro bowl talent for a long time and I’d be more surprised if he doesn’t go to the HOF some day than if he did… and that’s after his rookie season. We have no idea how good he’s going to be one day. He could end up being the G.O.A.T.!

  • Tyler Garretson
  • Jim A Lawrence

    If those little white dots on the patch of his jersey each represent sacks in his rookie season, next seasons card is going to need a much larger chunk of Von’s Shirt!! Go Broncos!

  • Aaron Plenske

    Looked up Von Miller in the thesaurus and this what I got:

    Von Miller’s synonyms are “talent,” “sack machine,” “swagtastic,” “champion,” and there was mention of a link between Von and Quarterback Pant Wetting Syndrome (also known as QPWS).

    The antonyms were “failure” and “not swagtastic.”

    Gotta love that Number 58.

    Go Broncos!

  • Andrew Davidson

    Why should you +1 this? I’ll give you some reasons pahdner! I’ll let you sort out which ones have been…slightly embellished.
    1. I was immaculately conceived at the exact moment John Elway capped off “The Drive.” Fact.
    2. I did Von Miller’s “Eatin’ Greedy” sack dance at my wedding afterparty. People still talk.
    3. Committment. I work nights, but I have already scheduled time off to watch every single Bronco’s game this year.
    4.I broke up with my girlfriend in college because I found out she was a closet Raiders fan. Still burns me up that I was so blind.
    5. I’m currently trying to talk my wife out of buying a house in Iowa because I want to move back to Colorado and witness the Bronco’s reclaim their birthright as Superbowl Champions!
    6 If my wife reads #5 I’m a dead man. I’m BARING my SOUL here guys.
    7. I mentioned I live in Iowa..who needs swag worse than someone like me? Surrounded by Chiefs fans, Steelers fans (bandwagoners but irritating none the less), and fans of EVERY team EXCEPT the greatest team in the history of the leauge…MY BRONCOS.
    Thanks for reading and yes…#7 reasons is intentional. Go Broncos!

  • Jon

    Good stuff, Andrew.+1’d

  • Jon

    ‘The antonyms were “failure” and “not swagtastic.”‘

    +1 to you for that and for using the term “swagtastic”!

  • David Jasso Sr

    Our Defense Is The Thriller………
    Thanks To Von Miller……….ORANGECRUSH BABY !!

  • Andrew Davidson

    Thanks Jon, and thanks for setting up this cool contest! Saw it on MHR and thought I’d swing by. BT has a new look since I last visited, and its a lot easier to use. I’ll be stopping back for sure!

  • aerobroncos

    I’m a medic in the army and my brother is infintry. We always joke to each other how he goes out to hurt people and I’m always there to fix them up. That kind of reminds me of Von Miller and 31 other teams doctors relationship! Go Broncos!

  • Jon

    That’s great! The site is actually about to be redesigned and better than ever so I hope you’ll stick around.

  • Efrain Cano

    Every Sunday is miller time and we all get to live the mile high life ! Von wore 40 in college in honor of his teamate who was paralized in college. Like if u think that was a great gesture !

  • Speer999

    Just give the card to someone at the top of the list, the other good comments won’t get read at the bottom anyways. Keeping the contest open until Friday is pointless, only Von Miller’s coolness can fix this, but that only happens on the field, not blogs.

  • Aaron Plenske

    Thank you, my good sir!

  • Tim Lynch

    Colby getting all of Canada behind him. haha

  • Jon

    I’ll say. I’ll have to see if I can cook something up for 2nd and 3rd place because I really love “Red rover, red rover, send anybody but Von Miller over!”

    But you’re doing good, Colby!

  • Jon

    Keeping the contest going until Friday allows for commenters to campaign for more +1’s.

  • Jon

    Wow, Alex, you’re doing great!

    This is going to go down to the wire.

  • Alex Sisti

    haha i guess so. crazy

  • Alex Sisti

    way to change the entire post lol. that should be disqualification!!!

  • Colby Chad Mueller

    no where in the rules did it say you cant help yourself out! haha

  • Jon

    I didn’t mention that in the rules but changing your comment is a bit unsportsmanlike. You won’t be disqualified but that’s not necessarily cool.

    For future reference and contests, that will not be allowed.

  • Colby Chad Mueller

    oh. sorry i will change it back

  • Colby Chad Mueller

    i am in trouble tomorrow because I work tomorrow so i wont be able to campaign to the people! haha

  • Jon

    Thanks for changing it back, Colby. That was the right thing to do.

  • Alex Sisti

    i think red rover is the darkhorse. might sneak up on us n steal the win lol

  • HeltonFan

    Von’s the man! Best defensive player in that draft, hands down. Proud to own an orange jersey of him and a blue t-shirt. GO BRONCOS!!!

  • Colby Chad Mueller

    appears to be game over.. i will never catch you

  • Michael Foote

    Good job bro….you deserve this

  • Andrew Davidson

    Thanks amigo! Tell your friends and family! As you can see I have some ground to make up!

  • David Bencomo

    Von-Doom coming soon to a stadium near you. This event is rated R due to violence, mayhem, and disturbing imagery on opposing QB’s

  • David Bencomo

    Von-Doom is coming soon to a stadium near you. This event is Rated R due to violence, mayhem and disturbing imagery being placed on opposing QB’S.

  • Joey Baldwin

    Superman wears Von Miller PJs!!!!

  • Alex Sisti

    I think the max is 70 because numerous people have told me they’ve voted, including two people who both said they bumped it up to 71, and it stays at 70 lol.

  • Andrew Davidson

    I don’t think 70 is the max, but I do think something is wrong with it. I’ve had people tell me the same thing with my comment. How am I supposed to catch up to you if it won’t take the votes?!?! :-P

  • Alex Sisti

    Haha yeah that’s weird. I don’t know what’s up with it but I definitely have more so something’s up.

  • Colby Chad Mueller

    yeah i know what you mean…i dont wanna blame it on me losing but sometimes it would not take the votes that people were doing

  • Alex Sisti

    yeah the system mustve froze or something for a while. it was working for a long time. then it stopped for a while. now its working again